Manicured fingers run through platinum blonde hair, a suppressed sigh and an eye roll to complete the level of annoyance. Simply, he adjusts his legs for comfort and cozies himself up closer to the man whose lap he's perched on; fingers finding a new position in the other's hair to play with the spikes, individually reshaping strands. He is ignored while the other holds conversation with the top Superstar of the company and a few other friends, with eyes primarily focused on the brunette Diva across from them, rather than on him. He removes the orange plastic sunglasses from Ryder's face, putting them over his eyes and silently wondering where the fancy Dior ones had gotten lost at. From the cover of opaque black lenses, his eyes are hidden, face looking down at his lover, although he stares at the Diva, just as Ryder does so obviously.

The conversation and participants begin to scatter at the arrival of "Mr. Excitement," the familiar sound of loafers strolling through the hallway, and the ever-present voice of his assistant going on behind him, suggestions and ideas falling on deaf ears. Needlessly, he begins to introduce himself to the four who had not managed to flee in time, striking up a discussion of tonight's event with the Champ.

Occupying his lovers attention, and attempting to stray it from the Diva, he tilts the Long Island star's face upwards, garnering his full attention for about half a second. Once again annoyed, he gently cups the other man's cheek, pulling his face back to look at him, and holding his attention with his pink lips capturing his in a series of slow, soft kisses that are instantly broken when the older man hovering above them clears his throat.

Quietly, the beautiful Eve excuses herself; easily getting away from the degrading comments of the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. Pretending not to notice the reaction of Zack quickly moving his head to get a view of her leaving, that was oh-so wonderful to watch in all actuality… She did have such a wonderful body. Dolph narrows his eyes at the girl, his jealousy seething beneath his skin - but this was nothing new. He can feel a hand trailing from his waist down his hip and thigh, though knowing the action just was not for him.

Disgusted, he looks away in time for his covered eyes to meet with those of Mr. Laurinaitis hovering over them. Was… he staring? The thought almost makes a smile finally appear on the face of Dolph Ziggler. He was staring… at him. He does his best not to act as if the little bit of attention was like winning a title belt again. After the display made by his boyfriend, he was bound to be just a tad desperate… in his own defense, at least. The Long Islander is the one to clear his throat this time, shifting Dolph's weight on his lap and moving out from under him, grabbing onto his arm and pulling him up with him as he stands. He turns back to Cena, his grip tight on the blonde's arm.

"Can you believe this, bro?" Ryder shakes his head, looking back to Laurinaitis and pulling Dolph behind him as he faces their current boss, not letting the blatant staring at his boyfriend go unnoticed. From the attitude he quickly takes, the interim General Manager is instant to book a match for Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga later tonight.

No longer shielded by what would have been the sense of security of sunglasses, Ziggler is stuck staring between the ceiling, floor, or casting aside a dirty look not-so directly at Zack. If being jealous of a little bit of harmless eye contact was going to throw his once quite generous lover into a train wreck of shouting and anger… he was going to be sure that this happened much more often. Being yelled at was far, far better than being ignored, and it was attention from this man that was gladly taken again. This… This had felt good in such a strange, unexplainable way to Dolph.

For the blonde, his mind is tossing around a few thoughts while he takes the verbal abuse as if he was not hearing it at all - a bare acknowledgement to a few words here and there. He settles into his thoughts while his ears deafen, his first is the unmistakable comparison between himself and the issue that AJ had been going through with that idiot, Daniel Bryan. He would realize his body had cringed at the thought of this happening to Ryder and himself if he wasn't debating asking a few friends to pretend to check him out blatantly in front of Zack… not that Laurinaitis had been checking him out to begin with - but to the Long Islander, he had done just that.

Ryder must have taken note, his hand finding it's grip back on the blonde's arm, lurching him forward to his body and staring into his distant blue eyes. He repeats the question that had fallen silent on Dolph, until he receives the answer that he is looking for: the assurance that his "Perfect" boyfriend did in fact love him.

Ziggler only falls silent again, unsure whether to feel objectified, or like the prized trophy he wanted to be, a grin crossing his face when he settles on the second just to assure himself. He leans forward to kiss the other man, just as the door opens and super-Cena enters the locker room, his eyes shifting curiously between the two of them before he makes a few joking, nonchalant questions of the fight he had overheard from the hall. His mere entrance was enough to cause Zack's grip to release, and him to pull away from the platinum blonde entirely; his disposition switching from jealousy and anger back into the bouncy, cheerful "Broski" that he really was.

The conversation switches instantly: Cena had always been an expert at playing things off, and making just the right joke to ease everyone, or amuse an entire arena. Ryder sits down on one of the steel chairs, removing his headband to fix his hair as John brings up the match with Otunga that had been so unfortunately scheduled. Ryder suggests instantly hat Cena be at ringside, incase of an interference, and is even quicker to suggest he invite Eve to join them.

Biting his tongue, Dolph excuses himself from the room, completely unnoticed. The minute he steps into the hall, however, he couldn't be further from unnoticed as David Otunga is strolling up to him, shaking his hand and guiding him with an arm around his shoulders to Laurinaitis' office. Completely blindsided as everything had just occurred in about three seconds, at least in his mind with the quick pace that the other lawyer-turned-superstar-turned-lawyer worked at, he is ushered down the hall and to the office door. If he had been offered a million dollars in cash, he would not have remembered the one-sided hallway banter that Otunga provided during their little stroll, and begins to see why he would have been considered a good lawyer. The door is held open for him, and he steps aside though he is quickly surprised that the legal advisor chooses to head off to catering, rather than sit around the room like a vulture.