Naruto Kimimaro Gaara and Karin were standing in the middle of the council room. Unlike most clans who had only certain people be part of the council everyone in the Uzumaki clan was a member even though they didn't have that many members anymore.

"Report Sasori", said Jiraiya as of now since Minato and Kushina were in a coma he was acting clan head until Naruto is ready for the mantel. The clan council consisted of Himself his wife Tsunade their 3 adopted children Nagato Yahiko and Konan the later 2 wernt actually Uzumaki's but thanks to a special blood seal they were full blooded Uzumaki's now.

Kinno the father of Gaara Kankuro and Temari who's wife Karura was currently in a coma as well those 3 were the only ones who made it through the bijuu attack while hundreds more died the Uzumaki clan turned into a clan forgotten to the rest of the world. A clan who used to strike fear in people now was a joke. Naruto just had to wait when he was done this world will know to fear the name Uzumaki once again.

Mei, Chiyo, Zabuza, and Honoka, are also on the clan council. The clan council decided everything that went on in the clan.

"Mission accomplished we got Karin the village has been destroyed and the slaves we acquired was an added bonus." Jiraiya nodded at this new information then he asked.

"How did Naruto do on the field of battle", this got the rest of the clan's interest it was always good to hear how the future clan head did.

"Excellent he formulated the plan to cause chaos, have a regiment in reserve to outflank any retreating enemy's all in all it was 100% success", Naruto blushed at the compliment. It was always embarrassing how they talked so highly of him. Suddenly Jiraiya turned to him. "Naruto how do you feel knowing you brought victory to our clan and rescued a family member"

Naruto looked up at him "It feels great but it wasn't just me Gaara Kimimaro Uncle Sasori and all the soldiers were all a part of the victory the honor goes to all of them as well", Jiraiya nodded 'Spoken like a true leader'.

"Alright meeting dismissed Naruto come with me". Jiraiya got up and walked out the door followed by Naruto. They walked around the compound in silence right up until they got to the top floor Naruto realized he had never been here before yet it seemed so familiar. Jiraiya led Naruto out onto the balcony of the room and the sight completely amazed him you could see the entire world from up here. "Naruto what do you see"

Naruto looked up at his grandfather confused but then answered anyways "I see the land of Uzu a proud people living their everyday lives"

Jiraiya sighed "Naruto there is more than that now look again and I want you to tell me what you see"

Naruto looked out again he stared at the village then he looked up "I see a power who is not yet recognized I see a people who are capable of many things a people who could conquer the entire world. They need someone who will see to it that the world is theirs."

"You are correct Naruto. I have led this clan many times seen many battles I have faced many clans lost people I loved I even held my brother as he took his last breathe in my arms. I raised my children on the battlefield but I don't want that to happen anymore"

"What are you saying Grandfather"

"What I'm saying is I don't want this kingdom to forever be at war I want it to be great but I don't want this nation to have to always look over its shoulder to see who will stab us in the back. Seeing which clan or village we have to attack or wipe out I don't want that I want this kingdom to be a nation that has the whole world standing with it. I saw something coming something big I don't know what it is but I saw you Naruto you were standing against the world. Naruto can you promise me something"

"Sure whatever you want"

"I want you to be the pillar of hope for the world I want you do whatever it take to benefit the clan. With this clan we can establish peace within our world, no matter what kind of peace. Can you do that for me Naruto?"

Naruto thought of what he heard from him, was he the man who would be the pillar of the world, can he be the one to establish peace. He looked up at his Grandfather "Yes, yes I can"

Jiraiya smiled at his grandson "Then let's get started then I'm going to make you into the most powerful ninja in the world."

4 Years later

A figure stood on a hill overlooking a large village a flag with two dots on it, the village was preparing for battle from the looks of it. "Or a massacre." Thought the figure as he turned around and cut down two people with blades in their hands while critically injuring the other who was barely able to speak. "The Kaguya clan paid for t we did to the Uzumaki boy isn't draining our food and money enough."

"No its not you experimented on an Uzumaki so that you can recreate your lost bloodline giving him a fatal desease which if not for my grandmother he would have died from. And now be silent" with that he plunged his sword into the man silencing him forever. A man jumped next to him.

"I thought you were going to achieve peace Naruto" said the man.

"I will but I will achieve it through conquest my great grandfather was a fool for believing peace can be achieved through understanding and trust. He gave away the Bijuu as if they were tools to other nations and tried to build a village to unite neighbor clans. It was that same trust that led to his death and the destruction of the clan from the Hyuuga and Uchiha. If it wasn't for the Uzumaki clan helping them there would be no Senju anymore", he said.

"What will become of them the Kaguya I mean", he asked.

"The same with any other clan that has hurt our loved ones, annihilation or conquest the people will be spared but the clan will choose to fight. Ready the army we will attack now", Naruto said as he saw the forces of the Kaguya clan standing in front of the gates ready to die for their home land. Naruto pulled out his double white swords the heirlooms of the Uzumaki clan and without a word charged Kimimaro next to him as their army was right behind them. The Kaguya clan head gave a war cry as the clan charged at them followed by the rest of the army.

10 meters

9 meters

8 Meters

Weapons were drawn

7 Meters

Hand seals were made

6 meters

Kunai are thrown

5 meters

Shuriken are blocked

4 meters

Jutsu are fired

3 meters

Blood strewn

2 meters

Bodies fall

1 meter

The battle begins

Naruto with his swords had his opponents left and right his swords were covered in wind chakra and blood he looked around the battlefield and found his next target but he had to duck first due to a Kunai coming for his head. And thanks to his robes that just made him a huge target. Suddenly he appeared on the other side of his attacker his swords at his side while the attacker fell over dead. Before he could even think he pulled out a kunai with a tag and launched it at the next target then he heard the sound of multiple feet running. He looked up to the hill to see another army this one with a different flag this one had a snowflake on it his eyes widened and he shouted "Yuki Clan Flank attack form ranks now"

Kimimaro ran next to him "Sire what will you have us do we'll be outflanked"

"Take the reserves and hold the position if you break through take the city, I'll take the main force and attack when you take the city go around and outflank the Yuki clan with a Hammer and Anvil strike" Kimimaro nodded and ran off bone swords in hand. Naruto standing at the front of his force waited until they were in range, he was waiting until they were close enough until he called his Jutsu Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder true to its name the first wave of Yuki ninja fell dead their Ice affinity making it ten times worse. Naruto fell on one knee breathing hard that was to buy time for Kimimaro who had just broken through the Kaguya forces, and was currently inside the city. Naruto reached into his bag and pulled out a chakra pill it may have been bitter but it served its purpose. Gripping both his sword he channeled wind Chakra and with a war cry charged the enemy forces. And then all hell broke loose

Left right kick duck swing, Block, turn. "How many fuckers are here' he though as he fell on a knee due to a senbon Ice mirrors surrounded him he put his swords into a defensive position. Multiple needles flew at him he blocked as many as could but many more got through like the one that made his arm useless at the moment. But he didn't deter when multiple enemies came at him he pulled out his sword and charged at the enemy, they came at him hoping to kill him well they were dead wrong multiple enemies fell down either Ice needles in their necks or completely cut in half. He looked up and saw something that made him smile. Clan members Zabuza, and Haku standing over him in a defensive position, both nodded to one another and charged into the enemy forces. Naruto took this opportunity to take the senbons out of his arms with a shake or two to get the blood flowing he got the feeling in his arm back picking up his other swords he send wind blades around him cutting down the ice dome he was being held in when it came down the battle stopped to look at him or better yet what was around him. A cloak of red chakra completely surrounded him and he uttered one phrase as he saw Kimimaro's forces smash into the flanks of the Enemy

"Game over"