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Anna Maria Johnson.

16, 5'5, female, brown eyes, brown hair, moderately fit build, pale freckly sun-spotted tan.

Artist, philosopher, self-proclaimed physics nut, daydreamer, renowned smartass, backsass-lipping- extraordinaire.

Also, currently skipping calculus 11.

The girl in question was currently sitting, alone, in the middle of a near-vacant library, at the only table that didn't seem to have an insanely involved tecchie typing away at a laptop.

She didn't know how to use one.

She didn't even own one.

The government traces individual searches, anyway.

Besides, she didn't need one to keep occupied.

In front of her were three such books as Essential Chemistry Collection: Carbon Chemistry, Stiff: A Condensed History Of the Cadaver, and the currently open, Ten dimensions of reality.

Still, as admittedly stuffy as the titles seemed, her eyes were wide in excitement, her left hand tracing the small typed text while her right was busy scribbling chicken-scratch notes into a battered little notebook.

See, Anna loved science. All kinds. She loved physics for the glorious beauty of the universe, how some things moved differently than other things, the graceful curves and arcs of a falling versus tossed object.

She loved chemistry for the creativity, the experimentation, the knowledge that, when stripped to the barest of materials, a human really wasn't all that more complicated than an asteroid.

Botany represented evolution, how everything ever needed by anyone already existed, the comfort in knowing that nature had everything was already taken care of for her.

Yes, all sciences interested her.

Not so much biology.

It wasn't like she minded learning about how living things were, or even the thought of touching dead things. She had often gotten in trouble as a child for bringing dead snakes and mice and such home when she was little.

No, she hated the dissection.

A creature, not dead by natural causes, but killed in the cold sterile name of knowledge.

In the light of a so-called 'greater need', she knew, nothing would seem too drastic. What was to stop someone from moving from frogs to people? What was the real difference, anyways?

The smell of formaldehyde, the little needle-holes at the base of the skull, the vulnerable little limbs stiff from rigor-mortem, eyes glossed by the thin chemical film…

It usually made her barf.

So, physics.

Her current notes were scribbled at a lightening pace, faster and faster as she became deeper engrossed in the book that her nose was practically jammed into.

"…tenth dimension, sometimes quipped to be the 'god dimension', is thought to be the final step of reality, containing the ninth dimension, containing the eighth dimension, and containing each processing dimension afterwards. Time, space, and choice are all contained within, pertaining to every possibility for every universe, in every Omni verse. Other books mentioning said dimension are…"

Covered by her curtaining hair, a pair of ear-buds drowned out the chatter around.

'…Every feeling that we get, but I haven't missed you yet…

Every roommate kept awake, by every sigh and scream…'



The loud, unexpected noise yanked her out of her trance, causing her ear-buds to fall out and a long, scraping line to jerk across the remaining space on her page.

A boy around her age stood across the table from her, blond-haired and only a little taller, with a book bag slung over one shoulder and a chair pulled out beside him.

Admittedly, he was kind of cute, but Anna had been through enough pointless crushes to be able to ignore it by now.

Back to the guy:

One eyebrow was noticeably raised, apparently amused by her violent reaction.

Well then.

She stared for a moment, trying her best to figure out how the hell he had managed to sneak up on her like that.

Okay, embarrassing. What now?

When he didn't move to say anything, she opened her moth to speak, but he ran over her sentence by just a second.

"I asked if I could sit here, but you were pretty zoned."

Without repeating a request, he promptly slumped down on the chair, dumping his bag on the table with a muffled BUMP.

"Sorry there, I didn't hear you."

He didn't acknowledge her reply by facing her, he simply gave out a mutter of 'Yeah, I noticed that part.', and began digging through his things.

Internally, a giant goofy smile took root, laced with underlying evil.

Oh, he SOOOO started this.

Anna loved arguments. Any kind of argument. And she was good at it. She'd like to credit that to her dad. He liked arguing too. Not really a great mode of self-preservation, but hell, was it entertaining.

Calmly, she closed her books, and replied,

"Yeah, magic headphones."


Her seemingly random comment was enough to attract the stranger's attention. She held out a hand, displaying reverently a pair of red metallic earphones.

"I said, magic headphones."

The blond leaned closer, curiosity piqued.

Anna noticed, with some slight surprise, that his pale brown eyes seemed almost a honey sort of color in the light.

"How are they magic?" he asked, frowning.

"They aren't doing anything."

Oooh, he totally walked into it! she mentally cheered.

"When I'm wearing them," she stated triumphantly, trying her best not to burst out giggling halfway through, "I can't hear 'stupid'."

The boy froze, realizing the implications of her statement.

Is it just me, or was that a smirk? she wondered.

"Touché. Well played."

He sat back lazily, bag forgotten.

"Still, stupidity can be cured. I don't know what you have, but it's obviously incurable."

Her jaw fell open with an audible THUNK, but she quickly snapped it shut with a proud smirk.

This one knew the game.

"Well then, maybe your doctor can help. It certainly is amazing how she fixed your face."

Again, the eyebrow lifted.

"Alright, I'll bite. What about my face?"

"Well, usually when someone gets hit that hard with the ugly stick, it leaves permanent damage. Still, I suppose that could account for your first problem."

WHOOT! Epic win!

Unfortunately, her triumph was short-lived.

"I assume you WOULD recognize the symptoms, wouldn't you?"




Before she could help herself, a huge grin ripped straight across her face, and an embarrassingly loud laugh echoed through the room.

"God damnit, that was awesome! I- I- Bwah!"

She gave up on articulation, surrendering completely to convulsive, hiccupping giggles.

A hand on her arm stopped her, however, and she looked up with wide eyes to the scowling face of Jessie Knowles, her calculus class' TA.

The class she was currently skipping.




Her conversation partner seemed a little scared, and more than a little confused.

He would be totally useless with finding an alibi.


"I was sent to find you and escort you back to class."


Choosing not to respond, she gasped, gulping in a huge mouthful of air, and started coughing, starting with little putters and working up to a heaving hack.

Waving her arms in a seemingly mindless, panicked frenzy, she grabbed her notebook, and stumbled upright.

Now, the blond at the table seemed more than a little disturbed.

"Are- are you-?"

"A-air," she gasped, motioning to a window.

Jessie, the poor boy, didn't know what to think of the flailing young woman in front of him, and after a moments stuttering indecision, dutifully turned to open the nearest bulletproof panel.

She rushed to the sill and stuck her head out, taking in great breaths of the fresh air, inwardly relishing the light misting spring ran on her face.

She stopped heaving and closed her eyes.

It felt so nice….

"Come on now, Anna. Mr. Eric already said you have detention."

"One minute," she snapped breathlessly, playing the perfect part of a traumatized girly-girl prep.

"Just a sec."

She carefully stuck her little booklet into the pocket of her hoodie, hoping that he wouldn't notice, and leaned out the side of the building.

"Now, Anna."

The tips of her fingers brushed the side of a cold, slick drainpipe, and a smirk played across her lips.

"Sorry about that…"

Without any warning, she jumped headfirst out the opening of the third story window, falling out of sight before either boy could make a move to stop her.


Both Jessie and the blond rushed to the opening, only to meet Anna's smiling face as she strained to grip the drainpipe.

Their faces were priceless… she couldn't help it.

She blew a massive raspberry in the TA's face, and slid down the pipe firefighter-style, to somersault off the portable below, finally landing in a crouch in the school parking lot.

Man, adrenaline rush!

It sure has been awhile.

Thank god for gymnastics.

Anna flipped up her hood, and turned to run for the for the forest.

As an afterthought, she sent a cocky wave to the library window.

"Tell Mr. Eric I have the flu and went home early! Bye!"

The last Jessie saw of Anna Maria Johnson that afternoon was a coral-pink hoodie disappearing into the forest next to the school, chuckling all the way, until the giggle was all that was left.

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