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The wedding date had been set for ages. The dress bought, the tuxes rented, the rings chosen. The beautiful backyard wedding at Cullen mansion was set to unite two feuding supernatural family's, and peace would finally reign supreme.

The daughter of vampire couple Edward, and Bella, was set to wed Jacob Black-Alpha of the La Push wolves. This day was truly going to make history. Or was it?

Nessie POV

Tears stung my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I drove. My heart, even as broken as it was, pounded against my ribcage. I had to get as far away from Forks Washington as possible. Alice couldn't see me with her visions, so I hoped if I drove fast and far enough my family wouldn't be able to find me. I wanted to be alone. I needed to think.

The words Leah said to me were still fresh in my mind, along with the smug smile on her face.

I had just left the house for a quick hunt before I had to start getting dressed for the wedding. I was fallowing a herd of deer when suddenly something hard slammed into my side, knocking me off my feet. My body hit the ground hard and rolled a couple times. With a grunt I finally landed on my back. My breathing was labored as I tried to get my equilibrium back. Standing to my feet I looked around trying to find out what had hit me. And, then I caught her scent.

"You should really be more careful. Wouldn't want the vampire princess to get hurt on her wedding day."

Leah Clearwater, walked out from behind a tree. She stood barefoot, with dirty jean shorts and a white tank top. The sneer on her face was something I had come to expect from her. Leah hated my family but she absolutely detested me. She was convinced that I was forcing Jacob to marry me.

"Leah, I don't want to fight with you today. Jacob asked me to marry him because he loves me. I am not forcing him to marry me, and neither is my family."

I didn't want to be angry on my wedding day, but Leah needed to get over her hatred and accept that Jacob did actually love me. Part of me wondered of she had feelings for Jacob, but whenever I asked him about it, he just smiled and assured me that Leah was just a bitter harpy, and to ignore her.

"Let me ask you something princess," She said walking closer. "Have you ever wondered why your father hates Jacob so much?"

My dad hates Jacob? Since when?

"What the hell are you talking about Leah? My father doesn't hate Jacob. He saved me and my mother when Sam and his pack tried to kill us."

Leah began to chuckle and shake her head, like I was a child who just didn't understand.

"Wow, you really don't know anything do you? I'm a little surprised that mommy and daddy would let you marry Jacob, before you know the whole story."

I was getting frustrated and confused. I had no idea what she was talking about. What had my family kept from me?

"What the hell are you talking about Leah?, What don't I know? Make it fast, I have a wedding to get dressed for."

She almost looked sad as she lowered herself to sit on the ground. Her right hand reached out to pat the ground in front of her.

"Have a seat Princess, I've got a story to tell you and it might take a while."

It was a twisted tale of blood soaked birthday parties, and my mother's broken heart after my father left her. She told me of Jacob and my mother's close friendship and, just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, she told me of the love Jacob and my mother shared.

In my father's absence, Jacob and my mother fell in love. A rushed trip to stop my dad from killing himself resulted in them getting back together. Jacob was heartbroken, but he fought for her. He forced himself on her at one point, and after my dad purposed to my mother, Jacob quilted her into kissing him. Who does that? I didn't know him at all.

Jacob loved and pined over my mother even after she married my dad. When she became pregnant with me, both Jacob and my father wanted to kill me. Jacob was actually on the way to kill me when he Imprinted.

I sat completely still on the forest floor as, Leah, slowly tore my heart from my chest. She knew what telling me all of this would do, and she enjoyed every second of it. I wanted to hate her for it, but in my heart, I knew it was all true. My whole life was built on broken hearts and hate. Jacob didn't choose to love me, he was forced to love me because the wolf gene told him he had too. Leah had been right all along. Everyone I ever loved or trusted had lied and kept things from me.

When she was finished tearing my world apart, and hot salty tears were spilling down my cheeks, she stood up-brushed herself off and phased. I'm sure she probably laughed the whole way back to La Push.

I don't know how long I sat there or how I made it to my car without alerting my family, but I knew I had to get away. It was still very early and Jacob was sleeping in the guest room upstairs. The house was full of vampires from around the country, all in town for my wedding. I had to thank god that my dad was probably too distracted with our guests to notice my slipping away. I didn't know where I was going to go, but I couldn't stay there.

I needed to think fast. I wanted to go somewhere where nobody could find me. First though I needed money and a new car. I knew once the family discovered that I was gone, they would have someone looking for my car. It was a beautiful navy blue BMW, and the whole family presented it to me for my birthday last year. It was my pride and joy and I would miss it. Before leaving Forks, I stopped at the bank and closed out my checking account. My parents had set it up for me once I got engaged to Jacob. I wanted to be more independent and even though I couldn't get a job, a monthly allowance was deposited from the Cullen family account.

I walked out of the bank with a little over twenty thousand dollars. I didn't want to carry that much cash on me, but I had no other choice until I got somewhere where I could open another account. A few hours later, I ended up in Olympia. It was just after noon, and I knew by now the family was probably frantic searching for me. I needed to get rid of my car before it was reported missing. Driving around town I found the first "Used" car lot and traded my brand new car for a shiny red pickup truck. It made me think of the stories Rosalie used to tell me about my mother's "ugly" red pickup she used to drive. It made me smile.

After stopping at the gas station to fill up the truck, and stocking up on snack food, I was on the road headed south. I had no destination in mind, I just wanted to drive and think. My body was running on auto pilot. I was driving, but not really seeing anything. Tears clouded my eyes every time I thought about Jacob. The thought of him waking up and finding me gone broke my heart. My parents would search for me, but my scent would only lead them back to the house where I got in my car.

I hated what I was going to put them through,but they had all lied to me. They all told me I was a miracle child, when the truth was that my father never wanted me and I almost killed my mother. Jacob, who loved and cherished me every day and made me feel special-never really loved me until magic told him he had too. I didn't want to be with someone who was forced to love me. His choice had been taken away from him, and I couldn't allow him to live like that.

Even if I could get over all the lies and imprinting, I would always wonder in the back of my mind if Jacob, really loved me or if he settled for me because my mother chose to love my dad.

Where did that leave me? A heartbroken half breed, alone, wondering around the country. Could I survive? Who knows, but I was going to try.

Jacob POV

The sun shining through the floor to ceiling windows was kind of annoying. Would it kill Esme to add some curtains? It was a little hard to stay asleep with the sun shining right in my eyes. I briefly thought of pulling the blanket up over my head and going back to sleep, until I remembered that it was my wedding day and Renesmee Cullen would finally be my wife.

It had taken ten years, and a lot of drama, but finally we were going to make it official. I couldn't wait to see Nessie walk down the isle. The last six months has been filled with wedding plans,and shopping and way to many tux fittings for my liking. I think Alice and Renesmee just liked to torture me. I would moan and wine every time they made me try on a new tux, but I would do almost anything to make her smile, so in the end it would all be worth it.

I decided it was time to get up and face the world. Maybe I would sneak in and wake Nessie up. Alice told us we couldn't see each other until the wedding, but I bet if I were really quiet I could make it. Slipping out of bed, I pulled on a t shirt and shorts. Walking to the bathroom I took care of business and brushed my teeth. I could hear rustling downstairs, and the opening and closing of doors. The whole house reeked from all of the out of town vamps. I had mostly grown used to the scent, but with such a high concentration in one place still stung my nose.

Tip toeing down the hall, I made it to Nessie's room with no problem. I opened the door with a smile hoping to see her still sleeping. When I found her bed empty I had to roll my eyes. Alice had probably had her up at the crack of dawn getting things set for the wedding. Accepting that I wouldn't see my Nessie until the wedding, I decided to go find some grub. Just as I thought, the whole main floor was full of Vamps. Edward and Bella sat on the couch talking with the blond ones from Alaska. I couldn't keep all the names straight. Carlisle and Esme were sitting at the dining room table talking with the dark haired ones from Alaska. I could see Jasper and Alice out in the back yard talking to a couple of vamps. I guess Jasper used to know them from down south or something. I think the guys name was Peter.

Rosalie and Emmett were sitting in the lounge area talking to the three freaky chicks from the amazon. Just looking at them freaked me out, but Nessie absolutely adored them. Emmett extended his fist for me to bump as I walked past, and I got the standard eye roll from Rose. That bitch was never going to like me, but we had come to some sort of truce. She simply didn't talk to me and I didn't talk to her and that's the way it was. If I didn't have to listen to her and Emmett go at it all hours of the day and night, I would say she needed to get laid. She was a bitch plain and simple. It didn't bother me, I had to deal with Leah on a daily basis.

Walking into the kitchen I had to smile. Esme had baked dozens of muffins and cut up lots of fresh fruit in preparation for all the wolves that would be invading the Cullen mansion today. Deciding on coffee and a banana, I pulled a cup from the cupboard and had just stuffed half the banana in my mouth when simultaneously the back door flung open and hit the wall with a bang, and the phone rang.

Seth, not seeing me standing in the kitchen ran through the house shouting my name. Carlisle stood to answer the phone as I walked back to the living room to see what the problem was.

"Edward, Where is Jake, I need to speak to him now," he almost shouted. "We may have a problem."

Edward and Bella were instantly on alert. They both stood, Edward was squinting as he tried to decipher Seth's thoughts. Bella walked forward and gently laid her hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Seth?" She asked him very softly. Seth took two deep breaths trying to calm himself enough to speak.

"It' Sh-she did something really bad I think. Please, Bella, I need to find Jake. Where is he?" His hands were shaking and he was close to tears.

"Seth, calm down, I'm right here. What's the problem?" I said walking in the living room. The rest of the family fallowed me into the living room, except for Carlisle, who I could hear talking on the phone.

"JAKE!," Seth shouted running over to me. "It's Leah, She wasn't in her room when I woke up this morning, so I decided to phase to see if she was in the woods. When I phased she was just getting back to La Push. She...she," He stopped to take another deep breath. This was going to be bad, I could tell.

"She, what Seth?" I prodded him.

His eyes were shining when they looked back into mine. "She was just coming back from Forks. She found Nessie, out in the woods hunting, and she told her everything."

Oh god.

Edward gasped. Bella turned to him, confused.

"What do you mean she told her everything, Seth?" I had a feeling I knew.

"She told her everything, Jake. Bella's 18th birthday party, Edward leaving, Edward trying to die, You and Edward wanting Bella to Abort, and...She told her about the Imprinting."

My knees gave out and hit the floor as my eyes closed.

Nessie, knew everything.

"Where is Nessie now,Seth?" Edward demanded.

"I don't know. After Leah told her everything she stood up and phased. Nessie was still sitting on the ground when Leah started to run home." Seth was calmer now. I couldn't fucking breath.

Standing to my feet, I noticed everyone was watching me. I had to do something. I turned and started for the back door, intending to phase and go find Nessie.

"I have to go find her, she's probably still out there in the woods. Seth, call the pack and tell them I need them to help me find her, and then come and join me."

Edward, and Bella, stood frozen. They weren't even breathing.

"Jacob," Carlisle, said my name walking into the living room. "You won't find Nessie, in the woods." his eyes were sad, and he looked resigned.

"Why not? Where is she?," I demanded.

"I don't know where she is, but I just got a call from the bank. The account that Edward, and Bella, set up for Nessie was closed out a few hours ago. Her monthly allowance tried to transfer into her account, but it had been closed. The Bank manager told me Nessie came in almost 4 hours ago and closed it out. I just checked the garage and her car is gone."

Edward, wrapped his arms around Bella, as she started to sob.

Nessie was gone. She left me.

"Wait, you all just got her that car last year. Does it have GPS? We might be able to find out where she is." I felt hope for just a second, before Carlisle again crushed me.

"I thought of that Jacob. I went online to see where her car was. It came up with a car lot in Olympus. I called and asked the owner of the lot if he had seen her car. He told me had. Evidently Nessie, came into the lot and traded her new car for a used one."

Why would she trade her new care for a used one? That didn't make sense.

"She doesn't want to be found." Edward whispered, his face buried in Bella's hair.

"I don't understand though, why would she trade her new car for a used one? That car isn't even a year old." I was confused.

"Think about it dog," Rosalie, spat at me. "She knew her car had GPS. She knew we would be able to track her to her car. Alice, can't see her. Get rid of the car, and we have no way to track her. She. Don't. Want. To. Be. Found. Get it now?"

I guess the truce was over. I never wanted to punch her so much in my life.

"Rose, your not helping," Carlisle admonished her.

I felt like my world had been ripped away.

Nessie was gone.

"Edward," Bella, said speaking for the second time since Seth, ran into the house. "We have to find her. She is still half human, She can get hurt. She has to sleep, she has to eat. That money won't last forever." She was starting to panic. Edward pulled her into his arms again.

"I know, love. She is just hurting right now. Don't worry, we'll find her."