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Edward wasn't quite sure where he was when he woke up.

It was dark, the air was cool, the stars were out, and he could hear the faint chirruping of crickets in the foliage. At first, he thought he was back in Amestris, traveling with Al in between towns, still back at home. Then he remembered.

He had been swallowed by gluttony, along with ling and Envy.

Something had happened… he had woken up here…

What was going on?


The terrible noise shook him back into the present, and he noted with some slight surprise that he was in a tree, with some girl, who was currently snoring like an old man and clutching a pair of shoes.

Oh yeah… Anna.

He watched her for a second, not sure if he should wake her up or not.

A little piece of chestnut hair had fallen into her face as she slept, and now it drifted slowly up and down with her snores. He had snuggled deep into her black sweater, so that only the bridge of her nose and her eyelids were visible.

It looked odd, after all that had happened in his life, that someone could be around him and still sleep so peacefully.



He winced, hands flinching towards his ears.

Okay, a little less cute now.

"Hey, Anna. Time to get up," he called.

"Anna, c'mon."

She still didn't even flinch. He sighed.


"SHRRFDAMNIT! FUCK! What?" She darted up, and Ed watched as she wobbled and fell right out of the tree.


"Screw you, Ed."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Why not."

She hadn't fallen far, only a few feet, before somehow wrapping her lags around a branch criss-cross style.

Her arms hung below her head limply, and she groaned.

"That's totally gonna mess up my spiiiiiine….", she moaned.

"Wait…" she looked around, seeming to just suddenly realize her surroundings.

"Damn, it's late! Why didn't you wake me up?"

Ed snorted.

"Because I was asleep, too. Kind of hard to wake someone up when you're unconscious."

"True," she mused.

"C'mon. We should go. I assume Frank is gone, since you don't look like wetting yourself any time soon?"

"That's just gross! I- wait, that THING had a name?"

She grinned.

"'Course he did. They can talk, you know. He just missed his coffee break today."

"Ah," he said, at a loss for words.

He watched vacantly as Anna scrambled back down to the round, and followed after as soon as her feet touched the ground.

She was just finishing the laces on the second shoe as his feet touched the ground, the left one creaking quietly under the sudden pressure.

Damn. How long since I've oiled it? Winry would kill me…

He paused, spacing out for a minute.

Winry… And Al. I wonder how they're doing? My dissaperrance probably got tham all worried… I hope I haven't messed things up for them.


He looked behind him. Anna was up again, moving to leave.

"You coming?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure."

They began walking back towards the road, Anna leading. Occasionally, she would stop to hold a branch or a plant out of his way, but they moved silently and continuously asides from that.

Anna watched him stumble over a blackberry vine carefully, clutching a pine branch.

Something about the new student was… off. He hadn't mentioned family or hobbies, and although he seemed to get along fairly well traversing the forest, she got the impression that he wasn't exactly her type of country kid. Most kids she knew were loud and talkative, a front that she too was very good at putting on, but even though most could pull off faking 'normal', he seemed… older, somehow. Like he had something to think about that was worth thinking on.

I wonder…

"Hey Ed?"

He looked up, quickly wiping his expression blank.


"Where's your family staying?"

He shot her a quizzical face, adding a light smirk.

"Weren't you accusing me of stalking you yesterday?" he quipped.

"Well, yeah, I did. But I never showed up at your house while you were trying to study. Maybe I'll return the favor."

"Uh, no thanks."


"Besides, I'm living alone right now."

Anna stopped walking to stare openly, surprised.

"You live alone? I thought your family moved here from Germany?"

He looked away, and gave a nervous laugh.

"Yeah, well… It's more of an exchange program thing. I actually left my brother and H- …and my Dad back in Hohenroth. I'm only staying temporarily."


She didn't believe him; not entirely. He was still holding something back.

"So, where are you staying?" she repeated, slowly.

"You never did answer me."

"Um, in a house."

"Yeah, but where? There's no houses for sale, I- Wait…"

Her eyes narrowed.

"Are you tenting?"

"Wha- No!" he denied.

"Ed, don't you dare lie to me," she growled. "I will make you regret it."

Edward swallowed at her expression. Only Riza and Winry had ever managed to pull it off before.

Am I some kind of socio-magnet, or something? What is it with these crazy women?

She took a step closer, and he backed up.

"WHOA! Whoa, okay. I'm in the house up in that place called mist meadows, by the bridge."

She stopped her advance, thinking over his response.

"The place by the- What the hell, Ed! You're shacking up in a TREEHOUSE?"

"You're one to talk! You live in a NEON CAT!"

"IT'S NYAN CAT! Get it right!"

"It's a pet trailer!"

"Yeah, but it's better than that dinky box you call a house! Do you have any idea how old that thing is?"


"My OPA* built it. That's how old it is. Nobody's been there in years! I didn't even know it was still there!"


There was a silence.

"Well, now I know."

Anna groaned; He must be acting stupid on purpose. Nobody was this dense.

She leaned back as she walked, folding her arms behind her head and gazing out at the stars.

There was so many tonight; usually, it was too cloudy to see anything, but the rain earlier must've drained the skies. A thick band of little white pinpricks ran horizontally across the inky blackness, leaving her with a slight twinge of vertigo, and the oddest sensation that she was standing sideways.

She shook her head and looked down again, trying her best not to fall over. That would certainly impress the new kid; 'the amazing clumsy girl: with feet of fumbleness, she stumbles to the rescue!" She chuckled at the image, earning a concerned glance from the blond beside her.

"You okay?"