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The fullness of the moon lit the path of the war-torn land.

Link sighed and sat down for the night. A war had ravaged humanity and Link was the last Hylian known alive.

He rested his head against the cold ground and fell asleep instantly.

In his dream, a gorgeous angel was waiting for him. She had golden hair and a long white robe with pure, snow white wings extending from her shoulder blades and a soft, sympathetic smile.

"Young one," the angel murmured, "I am Hylia. You are in danger. I have sent my best guards to protect you."

A sudden sound awoke Link.

He sat up quickly and pulled his sword out whilst looking around, sweat beading on his brow.

In the shadows nearby, he saw glowing blue eyes that stared at him. Then they disappeared and three figures emerged.

The first figure was female. She had golden blonde hair with her bangs in bands over her shoulder and ocean blue eyes. She had on a silver robe with transparent wings framed in black with a smaller pair underneath them.

The second female had shoulder length blue hair and was the owner of the glowing blue eyes. She wore a knee length dress that swirled blue and purple with a matching shawl across her shoulders. She wore tights that were dark blue with teal colored lines crisscrossing up them. Her wings were similar to but skinnier then the first girl's.

The third was a male. He had reddish-orange hair pointed upwards toward the sky and yellowish eyes and lips. He wore a black suit, his teeth were sharped then average and he had bulging muscles.

"You are the last Hylian?" the blonde female asked.

Link nodded.

"What is your name?" she asked.

He was silent for several moments before saying "Link."

The girl smiled and said "I'm Zelda."

The male chuckled and said "I'm Groose."

"My name is Fi," the blue haired female said in an emotionless tone.

"We are here to protect you," Zelda said.

"From what?" Link asked.

"The Devil, Demise, hates Hylians and it trying to kill you. He sent his agent after you. Hylia doesn't wish for that to happen. Trust us."

Link swallowed and nodded.

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