Uzumaki Clan

A small village filled with civilians and ninja were enjoying their day there was no raids from any clans and plus they had captured a civilian girl from a powerful clan who the village leaders wouldn't tell about.

On the village wall a guard was keeping watch for any attack he was enjoying the cool breeze that had been blowing all day it was what made this job so enjoyable but then it stopped it all stopped. He looked out into the forest that surrounded the walls and felt very uncomfortable as if he was being watched. Suddenly faster than the ninja could react a Kunai struck him in the chest killing him instantly but before he could fall the Kunai exploded.

The explosion smoke flew into the air and a picture was formed the smoke started to swirl until it formed something of a whirlpool of some sort, suddenly Ninja poured into the village with a war cry using the smoke as a distraction. Civilians ran in fear while ninja were prepared to defend their home. The leader of the village stood in front of his men waiting for the clash to happen but he was suddenly struck down along with 9 others standing next to him fingertip sized holes were pouring out blood right between their eyes, then another wave came this time killing 7 men while keeping the Kunochi alive who were quickly captured by the enemy ninja. Other ninja seeing their comrades fall they knew what this meant this wasn't just some raid for goods.

This was Extermination.

Scene change

Inside the dungeon guards were scrambling trying to figure out what was going on why were they being attacked. But one man knew why, he had told the village leader to give her back he recognized that red hair he knew what clan this person belonged to. But the village leader refused to see reason saying this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This was for the betterment of the village. Now look at them being killed while women and children will be slaves. He knew what this clan was doing, they were on a mission. A search rescue and destroy mission.

Well he would make sure at least one part of the plan failed. He unlocked the door of the cell and saw the 13 year old which had cause the death of his village his home asleep like 100's of people weren't being slaughtered right outside the doors. He pulled out a Kunai and raised to strike the girls eyes opened she stared at the man and spoke"Are you here to kill me"

"Yes I am you are the reason why they are here and the reason my village is currently being burned now so let my villages revenge be the Uzumaki clan member die by my hand." He went to strike the girl closed her eyes with a scream of fright as she waited for impact but it never came all that was heard was a clang of metal. She opened her eyes to see a puppet carrying a sword block the kunai. The controller of the puppet was a man in his mid 20's walked out of the shadows and spoke "Now I doubt you were going to kill my niece now will you that would make me very upset."

"Uncle Sasori ",the girl screamed in joy quickly hoping off her bed she ran and hugged the man easily passing the man who just a second ago was about to kill her. Unlike the other attacking ninja dressed in red and Black. This man was dressed in a cloak of Purple Red and Gold a sign that he was not only a commander but also an Uzumaki clan member. The ninja just knew that no matter who came to save him he wasn't making it to the outside.

Scene Change

A flare went out throughout the village stopping all fighting. Suddenly all the invading forces turned and left leaving the defenders confused. All throughout the village there was nothing but elderly and males not a good sign. When the last of the invading ninja leapt over the wall only 3 ninja were left they were kids.

"It looks Uncle Sasori got Karin when we get home we need to train her", said the blond with Spiky hair.

"Agreed Naruto-sama" said one with two burns on his forehead.

"For the last time Kimimaro stop calling me that Gaara please tell him". Shouted the blonde.

One of the defenders of the village shouted at the 3 "Why did you attack us we did nothing to you"

Naruto suddenly became serious "Wrong you kidnapped a 13 year old girl that's a member of the Uzumaki clan, so yeah you did do something and for that your lives are forfeit do it Gaara"

Gaara stepped up with a sadistic smile on his face and started doing hand signs for a new jutsu he had wanted to try out after 12 hand signs he shouted ryuusa bakuryu. With that a tidal wave of sand rushed at the remaining ninja. Some tried to run away but the sand was either to fast or would grab them to pull them in all in all the entire village was buried. Kimimaro looked impressed while Naruto whistled. Gaara stepped up and put his hands on the new dessert Sabaku Taisō. A shockwave rippled through the sand as everything under the sand was crushed. Gaara stood up and walked back to the two.

"It's done" he said.

Both nodded and the 3 started to walk away leaving the Takumi Village buried under a sea of sand. All that was left was a drawing in the sand, a drawing of a swirl.

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