Although a lot of this is based/taken from the movie I occasionally use bits of the book. Like the book Ethan is already in England and Rachel's friend is Hillary. I'm thinking that it will be told from different people's point of view, although a lot of it will probably be Dex's. This starts at Rachel's surprise 30th party

R: Rachel

Dx: Dex

M: Marcus

Dr: Darcy

Chapter 1 - Dex's POV

I was drinking watching Darcy mingle and chat to people

I took a swig from my Heineken bottle and looked to my side to see Rachel coming towards me smiling. I couldn't help but smile back as she greeted me, she had a fabulous smile.

R: Hey!

At last, maybe we would get to have a conversation, like we used to, without the constant interruption

Dx: That was very nice of you

I wanted to let her know that I had noticed

R: What?

Pretending to be surprised

R: Oh, please don't tell her. She'll be heartbroken

I smiled; I could keep a secret, her secret. Besides it was typical of her, even on her birthday she didn't want to upset her friends. I knew she hated big parties like this, it wasn't her scene. I had tried to talk Darcy out of it but she had her heart set on throwing her best friend a party, and when she was like that nothing would stop her. It was often easier just to go along with it. Not agreeing led to far too much drama, and if there was one thing that Darcy can do well, it was drama.

Dx: I won't

I felt a weight on my shoulder as someone made a Doosshh sound and mock punched me. Rachel took a step back and looked shocked. Marcus, trust him to interrupt. He kept his arm around my neck, mock strangle. I closed my eyes..

M: What's going on, Dex?

He kissed the side of my head and I blinked in surprise. What was the big show. We weren't that close.

M: How you doing?

I tried to hide my annoyance

M: You gonna introduce me to the birthday girl or what?

Rachel blinked and looked shy, like she couldn't believe he wanted to be introduced. I took the opportunity to try to see what she was thinking by watching her. I always liked watching her.

Dx: Rachel, this is Marcus. Old family friend. Just moved into town.

I looked at Marcus as he made a big production out of kissing Rachel's hand. Did he have to do that? Maybe it bothered me because it was just so far away from the way I acted. I'd never done anything like that with anyone, especially not Rachel, she was shy, cute when she was trying to hide what she thought, easily embarrassed.

M: What up, birthday girl!

She tried to hide her embarrassment at his flamboyance; she was also trying to shrug off any thought of being the centre of attention of all these people.

R: Oh, please stop saying that

M: Don't worry. The capacity to be pleasured only increases with age.

I looked across at Marcus. What the hell was he saying!

M: Trust me.

Oh God, I had just introduced this moron to Rachel.

R: Wow!

Marcus saw a big busted blonde walk past and his attention was immediately diverted to trying to get her attention as he walked alongside her

M: What's up? What's your name? You got a boyfriend?

I couldn't believe what he was doing

R: Wow

I could only apologise and try to tell her that he was always like that

Dx: Yeah, sorry

Maybe we could have a proper conversation now


The voice cut across everyone to get their attention.

Maybe not

Dr: Heeelllllllloooo

I watched Rachel as she turned round and moved towards the stage that Darcy was now on.

I'd best leave her for the moment; maybe I'd try to catch up with her later especially if the evening took the usual run of things. Although I was hoping that she would give herself tonight off from her babysitting Darcy duties. It was her birthday and she spent enough of her social time doing it.. Her work friend Hillary stood near her as Darcy started speaking.

I separated myself from the crowd watching the stage as Darcy mentioned our upcoming wedding. I felt the usual feeling on uneasiness. 61 days, was that all that was left. Where had the time gone? I felt a small clutch of panic at the future but tried to focus on the woman who was going to be my wife. Did I mention my Dad loves Darcy? He thinks that she is just what a wife should be. He sure thought that it was time I got married. I wasn't always so sure I agreed. There was a nagging doubt that I was settling, that there was something missing. Anyway, I stopped my thoughts and focused on the events going on around me, here and now. Darcy addressed me about a confession. I smiled at her joke and enjoyed the cute pictures of her and Rachel when they were younger. Then there was a picture of all three of us at graduation. I heard Darcy mention that Rachel had introduced us. I looked across at Rachel and smiled, raising my bottle as if to toast. Darcy finished her speech and I saw Rachel give a small roll her eyes at the end when Darcy mentioned that she was happy that it wasn't her yet. I prepared myself when Darcy left the stage ready to start the party. On duty. I hung back in the background watching Darcy have her fun ready to step in when it got out of hand. I knew it was time when she was dancing drunkenly on the bar. Time to go.

We met Rachel as I was helping Darcy, well practically carrying Darcy to be honest, out of the club. Darcy pleaded with Rachel to let her stay. Rachel looked at me to see my reaction and for a second I wondered if she would plead Darcy's case, I just raised an eyebrow. Nope, she knew what this was like so she just let her ramble on drunkenly with her protests. She hugged and kissed Darcy, told her she loved her too at her declaration of love and lied through her teeth when questioned on if she had liked the party. Then Darcy's critical side kicked in as she laughed and talked about Rachel's shoes. Definitely time to get her out of here, particularly if she was going to start criticising the way Rachel looked. She'd do enough of that about everyone tomorrow but it was much better that her best friend didn't hear her insults. Rachel would be hurt beyond belief if she had any idea of the sorts of things that Darcy and some of her friends would say about her after a social event. I had to get her out of there before Darcy harmed their friendship.

Dx: Ok, yep. Time to go home.

Dr: I hate them

R: Wow!

Dx: You know what? She'll call you tomorrow, Rach.

I started moving her towards the exit away from Rachel. Darcy still continued

Dr: They're really ugly. I don't understand why you like even think

I cut through her drunken slating of Rachel's choice of shoes and spoke to Rachel over my shoulder whilst still moving

Dx: Yeah, Happy birthday

Dr: (cont'd) I'm going to buy that pair of shoes

R: Oh, thank you

If we stopped we would never get home.

Well – there it is, part 1. What do you think? Please let me know. Thanks.