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Link smiled as he watched Scrapper once again attempt-and fail-to impress Fi. The Sprite just read her book, seemingly oblivious to the world outside the novel.

Link had already accepted the fact that his father's hat was gone, though the thought killed him inside. Zelda was scouting around and Groose was wolfing down some of Zelda's soup, which is what she had been cooking before Link lost the hat.

"Hey guys!" Zelda flew back into the clearing, "Come see this!"

Link and the others followed the fairy into another clearing. In it were two creatures.

One was a wolf. It had silver fur with a blurred black mark on the left side of its neck. The tips of both its ears and tail were black. It seemed to be snoring contently.

Perched on its back was a black hawk. It had a razor sharp beak and claws that looked strong enough to turn flesh into ribbons, though it was careful with the wolf. Its feathers were black, but where the light hit them they shone grey. There was a blurred golden mark on its forehead.

"What the...?" Groose whispered.

The creatures opened their eyes. The wolf had golden eyes and the hawk had blood red eyes. The hawk flew off of the wolf and landed gracefully on the ground as the wolf stood up. Then a bright light engulfed them.

When the light faded, standing in the animal's spot were two people.

Where the wolf was is now a girl. She had messy, shoulder-length black hair and chin-length bangs pushed behind her ear. She wore a flowing silvery robe, and her eyes were a warm brown and her skin pale.

The hawk was now a boy. He had obsidian eyes and ivory white hair that was straight and collarbone length with bangs in his eyes and tannish skin. He wore a tight black shirt and matching pants. The shirt had a golden Triforce stitched on the back, and white patters swirling up the legs of his pants. A pure black cape that flickered with shadows was perched on his shoulders.

Link's eyes widened in surprise.

"Shapeshifters," Fi murmured.

It was true. On the girl's neck and the boy's forehead was the mark of shape shifters, two linked S'-one of the backwards.

"Greetings, hero," the girl smiled. The boy crossed his arms over his chest.

"Greetings," Zelda bowed. "I'm Zelda." she gestured to the four behind her. "These are Link, Fi, Groose and Scrapper. Who are you?"

"The girl smiled and said "I'm Alyssa." she gestured to the male." This is my brother Airon." she swallowed. "Don't mind his silence. He's always like this, more so since-" Alyssa stopped.


Alyssa bit her lip and covered her eyes. "Since the demons invaded out village and our younger sister went missing."

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