Fine Arts College

Hope's P.O.V.

"SNOOOW!" Hope was fuming snow had invited his Serah his girlfriend to play twister in their room it made him so mad he didn't even ask him…well he did to join them! Just so he could get tangled up with Serah!

Hope entered the room mid-game and yelled as loud as he could "SNOW I'M GONNA FREAKIN' KILL YOU!"

However he saw a certain pink haired girl sitting in the corner watching Serah and Snow play marbles?

The girl was taller than Serah maybe her sister the girl looked confused then smiled

Lightning's P.O.V.

"No Serah"

"But Lightninnnng"

"I said no he just wants to see you bend"

"No he doesn't he's not that kind of person"

"No Serah he is, now no"

"What if we just play marbles and you can come to"

"…alright that's fine"

Lightning and Serah left half an hour later and went to hope and snows room which was just across the hall from theirs

Lightning knocked on the door 5 seconds later Snow opened the door and said "hey sis how's it goi- *wham*

"Don't call me your sister"

"Okay just don't punch me next time" snow said rubbing his jaw

Lightning came in the room and sat on a green bed

As lightning sat down she could hear the two talking

"Serah I thought it was just gonna be you and me hope didn't wanna come but I didn't think your sister would come"

"I'm sorry the party got canceled but having a smaller party was a great idea especially twister everybody loves twister it's a great party game "

Lightning couldn't believe her ears a party got canceled so he invited the locals for a house party to make it up she'd have to apologize later, she watched as the two played marbles when a silver haired boy with green eyes smashed open and practicly screamed "SNOW I'm GONNA FREAKIN' KILL YOU"

The man looked so angry why? What had snow done? Then it hit her he said he was gonna kill him she smiled at the thought we are gonna get along nicely.