Tessa's POV

It was like any other day except the face we were moving to a new town, new neighbor hood, new school. Mom pulled into the driveway followed by the moving van. She opened the car door and went up to the door. "It's still locked." She sighed

"Have you tried the key?" I smirked

"Well, no shit shirlock" She said rolling her eyes. "Go open the door from the back"

"Fine" I sighed as I got out of the car and went to the fence, I jumped and pulled my self over, as I did my shirt got caught on the fence and ripped up almost the entire side.

"Shit" I sighed as I looked up at the neighbors house to see a boy with messy brown hair that was holding drum sticks, looking down and watching me. I just ignored him and kept walking. I got to the door and opened it with a loose bobby pin from my pocket. I looked around for a minute and went to the door. "Hello Mother would you like to come in?" I laughed as she huffed and came in.

I went out to the moving van and took a few boxes that were marked "Tessa's room" in sharpie. I carried them inside and yelled "I'm going to find my room"

I slowly made it up the stairs with the heavy boxes. I found a room in the back right corner, it was a decent size, and had the pitch black carpet and grey walls I wanted to do in my old room with my two best friends Asher, and Stevie, but my mom didn't trust us.

I set the boxes down and looked out the window to see the boy from earlier banging on set of black drums, It looked like he was wearing eyeliner. I opened the box of clothes and grabbed a pair of shorts , and a black shirt that said "Paramore" Across the front in red letters. I went into the bathroom to get changed, that was after I found it. I pulled my makeup out of my pocket and out it on, Black eyeliner, and black eye shadow. People used to call me Emo, and Hipster..I realy didn't give a shit about what anyone thought of me.

"Tessa! Come meet the new neighbors!" I heard my name being called. I threw the ripped shirt and shorts into my room as I walked down the stairs.

I went outside to see the boy and his family on my front steps. He's kids cute I though.

"Hi, I'm Susan Heffley and this is my husband Frank, Rodrick, Greg and Manny. Rodrick is 17, Greg id 13, and Manny is 3" She smiled

"Well, nice to meet you. I'm Tessa and 17 since two month ago." I stepped off the front porch and went over to the van. I heard Mrs. Heffley say "Go help her, Rodrick"

The last thing I needed was this guy who I barley knew helping me move things into my room.

He walked over as I moved my boxes to the front of the truck. He picked one up. "What are you doing?" I looked at him.

"I'm helping you. My mom told me to." He smirked.

Rodrick's POV

"I'm helping you , my mom told me to." I smirked. I wasn't trying to come off cocky, or rude. But it was just they way I was. Tessa carried a few boxes up to her room, I followed her with the rest, "So you like converse, Paramore, eyeliner, and the color black?" I smirked "Maybe" She sighed as I put the boxes down. Was she annoyed that my mom had told me to help her?

"Was it like this or did you have it painted like it?" I was smirking. I couldn't help it, she was cute, but I had just met her. I couldn't have a crush on my neighbor.

"It was like this" She sighed and went down the stairs and I followed, and went to stand on the porch with the family, She went over to her car and grabbed a guitar, a skateboard, and bag.

As she came back from the car and her mom smiled as she said, "Mr. and Mrs. Heffley has been kind enough to invite us over for dinner!" "Great" She said sarcastically like she has something better to do.

My mother or as I call her Susan. Told us that it was time to get ready for them to come over for dinner.

Personally I didn't want Tessa to come over.

I went up to my room and sat on my bed looking at her room through the window. "I was just standing in that very room." I thought to myself..