In her Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer created a world unlike any other. She owns this world, and I love playing in it. All comma errors are mine and mine alone.

This story came from a spooky little nightmare I had not too long ago. It's not really clear how it's going to end -

Spooky Nightmare - A Second Chance at Life

Chapter 1

My only thought is pain. I've managed to numb the fear for the most part. Sometimes it breaks back through, but it's a useless emotion. It no longer serves any function in my situation.

I had been out on a school field trip with my 7th grade class in Jacksonville, Florida, collecting samples of needles and bark for a science project, and walked away from the group for a moment. That was all it took. Something snatched me off my feet, and the next thing I knew I was flying through the air. I could see a moving blur next to me; at times it looked like a human face. A human arm appeared to be pinning me to what appeared to be a human body, but the body was cold and hard as stone. Breathing became difficult at this speed, and eventually I lost consciousness.

Unfortunately, I regained consciousness. When I woke up, I was leaning against a rock feeling very disoriented, and I didn't know where I was. As I slowly regained my breath, I was overwhelmed by nausea. Leaning forward I threw up, falling to my hands and knees in the process. I heard a low voice from behind me chuckle.

After retching for a few minutes, I looked up. In front of me there were two people who had the faces and bodies of movie stars. He was wearing a worn t-shirt and tight jeans that accentuated his well-built body. I noticed he had dirty blond hair framing that handsome face, but when I looked more closely, I saw his eyes were glowing red. For his part, he was looking at me with an interested expression, but he said nothing.

She had flaming red hair, white porcelain skin, and bright red eyes that matched her red hair. She was wearing a weird outfit, one that looked as though it had been casually picked up and assembled from various sources. The bits of leaves that clung to her here and there added to her unnerving appearance.

"You're awake," the woman began in an angelic, child-like voice. Something about her made my skin crawl.

"Yes," I stammered.

We sat in silence for a moment. They didn't offer to help me with my nausea, and they seemed quite comfortable ignoring the vomit that was lying on the ground in front of me. I wiped my mouth off with my arm and finally broke the silence.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" I asked.

The man rolled his eyes. "It's always the same questions. Who are you, what do you want, why are you doing this…"

The uneasy feeling changed to an icy grip of fear, and I started to shake.

"Oh look," said the woman in that soft voice. "She's completely come to her senses. The smell of her fear is delicious. Shall we?"

They moved forward in a movement too fast for me to see, and within an instant, they had me pinned to the ground. She was biting one wrist, while he was biting the other. What the hell? Were they cannibals? I started to scream, and the man looked up long enough to laugh. His mouth was covered with my blood. The pain from their bites was excruciating, and as I fought I realized that just a bite couldn't cause that much pain. As I slowly slipped back into unconsciousness, my last thought was that I was dying.