Disclaimer: All names and Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just play with her creations... however the plot line of this fan fiction is mine.

Authors Note: This is the Sequel to One Secret Too Many... This one will not be updated as often as the last one was, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

'Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ;'

'Amen' …. everyone said in unison. There was a crowd of thirty people surrounding the open grave, as the minister said his parting words. The white casket, with solid silver plated rim and handles, was lowered slowly into the ground before us.

I stood there silently. Refusing to let the tears fall. I knew that if I allowed one single tear to spill, I would be jumping into that six foot hole myself, clawing my way at the wooden box. But Caius was stood beside me. It had only been four weeks since the horrid ordeal in the woods, that changed my life completely. I wanted closure on my past, but it only opened a new chapter of pain, hurt and regret once more.

Caius' hand rested on my waist, keeping my body close against his for support. My legs were shaky. I shouldn't have been here, I still hadn't been discharged from the hospital. But there was no reason I shouldn't have been here and after much pleading to Caius. He managed to talk the nurses around. Despite their pleads to put the funeral off longer. But I couldn't allow it.

Wrapping my arms around myself, as I struggled to stand, but forced myself to do so, as Caius pressed his lips to my forehead, running his hand along the top of my arm now, as my head turned to look at him. His eyes studied mine, before a small smile spread across his lips. But despite everything that was going on around us, I forced a smile upon my lips, even though my eyes told a different story.

The crowds of people began to leave the cemetery. I now had three people I loved more than anything buried in the same place. I hope not to bury anyone else. As my eyes turned back to the open ground. I wanted to be alone, just to make my final peace. But I knew Caius wouldn't allow it. I was soon distracted from my thoughts, as a hand grabbed at mine. Looking down slightly, my body betrayed my will, as tears pricked my eyes.

'Thank you for coming Bella' Caius loosened his grasp and let me go.

'I wouldn't have missed it Billy' forcing a small smile once again, as I leaned down and hugged him tightly. Charlie and Billy had been close. Just like Jacob and I had once been. But in a space of six months, we both had buried our partners in crime. Pulling back slowly, as Billy nodded to me.

'I also apologise for my son's actions towards you' there was full sadness in his voice, as his gaze turned to the open plot and my eyes followed, as the wind picked up, toying with strands of my hair.

'Don't be Billy, I know Jacob didn't mean it, even in his final hour, he wasn't himself'

'He battled for a long time' Billy was trying to hold onto his emotions but was failing 'I wish you could have seen him at his best'

'I wish I had too'

'There you are dad' turning my head to the sound of a girls voice. As I looked up, the tall, slim native American girl approached, in a knee high length black dress and strappy black heels. Her long flowing locks blew against the wind. 'Hello Bella'

'Rachael' she was Jacob's sister. He had two, they were twins. Rebecca was the other, but I didn't see her at the funeral, she was in Hawaii with her husband Solomon. We exchanged looks of sorrow, as she stood behind Billy's wheelchair. His hand moved to grasp mine. Before looking at Caius.

'You take care of her, she was like another daughter to me' Caius nodded his head as his arm laced around my waist once more

'I will sir' Billy laughed softly at Caius' words, even if the laugh did sound pained. Before he looked back up at me, now cupping my hand in between his.

'And Bella, please take care of yourself, and your daughter, the gods have given you a blessing' I smiled lightly down at him, as he glanced over to Charlie's grave a few head stones over. 'Your dad would have been so proud of you' Nodding my head, that was all I could do, as my tone lowered, afraid it would crack until the strain.

'Thank you Billy, for everything' pulling my hand from his grasp, I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tightly. As Rachael distracted us.

'We need to go now Dad, people are waiting' He nodded against my hair, as I pulled away from him. Wiping the single tear that began to roll over my flushed cheeks.

'Are you both coming to the wake?' he looked between myself and Caius, but he already knew the answer, before he even asked the question.

'I need to get back to the hospital' it wasn't that I didn't want to honour Jacob's memory, I just couldn't. I was surprised I was still standing, I was still in discomfort from everything. So I needed to return to the hospital before I relapsed and caused Caius any more concern.

'I understand Bella, thank you for coming again' he offered me a kind smile, as Rachael pulled him away. She never spoke to us again, as she lowered her head and headed out of the cemetery with Billy. Rachael and I had never seen eye to eye. Jacob was closer to her than he was Rebecca and he told Rachael everything. So she knew how I treated Jacob, so her actions towards me, were understandable.

'Ready to go, or do you want a few minutes?' my head turned to look at Caius.

'Can you give me a few minutes? I need to say goodbye to three important men in my life' Caius' pressed his lips to my forehead.

'I will wait at the gate Bella, please take it slowly'

'I will' and with that Caius walked towards the gates. My gaze returned to the casket in the ground before falling onto the head stone. My eyes tracing over Jacob's name repeatedly, trying to come to terms with it being a reality and not a dream.

'Well Jake, I truly never expected to bury you, I always believed it would be you burying me. I suppose life wasn't suppose to go like that for us?' sighing softly 'I love you Jake and I am sorry, I know it is far too late and I can never get back the past six years, but I wasn't a good friend to you and I hope that when we meet again, you can forgive me' moving slowly towards his head stone, placing my hand on top of it. 'Sleep tight Jacob'

The tears began to spill over now, soaking my cheeks instantly, as my hand raised to wipe them away. I had failed Jacob, Charlie and William, I needed to rectify my wrongs. I couldn't change the past, but I could pave a new path for my future.

Glancing over to the gates, Caius was leant back against the brick wall, with black iron railing mounted upon them. He kept looking over at me now and again. I knew he worried, but I had to do this. Turning my head and making my way over to Charlie's headstone. Carefully treading over the sodden grass, trying not to slip or trip, as I was prone to do stupid things like that.

Placing my hand upon Charlie's headstone. If I could crouch down I would, but that was not an option.

'Well Dad, you are a grandfather, again. Evelyn is four weeks old and fighting, despite her being very earlier. I know she would have loved you' gulping back the lump in my throat, as my hand moved slowly over the marble.

'Dad, I don't know if I dreamed it, or that I was really giving up to die, but thank you for pushing me to wake up. I've not told anyone what I saw, but it seemed so real' a smile played on my lips. 'Take care of William for me dad and I will take care of Evelyn' I paused, as I glance once again over to Caius. 'You would have liked Caius also' turning back to the grave 'Night dad'

Taking in a much needed breath, as the Forks weather never disappointed, the heaven's opened up. The rain began to pour down in a thin wet sheet, as I pulled my long black coat together and headed over to William's grave across the path. The rain was catching into the craters in the gravel, forming small puddles, which soon will turn into lakes.

Stopping before William's grave, as my eyes squinted. The rain was running down over my cheeks and face like a trail of a waterfall, mixing with my tears. My hair was becoming matted and clung to my neck.

'I love you William, You will always be my number one guy and Evelyn will know about you' the rain pooled against my lips, as my head shook at it. 'Night baby' I felt Caius' hands either side of my waist now. The claps of thunder sounding, as bolts of lightening lit up the skies. Turning my head to Caius. He was just as wet through as I was.

'Let's go' I mouthed to him quietly, as he nodded, sliding his hand to the base of my back and gently guiding me from the cemetery. I glanced back once at the three scattered graves, holding three coffins, of three men, that will always hold pieces of my heart in their hands. The cemetery gates creaked as we walked through them. Another clap of thunder followed by a white sheet of lightening lighting up the greying skies once more. As I stopped in my tracks and looked up at them.

'Bella' Caius whispered close to my ear, as I turned my focus back to him. When I did I noticed he had the car door open ready for me, as I kissed his cheek softly, slipping into the car. Caius held me gently as I did so, before closing the door.

I was soaked. I couldn't wait to get back to the hospital and change out of these clothes. Promising myself that I wouldn't bury anyone else for a while. I was sick of death, sick of funerals and most of all, sick of having to say goodbye to those that I loved.