Why are you still here? -Cleaning dust away-

Angel: I think they saw that you updated. -Vaccuming floor-

Me: Oh, yeah. -puts down duster-

So, I was watching Catching Fire Fan Made movies and trailers, when it hit me; There wouldn't have been a Catching Fire if I ended the fic like that! No Wiress, no BeeTee, No Johanna...

Angel: -turns off vaccum cleaner- So, she is going to make a sequel to this OneShot.

Me: Correct! -blasts happy music on radio- -sings into feather duster- So what, I'm still a rockstar...

Angel: -clears throat- And so, in the sequel, Katniss is replaced by Clove. Peeta by Cato. District 12 Tributes are Haymitch, of course. But the female?

Me: SHALL REMAIN A MYSTERY! -creepy music blasts from radio-

Angel: Erm, yeah I guess.

Me: So what are you waiting for? Go hop on over to my page and read the fic!

Angel: NO! Calm down. You have too many other projects you're working on right now. You haven't even finished the first chapter for your other Hunger Games fic you have, and now your promising this, and you also have to do more chapter correcting of My Immortal fiction. CALM DOWN.

Me: Awwwhh. Okay, Angel. -goes back to cleaning-

Angel: So, you guys might just have to wait a while for the sequel to this fic. She has to do her Maximum Ride fic, Her Hunger Games one, Her My Immortal correction one...

Me: I won't be able to keep up as much now. Too much! . I'll tell you what. I'll do the My Immortal and Maximum Ride ones first. When I finsh one or both of them, I'll work on the sequel. Then my Hunger Games fic. Sound good?

Angel: Well, we have to finish cleaning up here. So, ta ta for now! -goes back to cleaning.

Me: -nods and does the same- Goodbye! So long! Farewell!

Angel: -shakes head- GOOD-BYE