A/N - A very short one-shot. Something I thought of when I saw the title to the season 4 finale. No spoilers for the ep.

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Kate looked into the blue eyes she'd come to know so well.

A myriad of emotions flowed through her. From the first time she'd picked up one of his books after the death of her mother, to meeting him for the first time. To being utterly disappointed at how different the Richard Castle the author was from Rick Castle, the playboy celebrity. Then to the grudging respect that had grown at his impressive crime solving talents.

The sorrow, the fear and the near death that had nearly bought their partnership to an end over the course of four years, and of course the last and worst mistake (definitely hers this time) lying to him after she'd been shot.

All these thoughts ran through her mind as she stood before him, frightened, yet exhilarated.

Rick held her hand gently. "I'm yours, always," he said slipping the ring on her finger.

Taking the his platinum ring, she started her vows. "Richard Castle, you've come to mean more to me than I ever thought was possible. You are my one and done. My future. I will love you. Always."

The minister joined their hands. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Mr and Mrs Castle."

Together, Rick and Kate said, "Always."

A/N 2 - Stupid and sappy but I had to get it out there. Hope you all enjoyed.