Chapter 3

Tessa's POV

I stood there looking at what could only be described at the devil himself, standing on my doorstep. I had to say something. "Why are you here?" I said

"I'm here because my mom wants me to show you the school." He said.

"Do I have to go. I mean I could walk, or ride my skateboard, just give me directions to it, and you can leave me alone" I said to him.

Why does he have to be here? I thought to myself

"My mom's watching up, so yes, you have to go." He spoke quieter, I'm guessing so Mrs. Heffley wouldn't hear.

"Fine, Let me get my bag." I turned and grabbed my camouflage bag of the kitchen table. I made sure my ipod was in it so it wouldn't be that much pain. I walked back and locked the door behind me, "Let's go" I sighed.

Rodrick pointed to the passenger side of the big van, it was full of trash and smelled like old vomit.

I climbed in the front seat and turned on my ipod, Brick by Boring Brick began playing.

She lives in a fairy tale

Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind

The words began to apply to my life, I feel like I'm in a horror movie. Too far away from reality. Like it's all just one big nightmare that I need to wake up from. And I just moved from home.. Yes, this song is about my life…

All out of nowhere, he grabbed my ipod and turned off the radio.

"GIVE IT BACK!" I yelled.

"Let's see what kind of crap you have on here" He smirked, and plugged it into the speakers.

As Paramore kept on playing 50 times louder he made faces. "Next!" He smirked when he didn't like a song.

I got my phone out and sent Asher and Stevie a message. 'My life is complete hell right now'

"What kind of music do you like then?" I questioned.

"Metal." He grinned. "Here, take your crap filled ipod and put it away" He said throwing it onto my lap.

"Please, let me die." I sighed.

"I'd be more than happy to help you out, but it will have to be after I give you a tour cause' were at your new school."

He parked the car wildly, and almost fell out when he opened the door, I couldn't help but laugh, that was until I did the same trying to open the door.

He stepped onto the steps of the school and turned getting back into the van as a man came to the door. I'm guessing it was the principal.

"Why are you here?" The man sternly said.

"I'm showing Tessa here where she's going to go to school next month." Rodrick smirked.

My phone beeped, It was from Stevie. "Why, what's up?"

I replied, "Everything, we can video chat tonight"

I looked up to see the man go back into the school, I'm not sure what Rodrick did, but It wasn't good.

"What did you do now?" I asked.

"Nothing" He grinned and sped out of the parking lot, "There's the dollar store" He said pointing to it, "There's a food store, there's a gas station, and there's a Walmart" He turned the car around quickly.

"Why are you driving like that?" I said a little frightened

"Because, I want to." He smirked at me.

Rodrick's POV

"Because I want to" I smirked.

I thought it'd be funny to call the guys and help me leave her in the woods and tell her to find her own way home…So that's what I did.

I opened up my phone and sent them all a text message saying 'meet me at devil worshipper woods'

After about twenty minutes went by of driving around the small town, I parked on the other side of the woods, that they were on. We got out of the car, and went into the woods.

I slowly led her into the trees, and slightly pushed her, making sure she didn't my my keys. I ran over to the guys car, and we drove off.

About two hours later I got home, we all had gone to practice the bands songs, there was still no sight of Tessa any where. I actually thought we got away with leaving her there too.

I sat up in my room, wondering how much trouble I had gotten into this time. Then I heard my mom yelling down stairs. "RODRICK! GET DOWN HERE!" As I got down there that's when I realized how much trouble it actually was.

So when Tessa's mom got home from work and couldn't find her, she came over here to see where she was. Well, mom thought she had gone home, but that shows how much mom actually knows…

Her mom was really mad. She called the police and soon flashing lights were outside our house. They said they wanted to talk to us, each of us, by ourselves. Great, I thought to myself.