Show me Love.

Chapter 12; Storm Pt2

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This chapter takes off immediately after the previous one.


"Wherever we want this to go..."

Krillin couldn't help the blush that colored his already stained cheeks even redder. He gently squeezed Eighteen into him for a moment and planted an innocent kiss on her lips, intending to pull back before she could react to it but she wouldn't let him. He sighed against her mouth and just went with it before slowly breaking away to gently nip on the sensitive skin in her neck.

Eighteen pressed herself even closer to him, arching her head back slightly with a soft sigh. She squirmed a little when his fingers skimmed her sides and for a moment Krillin was very tempted to tickle her again but decided against it. Instead he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his forehead against hers which earned him a frown from the cyborg in his lap since she had been enjoying herself quite a bit just a moment ago.

Krillin grinned before his expression turned serious. He gently brushed some of her hair out of her flustered face.

"Want to go upstairs?"


Eighteen got up and outstretched her hand towards him. He gladly took it.

In a way, Krillin was really glad that he was wearing loose shorts, it made his situation a little less awkward for him though he was pretty sure she had already noticed. The thought made him blush and he shook his head to clear his mind before getting too embarrassed about it. He carefully blew out two of the candles before picking up the third one by its standard handle. He also grabbed the flash light to hand it to Eighteen. She took it and turned it on.

Krillin gave her a little smile as he took a hold of her hand. He could feel his heart beat rapidly in his chest when they made their way upstairs. He stopped in front of his door, feeling a little nervous all of a sudden. He held it open for her.

Eighteen stepped over the threshold, letting the light roam over the walls and through the whole room. She had never actually been in here before, but did have a sneak peak through a slightly ajar door back when she was still living here.

Krillin carefully placed the candle on his nightstand before he took a seat at the foot of his bed. He looked up when the room suddenly darkened quite a bit, the only light coming from the candle. He raised his brows at Eighteen's puzzled expression.

"I think the batteries are drained." She said, softly shaking and tapping on the flashlight to no avail. She set it aside on his dresser.

"I was hoping they would last a little longer." Krillin said with a sigh. Eighteen chuckled at that. She walked up to him and stood in front of him. Krillin looked up at her, he couldn't read the expression on her face in the dim candlelight but felt his heart skip a beat when she bend down and cupped his face in her hands.

"Now, where were we?" She whispered against his mouth. Krillin answered her by returning her kiss and pulling her back into his lap.

Both of them savored the passionate moment and it wasn't long before their hands started exploring each other freely again. Eighteen had to break the kiss so Krillin could pull her shirt over her head.

He let it drop to the floor, followed by his own. He wrapped his arms around her, hesitating when his fingers made contact with the soft fabric of her bra. He shot her a questioning look which she answered with a nod. He fumbled with the clasp for a bit before it came undone. Krillin slowly took it off, discarding it before squeezing her into him. He let himself fall backwards and then turned them over. He pushed himself up to lean on his hands.

Eighteen blushed when he gazed down on her. The candle didn't provide too much light but Krillin could still see the clear pink line that adorned her light skin. She averted her eyes, his staring made her feel self conscious. She started reaching up to cover herself but Krillin stopped her.

"Please don't." He whispered softly.

Eighteen closed her eyes with a sigh when his hands started wandering over her upper-body. He traced along the scar with his fingers, now seeing the full extend of it. He knew why it was there and thought to himself he was very happy he had wished away that part of her anatomy.

He bend down to nuzzle her neck.


Eighteen felt her cheeks warm up at the compliment but didn't reply, instead she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her. The feeling of his warm skin on hers was peculiar but pleasant.

She pulled a knee up to accommodate him a little more comfortably on top of her. Krillin moaned softly when she involuntarily arched her hips up a little.

Eighteen raised her brows at his reaction. There was a curious expression on her face as she repeated the motion several times. Krillin inhaled sharply against her neck. He grabbed a hold of her hips and struggled to hold them still, the friction she caused felt too good.

Krillin wanted to savor as much of this moment as he could. He wasn't inexperienced but it had been quite a while since he had been this intimate with someone which resulted in his body being extra sensitive to any kind of stimulation. That raised another question in his mind.

He leaned back a little but didn't get up, instead he placed his elbows on each side of Eighteen so he could lean up a little.

Eighteen raised her brow at him in question, there was a serious expression on his face.

"What?" She asked when he didn't say anything.

Krillin averted his eyes for a moment, wondering how he would go about asking her, figuring out that just being upfront would be the best approach even it felt a little awkward to do so. But he had to know so he could approach this the right way

"I was just wondering, h...have you ever slept with someone before?"

Eighteen adopted a thoughtful expression before she frowned slightly. She shook her head.

"I don't think so? If I did, I don't remember."

Krillin couldn't help but wince slightly at the second part of her answer. He kissed her slowly.

"Why did you want to know that? Eighteen asked when they broke apart again.

"Besides, if I go by what I had the unfortunate luck to witness from that old perv's tapes, it doesn't look that hard, pretty sure I'll get the hang of it eventually." She joked softly.

Krillin chuckled at that, shaking his head.

"Funny. But that is not why I asked." He planted a playful kiss on the tip of her nose before turning serious again.

"I just want to make sure you're comfortable, that's all. I don't want to hurt you." Krillin swept some of her bangs out of her face.

Eighteen wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her once more.

"You worry too much, I'll be fine." She whispered.

Krillin shrugged, then he wiggled his brows earning a questioning look from the blonde.

"Now what?"

"Nothing just, I can assure you those stupid tapes are nothing compared to the real thing."

Eighteen raised her brows at that but didn't say anything. Krillin grinned down at her.

"I'll show you." He said seductively winking at her. Eighteen had to bite her lip to stop from laughing at his silly expression.

"Really now?" She replied with a small chuckle.

Krillin didn't answer her, instead he kept his eyes locked on hers while slowly trailing his fingers down her side.

He slipped his hand into her shorts, fumbling around almost clumsily for a moment.

"What are you d...oh!" Eighteen let out a small surprised gasp at the soft unexpected touch.

Krillin smiled to himself as he watched her reaction.

"Do that again."

"Like this?" He gave her a few experimental strokes with the pad of his thumb.

Eighteen closed her eyes, not able to stop the soft moan that escaped her half opened mouth. Her face flushed almost bright red with embarrassment at the small sound before the color vanished quickly. She clamped her mouth shut, averting her face from Krillin who smiled slightly to himself as he watched her struggle. He bend down and nipped playfully at her closed mouth.

"It's okay to make a little noise." He said reassuringly.

Eighteen shot him a halfhearted glare.

"Shut up."

Krillin chuckled at her reaction. He slanted his mouth over hers in a slow kiss, to which she immediately reacted, never once stopping what he was doing with his hand. He could feel her tighten her grip on him while her body was writhing beneath him, hips bucking up to meet the small movements of his fingers.

Eighteen groaned almost angrily when he broke away and stopped touching her. Krillin smirked down at her.

"Don't worry, just getting rid of something." He teased. He grabbed a hold of her shorts and pulled them off in one fluent motion, repeating the gesture with her underwear. Eighteen blushed when she felt the cool air of the room come in contact with her heated skin.

Krillin had to bite his lip and stop from staring at her naked body, she was so beautiful. He resumed his previous position, leaning on his elbows so he could look down at her flustered face. Eighteen tilted her head back with a sigh when he picked up where he left off. But this time she didn't even try to stop the small sounds that erupted from her throat, he was making her feel too good to care about such trivial things now.

Krillin was fascinated by the way she reacted to his strokes, the way her body arched up into him with every little sigh and whimper she made. He hissed softly at the friction it caused. He pushed himself up just a little bit so she wouldn't touch him again, it felt too good and too distracting. He wanted this moment to be all about her. She had let go of him, instead her hands were gripping the sheets of his bed tightly.

Eighteen could feel her body start to tremble slightly with anticipation of something she wasn't quite sure of, all she knew, was that Krillin was making her feel a thousand things at once and it was almost too much to bear.

She opened her eyes in surprise when the first tremors hit, breath catching in her throat at the unexpected rush of warmth that flowed through her body. She went completely limp for a moment as she cried out softly.

Krillin could feel his own cheeks heat up at the sight below him. It send a shiver down his spine, knowing that he was the one responsible for the state of bliss she was in at the moment.

Eighteen reached up to him, letting out a sigh when she felt him eagerly respond to her kiss.

After a few intense moments, they slowly broke away.

"I don't think I've ever felt anything like that before." Eighteen blurted out breathless. She looked up at Krillin who had adopted a very curious expression at her confession.

"You've know?" He asked softly.

"Have I never what?" Eighteen frowned at him, she didn't like it when he spoke in riddles.

"Spit it out."

Krillin chuckled at her impatience.

"You know, touched yourself?" He asked completely serious. Eighteen raised her brows at that before shaking her head.

"What's the point in that?"

Krillin shook his head, semi amused and shocked. For the kind of person she was, she sure had an unexpected innocent streak but before he could comment on that, Eighteen had pulled him flush against her again. She captured his lips in a passionate kiss. She had enjoyed herself so far, that much was true, but she longed for more, she wanted to feel that again.

Krillin's cheeks burned when he felt her hands start to wander. Eighteen broke away with a soft sigh.

"Why am I still the only one who's naked?" She asked softly. Her voice was a little hoarse.

Krillin kissed her cheek affectionately before pulling away from her completely. He bit his lip as he looked down at Eighteen, he wanted nothing more than to take the remainder of his clothes off, his shorts had become uncomfortably tight on him despite their looseness. But there was still a linger of doubt in the back of his mind, his own insecurities playing up once more.

"Do you want me to get naked?" He asked softly. Eighteen gave him a questioning look at that, not really understanding where this was coming from. But before she could answer him, Krillin spoke again.

"Because...because I don't think there is a going back if I do. I want you so much right now, you have no idea, but I don't want to rush things either. It's completely fine if we stop here, I m..mean we don't have to.."

But Eighteen wasn't having any of it as she reached up and pulled him down. In one fluent motion she had managed to flip them around. Krillin's face became beet red when he looked up at her, she was straddling him and he had to avert his eyes for the view was amazing. For a bizarre moment he wondered if he was dreaming but when Eighteen wiggled a little on top of him, he rapidly came back to reality.

Eighteen leaned down, placing her hands on his chest, there was a light frown on her face.

"I don't want to stop." She bent down further till her mouth was near his ear.

"Make me feel good again." She whispered softly. Krillin did not miss the almost demanding tone in her voice but that didn't matter. He pulled her in for a slow kiss as he turned them back around. He pulled back when the need for air became too great.

"I will." He whispered softly in answer to her previous statement.

Krillin then moved away completely and stood up. Eighteen sat up with a curious expression as she followed his movements around the room. He was rummaging in his dresser.

"What are you doing?" She asked when he returned to the bed.

Krillin held up a small square package.

"Getting protection." He said softly. He quickly explained himself when he saw her dumbfounded expression.

Eighteen frowned. "I'm a cyborg, I'm pretty sure I can't get pregnant." She said absentmindedly.

Krillin shrugged.

"You're also still a woman, so let's not take that risk." He joked softly.

He swallowed thickly, feeling nervous all of a sudden when he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. He quickly pulled it and his underwear down in one go, letting out a soft sigh when restricting feeling of the fabric disappeared. He averted his eyes, feeling self conscious when he noticed Eighteen's eyes roam all over his body but quickly stopped her when she reached out to touch him.

"Please don't." He said softly. He was afraid her touch would be his undoing right then and there. He quickly slid the condom over himself, fumbling just a little under Eighteen's intense stare.

Krillin glanced at the candle on the nightstand, it had diminished quite a bit but still gave off enough light to illuminate the room. He gently sat back down on the bed next to Eighteen. He softly pulled her closer, letting his hands roam all over her body earning a soft appreciative whimper from the cyborg in his arms.

"Are you really sure about this?" he asked again. Eighteen rolled her eyes at him.

"Shut up." She simply said before kissing him. Krillin smiled against her mouth. He pulled her in his lap, grabbing a gentle hold of her sides and lifting her up a little. He felt Eighteen wrap her arms around his shoulders.

"Whenever you're ready." He whispered when they broke away. Eighteen held his gaze as she slowly lowered herself over him. She winced slightly causing Krillin to halt her movement but she shook her head.

"Don' doesn't hurt, it just feels a little strange." She said softly.

Krillin nodded, letting her take control. At first it was a little awkward and jerky, but as she gradually got used to the feeling, Eighteen softly rolled her hips into him, sighing with every small burst of friction it created.

The small fighter gently met her half way by thrusting his hips up in time with her movements. That earned him a small surprised gasp from the blonde in his lap, he could feel her tighten her grip around his shoulders and it wasn't long before they found a slow but steady rhythm, bed creaking softly in time with their thrusts as small whimpers of pleasure started to fill the room.

Krillin buried his face into the crook of Eighteen's neck, kissing and nipping gently at her warm skin while moaning softly at the sensations running through him, trying very hard to keep a sense of control over his body. He wanted to savor this moment for as long as he could but it was hard to do when she was making him feel so good. It almost was too much already. He gingerly grabbed a hold of her hips, intending to keep them still but Eighteen wouldn't have it. She let go of him to grab a hold of his hands, almost frantically trying to pry them off her hips.

"Don't." She moaned. She shot him a halfhearted glare before she successfully loosened his grip. She held on to his wrists, pushing them away from her resulting in Krillin falling backwards with her pinning his arms against the mattress. Krillin blushed at her forwardness.

"Eighteen.." He whimpered softly when she gazed down at him. Her face was flushed with color and he thought to himself that he liked that look on her. All coherent thoughts flew out of the window however when she resumed her moves on top of him, still having a firm hold on his wrists as she did so. Krillin closed his eyes for a moment, flexing his fingers and struggling to break free. He itched to touch her.

"Let go."

But Eighteen just shook her head at him. She didn't want him to stop her again, she was feeling way too good right now. It was just like before yet so much more intense, it was almost overwhelming.

"Please, I just need to touch you." Krillin protested softly. He involuntarily rolled his hips up at a particular burst of pleasure.


Eighteen bit her lip as she slacked her hold on him. Krillin immediately broke free and reached up to roam his hands all over her upper-body, marveling at her facial expressions when he hit the sensitive spots. He was fascinated by the way she arched her body into him, tilting her head back slightly as her moans gradually increased in volume.

He couldn't take it anymore. He quickly grabbed a hold of her and turned them around earning a surprised gasp from the woman below him.

Krillin smiled down at her before picking up his pace.


Eighteen's soft voice send shivers down his spine. He slanted his mouth over hers, the kiss was wet and sloppy but neither cared as they got swept away in the moment. Eighteen wrapped her legs around the small man above her. She was trembling again, not sure just how long she could take this anymore.

Krillin moaned out her name, softly cursing as he just could not control himself any longer. He quickly reached between their writhing bodies until he found what he was looking for.

Eighteen's eyes widened as she felt his fingers stroke her in time with his thrusts. Krillin bit his lip as he locked his eyes on hers, she was now looking up at him, there was a peculiar expression on her face and he could have sworn her eyes flashed red* for a moment before she squeezed them shut, only half aware of crying out rather loudly. Krillin stilled his hips, panting slightly as he lowered himself on top of Eighteen who was still trembling with release. She had draped her arm over her eyes as she tried to catch her breath. Krillin choose this moment to pull back from her, both hissing at the sensitivity between their bodies.

He quickly got up from the bed earning a disappointed groan from Eighteen who reached out to him. Krillin smiled as he quickly discarded the condom before crawling back into bed. He let his hands roam over Eighteen's stomach, there was a thin layer of sweat on her skin. He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her into him in a full body hug as he placed a gentle kiss behind her ear.

"Are you okay?" He whispered.

Eighteen just nodded, she didn't trust herself to talk just yet, her heart was still beating rapidly and her breathing was still a little irregular.

She let him turn them around, hiding her face into the crook of his neck while his hands softly caressed her back in slow circles. She let out a content sigh.

Krillin buried his face into her hair.

"That was amazing, you're amazing."

"You weren't so bad yourself, you seemed to know what you were doing for the most part." Eighteen said with a grin as she propped herself up on his chest so she could look at him. Krillin's face was still flustered and his eyes were half open, observing her. She reached out with one hand to gently tug at some of his hair that had fallen in his face.

"Well I do have a little experience in the field you know." He joked softly before adopting a semi serious expression.

"But those few times were just meaningless sex though, and even if it was good before, it's a whole different thing when you share such an intimate moment with someone you love, it means so much more and feels so much better." He finished.

Eighteen's eyes widened slightly at that but she didn't respond, instead she just laid back down.

Krillin resumed his gentle strokes on her back, tracing the scar on her spine almost lovingly. He considered himself so very lucky to have shared such a special moment with Eighteen, to hold her in his arms knowing that she wanted to be with him, that she was here to stay. At least that is what he dearly hoped. He knew he shouldn't, but there was always that sliver of doubt lingering in his mind, born from the many insecurities he still struggled with daily though he tried to not let them control him anymore.

Eighteen shifted a little until she was no longer lying on top of him. She stretched out while stifling a yawn before draping an arm over his stomach and curling into his side. She rested her head on his shoulder, smiling when she felt him wrap an am around her shoulders.

She could feel him kiss the top of her head. She felt drowsy and content. If she was honest with herself, she could lay like this for the rest of her life and it wouldn't bother her. She gently traced the scar on Krillin's midriff, not unlike he had done with hers. Once more, curiosity took a hold of her.

"How did you get this?" She asked softly.

Krillin raised his brow at the sudden question but answered nonetheless.

"I got impaled by Frieza's horn on Planet Namek...It's a long story." He started.

Eighteen looked at him.

"I'm not going anywhere."

Krillin smiled down at her.

"Sure hope not, I love having you here next to me all wrapped up in my arms." He said. Eighteen just shook her head at him before settling back down. She listened to his soft voice as he told her the story behind the scar, slowly but certainly slipping away in a dreamless sleep.

"Kind of crazy huh?" Krillin asked after a little while, not realizing she had fallen asleep until he saw her closed eyes and noticed her evened out breathing. He gently bent over her to blow out the remainder of the candle on the night stand and reached out to grab a few of his blankets to cover them up properly.

He turned his gaze towards the window, noticing that the storm hadn't quite let up just yet. The sky was pitch black, there didn't seem to be any stars out, but every once in a while the room would light up with a flash of lightening. The rain was relentless, beating against the window while the wind was howling and slamming into the house making it tremble slightly.

But Krillin wasn't fazed by any of this as he turned his attention back to Eighteen. He smiled as he felt her breathe against him. His arm was starting to get numb from her weight but he didn't care. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead which made her stir.

Krillin expected her to wake up but instead she just turned away from him in her sleep. He stifled a yawn, he too was tired that much was true, but he just didn't want to give in to the bliss of sleep just yet. He wanted to stay awake a little longer and admire the person next to him, partly still in disbelieve how close they had become. Krillin squeezed his arm with a chuckle.

"Nope, definitely not a dream!"

But it was a struggle to stay awake, sleep was tugging at him persistently, and with a soft sigh he finally gave in, turning towards Eighteen and snuggling closer to her warmth while gently pulling the covers up a little higher over them.

"Sweet dreams." He whispered softly into the night.

Eighteen stirred, slowly opening her eyes to adjust to the bright light that flooded her vision. The sky had cleared and the sun was starting to rise, its morning rays filtering through the window. She frowned as she took in her surroundings, at first not recognizing the room she was in until her eyes fell on the person next to her in the bed. Memories of the previous night came to mind and she could feel her cheeks heat up a little but regulated her temperature quickly.

Eighteen couldn't stop the small smile as she observed the man next to her. She let out a sigh, he had come to mean everything and more to her though he probably still didn't know it to that full extend. She was so grateful for him and all that he had done for her. If someone had told her she would be feeling this way about the short, then bald, and nose-less fighter she encountered on that fateful highway a long time ago, let alone sleep with said fighter, she would probably have laughed in their faces and mocked them.

She gently tousled his hair, making sure not to wake him.

Krillin was on his stomach with one of his arms draped over her abdomen under the covers. Eighteen turned to her side, facing him. She grinned in amusement when Krillin adjusted his position in his sleep, pulling her closer towards him and burying his face into the crook of her neck. She pulled back a little, earning a disappointed grunt from the small man. She raised her brows at that, it appeared he wasn't as sound asleep as she had previously thought.

"Hey, are you awake?" She asked softly.

Krillin shook his head


Eighteen snorted at that. She attempted to move away from him but Krillin was faster. He quickly reached out to grab a hold of her waist and pulled her back towards him. He strengthened his hold on her as he turned to his back and held her close.

"Don't go, I'll be cold without you."

Eighteen shook her head at his cheesy line.

"You can cover yourself up with the blankets, now let go of me."

"What if I don't want to?"

Eighteen raised her brows at that. She let out a sigh before relaxing her body.

"Fine, but at least open your eyes."

Krillin grinned but complied. He reached up to gently brush some of her bangs out of her face.

"Good Morninmmm?!"

Krillin's eyes widened for a split second before he drifted in to the moment, responding eagerly to Eighteen's soft kiss.

"Good morning indeed!" He said dazed when they finally broke apart. Eighteen used this small moment of distraction to slip from his hold and sit up straight.

Krillin frowned when he realized what happened.

"Hey, no fair." He said softly as he turned to his side and looked up at her. Eighteen was leaning against the headboard of his bed, there was an amused expression on her face.

For a moment they were both quiet. Krillin scooted closer to her and wrapped an arm around her middle while gently nuzzling her stomach with his face. He let out a sigh before looking up at her with a somewhat serious expression on his face. Eighteen shot him a questioning look at that.

"Are you alright?"

Eighteen raised her brows.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Krillin chuckled. He let go of her and sat up too, leaning his shoulder against hers. He grabbed a hold of her hand and squeezed it softly.

"Well considering our activities of last night, just wondering that's all."

Eighteen adopted a thoughtful expression.

"Now that you mention it, I do feel a little sore in places but it's nothing I can't handle I'm sure." Krillin didn't miss the sarcastic undertone to her answer. He flashed her a smile.

"That's good." He whispered softly. He let go of her hand to wrap her up in his arms. Eighteen scooted down a little so she could comfortable rest her head on his shoulder.

"The storm has cleared."

"Yeah, I'm glad it wasn't one of those that lasts a few days this time, but I'm afraid of what we'll find downstairs. I hope the damage isn't too bad." Krillin let out a sigh.

"I'll tell you, scooping sand out of the living room is not a fun task." He joked.

Eighteen didn't reply, instead she turned to face him, reaching up with her hand to gently trace her fingers over his features. Krillin didn't know what to make of the unreadable expression on her face but before he could ask her about it, she gently tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his face down.

The kiss was short but sweet.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

Eighteen fell silent as she mulled his question over in her head. There were so many things she was thankful for.


She grabbed a hold of his hand, intertwining their fingers while she tried to figure out how to put it all into words. After a moment of silence she started talking in soft tones. Krillin had to lean in a little to hear her.

"For helping me out when I needed it most, for giving me a place to stay and never expecting anything in return."

She looked away from him before continuing.

"For accepting me for who I am without ever judging me for my past and reassuring me every time I needed it though you probably don't know half how many times you did so unintentionally."

Eighteen chuckled lightly before locking her eyes on his again.

"But most of all for telling me you love me despite everything and showing me the meaning behind your words. It's still a little strange and confusing, all these things you manage to evoke in me with every little thing you do. I'm a cyborg, I'm not programmed to have all these feelings and emotions."

She shook her head when Krillin opened his mouth to protest that statement and pulled him closer so she could whisper in his ear.

"It's the truth, we both know it. But I won't let it stop me from telling you exactly how I feel any longer. I love you and no one is going to take that away from me or tell me otherwise. "

There was almost a challenging tone to the last part of her sentence. Krillin swallowed thickly. Hearing her say she loved him was almost overwhelming. He opened his mouth to say something but the words wouldn't come. He locked his gaze on hers, smiling as he observed the small blush disappear from her cheeks.

Krillin leaned down and kissed her slowly. Eighteen reacted by reaching up and wrapping her arms around him, pulling him down with her as she slid down until she was flat on her back. She sighed into his mouth as she pulled him closer until she could feel all of him against her.

Krillin broke away for a moment to catch his breath, realizing that they were pleasantly tangled up in the sheets of his bed. He smirked against Eighteen's mouth as he grabbed a hold of the remaining blankets and pulled them over their heads before eagerly resuming their kiss.

"Mmm..." Eighteen murmured when she felt his hands start to wander. She gently pushed him away a little so she could look up at him.

"Don't you have some cleaning to do?" She teased.

"Are you kidding me? The woman of my dreams just told me she loves me, cleaning is the least of my concerns right now so how 'bout we worry about that later?"

Eighteen nodded with a soft sigh when she felt him nip at her neck affectionately.

"Later." She agreed.

The end!

*The red flashing eyes, I got this from the History of Trunks movie where Mirai!Eighteen's eyes flash red when she is enjoying herself shopping. I thought it would be cool to use as an outlet for Present!Eighteen, making her eyes flash whenever she really enjoys something or experiences intense pleasure like in this chappie XD, it's something I always regarded a headcanon so I took the liberty to use it.

Oh man, this chapter did turn out longer than I wanted...but it was so much fun to write and kind of REALLY hard too because I wanted it to be good and enjoyable! If you think Eighteen is too ooc...well I am sorry but I do firmly believe that she is a bit of a different person when just around Krillin/her family and besides, they just took a huge step in their relationship so that counts for something too right?

Also, it has been quite a while since I wrote a Lemon scene so I hope I did it justice, I would love to hear your thoughts!

As always thanks for reading! There is one more chapter left!

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The black haired cyborg prodded the small fighter with his foot, there was no response. He winced at the large gash on his cheek. There was also blood oozing from a small wound on the side of his head.

"Ugh I can already hear Eighteen yell at me for this while it's completely your own stupid fault!" Seventeen said with a frown. He carefully scooped the small fighter up and flung him over his shoulder. From the looks of it, he would be out cold for a while.

"This is not going to be pretty.." Seventeen said with a sigh as he took the skies and set course for the cabin.

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