Dinner was long since done and the pair of boys were bunking down in Izaya's room. Shizuo could tell that he wasn't the only one relieved to be out of Namie's presence and he was all too happy to follow Izaya to his small bedroom that was bathed once again in red colors.

"Hey Flea, your mom mentioned something about being afraid of storms, is that true?" His voice broke through the tense silence, interrupting Izaya's small movements while he tried to pull out the bed. The other teen froze for a moment before he pulled out his I-pad typing in his response and showing it to Shizuo without looking in the brunets direction.

-' Yes, I don't like them much. It's not that big of a deal, mother is just a bit protective of me.'- Shizuo read the message carefully watching Izaya's reaction out of the corner of his eyes in hopes to catch some emotion, although his face was hidden and his expression was its usual calm blank. Izaya pulled the contraption back to him and continued typing. -'If you tell anyone I will kill you.'- Shizuo didn't doubt it. The silence resumed and it was even heavier than before. It was just as the red-eyed teen started to lay down the sheets for the bed that a loud cracking noise entered the air. It was so quick that Shizuo barely saw it, the second the thunder sounded Izaya stood stock straight, his hands and arms covering his head and his eyes shut tight, the raven haired teens mouth was moving in silent plea for the storm to stop. It was oddly endearing, even though Shizuo could tell that Izaya was in pain. Once the first rumble of thunder went through it didn't seem to want to stop, nature not satisfied enough with the little bit of torture it provided to the terrified teen. Izaya's mouth moved in phantom whimpers, flinching and quivering every time the light flashed through his bedroom window or any time the air crackled. It was just a few minutes after the storm that Shizuo had had enough, he may have not liked the other teen, but it was pathetic and saddening to see the usually so calm and collected Izaya quivering in fear. The brunet decided that it was time to do something, he may have wanted to see the other show more emotion but this was not what he had in mind and he only ever wanted to see the raven this afraid if he was the one to cause it. Shizuo shifted a little and moved till he was next to the frightened teen, standing awkwardly and unsure how to comfort somebody, even less so if the person was his enemy. Shizuo had only caused damage to people, he only ever hurt them so how was he to comfort and help the same person he had been fighting and beating up for months? He took the last few awkward steps toward Izaya, wrapping his arms oddly around the others chest and frowning at the contact and the fact that Izaya only seem to stiffen and struggle against him more, still flinching at the loud rumbling carrying outside.

"Izaya, it's fine, just rain is all. No need to worry, the loud cracking and bright flashes is just fireworks going off, you must have some crazy neighbors, celebrating New Years a few weeks early." His gruff voice rumbled low and went well with the continued crashing in the background, he pulled Izaya closer to him, hoping his enemy would stop being afraid and would act normally so he could cut off this awkward contact. A few moments after the statement Izaya had stopped thrashing in the brunets arms and Shizuo took this as a sign to start rubbing the others shoulders and continued to talk.

"When I was little I was afraid of storms too." He started, his voice a bit unsure and worried at telling the other this, but he figured that since he saw Izaya in such a state that it wouldn't hurt to share a little information with the other as well. "I would start crying at the sight of rain and I would curl up on my bed, too proud and frightened to ask my parents for help. I always thought that it was God punishing me for being a monster and acting so violent, that he would start the thunder and lightning and all the heavy raining to show me what I looked like when I lost it. I really hated it, it frightened me so much, I was scarred that it reminded me so much of myself." His voice petered off for a moment as he thought and he barely noticed Izaya as he tapped on his hand, his face angled toward the brunets and an asking expression on his face that said, 'Continue?', so Shizuo did. " One night it was storming so bad, kind of like it is now, the rain was beating so hard against the roof that shingles were falling off and the windows were shuddering. I was curled up under my blanket on the bed, rocking back and forth with my eyes closed, I didn't even notice the door opening and closing. Suddenly I felt someone hug me from behind, it was my little brother Kasuka, come to comfort his scared older brother." Shizuo smiled at the memory and continued on. "He stayed there for a little bit, calm as can be as I whimpered and cried like a baby. After a few moments he started talking, saying such weird things that I didn't understand at first. He said, 'Our neighbors are quite foolish, aren't they brother?' It took me a few moments to say something back and question what he said. 'Why are they silly Kasuka?' I peeked at my little brother, pulling down the blanket a bit, then he said something that completely rid me of my fear, it was silly but it worked. 'Foolish neighbors, celebrating New Years five months early and in the rain. Don't you think that's funny brother?' Kasuka started giggling and soon we both were, laughing at our stupid neighbors who celebrated New Years early and in the rain. It's a stupid way to rid a fear, but I think it wasn't really what he said but the fact that he said something, my quiet little brother cared enough about his monster of a sibling to come and comfort him during his time of punishment." Once he was done talking he noticed that Izaya had stopped shaking as much, his once taught and quivering body now relaxed against Shizuo, and the brunet was glad that for once he had helped someone, even if it was Izaya. They stood there for a couple more moments, listening to the rain continue to fall and soon enough they had decided it was time for bed, too tired and emotionally fatigued to work on their project. It was when he was nice and snug against in the bed that Izaya had entered the room again after going to refresh and do bathroom things that he noticed that once again Izaya was shaking like a leaf and his already pale complexion was now paper white.

'What happened?' He had only been gone for a couple minutes and he was already like this. Shizuo sighed and figured that as long as this was never going to be mentioned in the morning and he had already done so much, that he might as well offer Izaya to sleep with him.

"Hey Flea, you can sleep with me tonight, I mean that since that mattress is so uncomfortable and your so spoiled and all..." His statement hung in the air awkwardly and Izaya shook his head no, Jotting something down with his shaky hands.

-'I wouldn't want to sleep with a monster like you, I might catch your stupidity.'- Izaya laid down on the mattress on the floor turning away from Shizuo and hiding under the blankets in hopes to conceal his fear.

It was just before Shizuo fell completely asleep that he felt Izaya crawl in bed next to him.

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