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Saturday morning dawned on a whole new life for Kensi and Deeks. A life that included each other. It was a new concept for both of them. They both admittedly had been loners for most of their adult lives which made their newfound relationship an adventure to be sure.

Deeks awoke to find Kensi facing him, curled up in his arms. The memories from last night came flooding back and he smiled contentedly. This was how he wanted to wake up every morning for the rest of his life. Kensi stirred and he kissed the top of her head lightly.

She realized she wasn't alone and looked up suddenly to find Deeks smiling and watching her. "Hey," she said dreamily as she snuggled in closer to him.

"Morning sunshine!" he said happily. "You good this morning?"

"I'm fantastic," she smiled up at him happily.

"Yes you are," he agreed with a grin. "We slept a little late and I really need to go tend to Monty. He probably has his little legs crossed by now," he said with his crooked smile. "How about we go to my place, take care of Monty then spend the day at the beach? I could teach you to surf."

He was shocked when she said yes. "Really? You mean it?"

"Sure. Just promise me you won't laugh at my clumsiness," she said sincerely.

"Scout's honor! I'm just happy you're actually going to let me teach you."

"I'll try anything once," she said before she thought.

He couldn't stop the goofy smile that slowly spread across his face. She punched him lightly on the arm and said, "Don't go there!"

"I didn't say anything!" he laughed as he defended himself.

She laughed with him but then her tone turned serious, "What are we going to tell Sam and Callen?"

"That we had a nice dinner with your mother," he said seriously. "This is between us and I don't really want to share it with anyone else right now."

"I'm so glad. I want to keep it just between us too. And maybe Mom," she replied.

"You feel comfortable enough to tell her about us?" he questioned.

"She was the one who told me to take a chance and tell you how I felt about you," she offered shyly.

He was genuinely surprised, "When did she tell you that?"

"Last night after dinner. She said it was obvious how much we were in love with each other."

"So I have your mother to thank for the best night of my life? That's kind of…kinky," he laughed.

She rolled her eyes and asked, "If my Mom noticed it, what if others notice it too?"

"That's easy," he replied. "We just make sure that when we're around others, we 'pretend'"

"What do you mean?"

"It's what we do everyday Kens. We pretend to be someone else or pretend to sympathize with someone we'd rather strangle. We'll use a cover of how we've acted around them for the past two years and just make sure we're in character when we need to be."

She mulled it over then said, "That should be easy enough. It's not like we have many opportunities to be alone when we're at OSP. So we have to keep our hands to ourselves," she grinned. "Besides, there are cameras everywhere anyway."

"Except in the showers….and the burn room…and the storage room," he commented.

"And how do you know that exactly?" she asked laughing.

"Let's just say that some of those fantasies I had about you may or may not have included us finding a private place at work."

"That doesn't explain how you know those places don't have cameras!"

"I couldn't picture us making out in a room that actually had a camera could I?"

She was laughing so hard he couldn't help but laugh and pull her closer to him. "I meant it when I said 'I love you' Kensi Marie Blye," he said then kissed her gently.

She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair then smiled dreamily, "I love you too Martin Andrew Deeks. But I think I might need some convincing," she said provocatively.

"I think we need to try out your tiny little shower. It could be very interesting. You did say you would try anything once!" he said as he dodged her playful punch to his arm.

She got up and he followed behind her as she grabbed his hand and led him into the shower with her.

As they were getting ready to leave Kensi's apartment, Deeks stopped suddenly and looked around her living room. "When did this happen?" he asked.


"Did you hire a cleaning service or something?"

"No, I cleaned it yesterday. What's the problem?" she asked.

"Who are you and what did you do with my Kensi?" he teased.

She pretended to kick him then pushed him out the door.

They took his car back to his apartment and Monty met them at the door whining. Deeks grabbed his leash and took him out immediately. Kensi went to the kitchen and started the coffee maker. She was so unbelievably happy but at the same time she was worried about what would happen if the team found out they were now a couple. She figured Callen and Sam would be furious with Deeks because they thought of her as a little sister. If they ever did find out, she would have to make sure they knew this was her decision too and that it wasn't fair to blame Marty. Besides, this wasn't something they had taken lightly.

Deeks returned with Monty who made a beeline for Kensi. She rubbed his neck and apologized for making him wait so long to go outside. Deeks couldn't help but laugh at their 'conversation.'

He went to his bedroom and quickly changed into a swimsuit and t-shirt. He gathered the other items they would need for a day at the beach then scurried to the kitchen for some coffee and whatever he could find to make them for breakfast.

He was surprised to see she had made toast and cut up some fruit they had picked up at the grocery store on Tuesday.

"Wow. Cleaning, now cooking. I really don't know who you are," he quipped as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head.

She turned around to face him and put her hands on his shoulders. "I'm a woman of many surprises."

He bent down and kissed her firmly. "No argument here."

They finished their breakfast, loaded up Monty and the surfboard and drove to his favorite surfing spot. They found a place on the beach and laid out their towels.

It was a warm day and Kensi just wanted to relax on the beach for a while. "Why don't you go surf for a bit first? I know you are dying to catch some of those waves. I'll stay here and hang out with Monty. We've got all day to start lessons." She began taking off her cover up to reveal a bright blue bikini.

He walked toward her and put his arms around her waist. "I'm not sure I should leave the most beautiful woman on the beach here alone. Although, I almost feel sorry for the poor sap who tries anything because he has no idea you would kick his ass." He smiled and kissed her again.

They put on sunblock and took turns putting it on each other's back. He couldn't help but smile as he thought back to over a year ago when they were undercover on the beach and she was so adamant about him not putting lotion on her.

"I'll be back soon," he said as he headed toward the surf.

Kensi watched as he slid across the waves effortlessly. She was really nervous about trying to learn to surf. What if she was terrible at it? She was a control freak and if she wasn't good at something she would avoid it at all costs. She couldn't bear to look weak or clueless about anything but she had agreed to at least try and she would keep her word.

Before long, she and Monty were napping soundly. She didn't hear when Deeks walked back up to them. He sat on the towel next to her and began shaking his head so the water sprayed all over her.

She squealed and jumped up surprised, then punched him on the arm. He grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him and kissed her hard. He smelled of sun and salty sea and she wished they were someplace private. He broke the kiss and grinned, "Are you ready to learn to surf from the master?"

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be. If you tell anyone how bad I am at this, I'll put graffiti on your surfboard," she teased.

His lips curled up in his famous crooked grin, "Really? Grafitti? We're making progress. You didn't threaten to break bones or remove any vital body parts!"

She smiled provocatively. "Maybe I have a vested interest in keeping those body parts intact."

"Good to know," he said and pulled her close to kiss her again. He forced himself to break the kiss, for fear of being accused of indecency on a public beach. "We better get going."

He spent the next hour teaching Kensi the basics about balance and the process of hopping up on the board. They paddled out and tried a couple of times to get them both up on the board but were unsuccessful. He finally decided just to let Kensi try it alone and was surprised when she managed to jump up on it on her first try. She didn't stay up long but he knew she would be surfing with the best of them in no time.

She tried a few more times and stayed up a bit longer with each ride. She was ecstatic. It wasn't perfect but at least she didn't totally suck at it and she really was enjoying herself.

"Woohoo!" he shouted as he caught up to her on the beach. He picked her up and twirled her around. "You were awesome! I can't believe you are doing so well on your first day!" He was grinning from ear to ear. "Want to try again?"

"I really want to but I'm exhausted and starving."

"Now that you mention it, I'm hungry too. Let's get Monty and walk to the sidewalk café just down the beach. We can eat lunch, relax a while then come back and surf some more this afternoon."

"Sounds great!" Monty ran to meet them as they neared their towels. They gathered their things, locked them in the car and walked down the beach with Monty following close behind.

They had a nice lunch and did a lot of people watching. They decided that there were some really strange characters wandering around the beach.

The second round of surfing went a little better than the first but she was really tired and had trouble hopping up on the board at the right time. She finally decided to go back and play Frisbee with Monty for a while and let him surf some more.

It had been a perfect day. No cases, no pretending, no walls to worry about keeping up. Kensi knew that she would cherish the times when it was just the two of them because it was going to take some work to keep their relationship a secret.

They took the car to her place so she could gather some clothes and other essential items and then drove back to Deeks' apartment. He fed Monty then they 'tried out' Deeks' slightly larger shower. Afterward they collapsed on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

It was dark when he awoke. Kensi had her back to his front and his arms were around her. He snuggled closer and sighed happily. Kensi was in his arms, in his bed and all was well with the world. At least with his world. He wanted to stay here forever and forget about the evil they deal with every day but he knew it wasn't possible. They were both driven to keep bad things from happening to people. It was what had made them who they were today. It was what had brought them together. He pushed away the thoughts that haunted him concerning her safety. He couldn't make any changes to the way they worked together. He was protective of her but if he became over protective, it would ruin their partnership and ultimately everything else. It was going to be hard to control but he had to remember that she was as tough as she was beautiful. And she was most definitely beautiful.

He reached for his phone on the night stand and ordered a pizza then got up and got dressed. He gently shook Kensi awake and told her that pizza was on the way.

They spent the evening cuddled up on the couch watching movies. They had slept together every night in some manner since Wednesday and there was no discussion about whether or not she was staying tonight. This just felt so right.

They had been so engrossed in each other and so comfortable during their day at the beach that they hadn't noticed the man watching them. He had followed them to her house and now to his. He sat in his car down the street and watched the apartment well into the night. He knew where they both lived now. When the lights went out in the apartment he drove off into the night. He would use this information for his advantage… and use it soon.

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