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Rainbow Rising


"Now, go back to when this took place. Tell me as much as you can remember," said a male voice.

"Ok. I'll try." Said a female, her voice shaky. "I-I was flying. Practicing. I remembered that Pinky Pie wanted me today. I was late. I went to Sugar Cube Corner fast as I could. She said she had been waiting all day to see me. She said we were making cupcakes."

She takes a shaky breath and continues.

"She said that he would be doing most of the work. She offered me a cupcake to 'taste test'. After I ate it, I blacked out."

By then she sounded like she was crying.

"S-She was w-wearing a dress of p-pony parts. S-She started t-talking to me. When sh-she turned on the l-light, there were p-pony parts everywhere. Th-Then she started to cu-cut off m-my cutesy mark. Then she cut off my wings."

She started to scream after that.


"Rainbow! Rainbow Dash. You're not in there anymore, you're in the hospital. You're safe, you're completely safe." Twilight said, trying to comfort her friend.

They were in the Ponyvill E.R. after the torture Rainbow Dash had suffered at the hoofs of Pinky Pie.

The only reason she was alive was because Twilight had gotten worried after Rainbow Dash never came out of Sugar Cube Corner. She had heard Dash's screams of pain. Pinky Pie was currently being held at an insane asylum.

The doctors had been able to reattach her cutesy mark, but not her wings. This is where we start. Rainbow Dash, wingless and screaming inn a hospital bed. Her friends trying to bring her out of this nightmare.

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