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Humans were just shells. They showed bland, trained emotions. Meaningless emotions that they threw around on a daily basis, with fake, meaningless smiles. They talked in lying voices, deceiving themselves with their simplicity, caging themselves in. These humans showed emotion, but it was never strong, true or pure, like deluded soda, showing the same brown color but tasting like water.

It was fun to watch them fool themselves.

To hear their voices carry, echoing down the high school hallways, alive with fake, annoying laughter.

What a bunch of idiots.

What a bunch of petulant children.

Izaya nodded vigorously at the dumb joke Shinra made, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter.

"-So then the lady said-" Shinra started giggling then continued. "-she said! That's my Cat!" He exploded with laughter, choking out the rest of his statement. "You-you should have seen her face Izaya!" Shinra waited for a response, chuckling when he read what Izaya wrote.

-'If I was there I would have lent her my knife~! You can't just go around doing THAT to peoples pets, it's just wrong.'-

"Totally! Good thing Celty wasn't there she would have chased him down with her bike, scythe in hand. She hates animal abuse. Oh, isn't my Celty just so wonderful~" Izaya then poked Shinra, breaking him fro his endless string of horrifyingly gushy coddling about Celty, the headless Dullahan he was in love (obsessed) with.

-'I wonder what Celty would do to you if I told her you were making fun of that lady and her cat~ I'm sure she wouldn't be happy!-'-

His remark was cut short when Shinra made a very girly squeak then dropped to the floor and preceded to beg Izaya.

"You can't! She'll kill me! You-you You can't cut our love short like that Izaya!-...and I'll bake you cookies...ootoro...servitude..." Izaya stopped listening as Shinra broke out in meaningless rambles, still on the floor, hands clasped in a begging motion. Izaya jotted his response to...whatever it was that Shinra was doing, and poked him again when he was done.

-'Shinra! Just shut the fuck up! I won't tell Celty if you just, Shut-The-Hell-Up!...Please'- Izaya pleaded to Shinra with his written on whiteboard. The be-speckled brunet gave his friend a catty grin, knowing he got out of Izaya's imminent torture, then his eyes lit up as he remembered something. Izaya's first thought was.

'Oh Shit '

"Hey Izaya, I have someone you have to meet! I think you'll really like him, he's nice!" Shinra squealed, like a little school girl, his catty grin still in place.

Oh Shit indeed.

Shinra giddily dragged Izaya to the football-field after school claiming that this guy he was going to meet were going to be the best of friends. Izaya was skeptical.

When they finally got to the football-field his supposedly new best friend was missing, Shinra said not to worry though, they were a bit early.

The minutes passed by and eventually a mop of brown hair could be seen emerging out of the school, the ebony haired teen perked up at this.

Time to torture this innocent, poor, teen.

He began to scribble the most insulting statements he could possibly muster onto the little worn square of white with his pink marker, smiling a scary smile. As soon as the brunet was in sight he took out his knife and flung it towards the unsuspecting victim aiming a few centimeters from his face making sure to sheer off some of his hair. He smirked when his knife hit the target, he jumped off the post nimbly and ran up to the now obviously, very pissed brunet, taking his whiteboard and shoving it into the other guys face, smirking. A few seconds past by as the other read what was written, Izaya was waiting happily for the inevitable anger ridden shout so he could be alleviated from the troublesome task of trying to make a friend. You could imagine that he was surprised when the brunet not only let a yell of pure rage but picked up the goal post and flung it at Izaya.

"Iiiiiiiiiiizayaaaaaaaaaaa! I'll kill you!"

'Probably shouldn't have signed it ' was the only thought going through his head as he yanked his knife out of the ground with a roll, barely escaping the yellow goal post. Running swiftly he managed to slice the others shirt, then nimbly dogging the freshly weponized light post that sported a new dent courtesy of the brunets grip. He looked on at him in concealed wonder.

'Such rage...'

Izaya back peddled as the other used the lamp-post like a bat, aiming for his head like it was a baseball. Vaguely in the background he could hear Shinra's frantic calls.

"Shizuo! Izaya! Stop! Damn it I knew this would end badly!"

'So his name is Shizuo '

After a half-hour worth of fighting was done the field was barely recognizable. Green turf was strewn in an about way reminiscent of a Christmas tree ran through a blender then splattered across the living room, the same way a kindergartener would finger paint. All the protruding metal objects that once adorned the field were now cast about, each in different states of recognizability. In the center of this mess lay two figures one a brunet and the other a skinny ebony haired teen panting heavily for they both were in a very ragged condition, the taller brown-haired male's clothes were shredded, beads of scarlet blood oozing out of several lacerations, the other male sported bruises and bigger gashes that were also leaking blood at a slow pace. They were both obviously fatigued and injured. After a few moments of silence the glasses wearing teen came out of his hiding place to scurry up to his friends, bandaging them quickly with the medical supplies he had on hand, which would be odd if it was anyone other than Shinra. After both were patched up they went home leaving a petty I.O.U note behind (Shinra's Idea!).

Izaya looked back at the destruction they caused couldn't help but be impressed, because this was unknowingly the first time he ever had this much fun and felt so alive.

It was at that time it began.

It was at that time that his intrigue with Shizuo started.

'You certainly are an interesting creature, Shizuo'

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