A/N: Was playing Sword of Mana when I got struck by inspiration. I will always prefer the HeroxHeroine ship than the HeroxAmanda. Sorry. Flame all you want as I will not change my opinion on the matter. :P

Do you remember that star-studded night in the desert when you promised me you would protect me? I remember it all too clearly. The night sky was so beautiful and the sand shone along with the constellations.

When you uttered the words that were supposed to make me feel safe and happy, strangely enough, I felt sad. Sad enough that I couldn't stop myself from asking whether you were making the promise because Amanda asked you to. You never did answer me that night.

Although I often told myself that it was fine, that it didn't matter what your motive was as long as you were by my side, the truth was that it was not. My heart ached as if a thousand spears were piercing it through and through. I told you then what I felt, my ugly jealousy of a woman who was dead, who still held your heart.

You didn't comment on my subtle confession and simply took my hand. Your gloved palm felt warm in mine. But my heart was so cold, so lonely. I fought back tears, the same way that I did whenever I remembered my mother, whenever I remembered my clan.

I looked into your eyes as you gazed into mine. And I wondered if my eyes revealed the tumultuous emotions inside of me. I had then tried to search for anything in yours, anything that would remove the frozen spell in my chest. However, I saw nothing of the sort. In fact, your expression was quite unreadable though I saw a hint of melancholy within its depths.

I removed my gloved hand from yours and turned away. I couldn't bear to look at your face any longer. Yes, I chose the coward's way and told you with fake cheerfulness as I began to walk away, "We better get to bed. We have a long day ahead of us."

There you have it. I am interested in writing a story that is post-Sword of Mana so watch out for that! ;D