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I don't know how long I had been sat on the cold porcelain cubicle of the shower, clutching my own body, but I was beginning to shiver from the cold, my mind reeling with everything that was going around in my head from everything that had gone on. I knew that I had a messed up past, but there was always something mysterious about Caius, but it was becoming clear that he was just as shady as Aro and Marcus were. I didn't have much longer to think over the mess I had got caught up in when Caius' voice broke my cloudy abyss of thoughts.

'Bella, shit Bella' I instantly felt a towel wrap around my shoulders, as I slowly raised my head to look at him, the concern for my health was apparent in his eyes, as Caius began to help me to my feet, he wrapped the towel tighter around my fragile frame, as I realised I was breathing normally now.

Bella, what happened?' Caius' eyes were pleading with mine, as he walked me from the bathroom to the lounge area and sitting me down on the couch. Finally I moved my own hands to hold the soft white towel around my shoulders, my damp hair clung to my face, neck and shoulders.

I finally looked to Caius as he crouched down in front of me. I studied his eyes frantically, seeing if there was any sort of anger behind them, but there was nothing but worry, for me? Or that he had been found out. Gulping back another forming lump in my throat, as his hand moved to brush strands of hair from my face.

'Bella?' he whispered once more, 'What happened? Are you okay? Do I need to get a doctor?' quickly I shook my head at him. My voice was nothing but a whisper.

'No, Caius, it's fine' I tried to force a small smile on my lips 'I just had one of my panic attacks, I'm fine now' I nodded my head sternly as I tried to get up, but Caius wouldn't allow me to.

'What bought it on Bella?' I could now see the fear, I hadn't had an attack in months now, but Caius knew they were bought on when I worried or panicked about something that was bothering me.

'Just panicked that we would be told something would be wrong with Evie' I lied to him, I was a good liar, it was rare that Caius would notice and if he did notice, he never said anything, as I watched him nod once.

'She is fine Bella, she is here and we will go get her soon' he paused for a moment, as he shifted a little closer 'Is there anything else?' I shook my head.

'No, just that' I smiled a little more, it was forced, but I hope he wouldn't notice 'Been a stressful few months' I watched as he nodded once before taking both of my hands in his and squeezing them gently.

'I know, I am sorry if I made you take on too much'

'You haven't, just so much bad has happened, I am waiting for it to go wrong'

'Nothing will go wrong now, I promise you' Caius now smiled for the first time since he found me in the shower, but I began to chew absent-mindedly on my lower lip. 'Bella?' his eyebrow raised at my nervousness.

'Yeah?' I instantly stopped before pressing my lips together realising what I was doing, 'I'm fine Caius, I swear' finally he released my hands and stood up.

'There is something troubling you, but I won't push it' he walked away over to the counter of the kitchen area and began to pack everything I had thrown everywhere back into my bag. So now as I stood from the couch, I watched him.

'Caius?' he never turned to look at me, as he placed item after item into my bag.


'Do you go into my bag regularly?' I don't know where the question came from, but watching him tidy up, made me need to know.

'Nope' he popped the p as he said it,'Why?'

'Just watching you that's all' I smiled a little, I didn't want to come right out with it, so I dropped it and thought he would too, as I made my way to the bedroom

'I don't touch your things Bella' I stopped near the bedroom door, his tone with a little harsh, as it caused me to look back at him, Caius was now leaning back against the counter with his arms crossed.

'I know Caius, I have nothing to hide anyway, I was just asking'

'As I said, I don't touch your things Bella' he shifted a little uncomfortably against the counter.

'Something wrong?' he shook his head before shrugging.

'Just after you went snooping through my things a few months back and found the investigations...' my face creased up that he had bought that up and he hesitated 'I just mean Bella, I don't like you going through my things, so I won't go through yours'

I didn't say any more to Caius as I nodded only once before heading into the bedroom and closing the door to get dressed. There was something about the way Caius spoke, that made me believe him. So if he wasn't the one to take the papers from my bag, then who could have?

Heading over to the bags of clothes from my shopping trip yesterday, I tried to reason that they may have fallen out in the car, because I believed Caius when he said he wouldn't go through my things and I knew him, he would have confronted me, or made a cryptic remark, but he did neither and when he found me in the state I was, there was nothing by fear in his eyes.

Puffing out my cheeks as I rummaged in the bags for my clothes for the day, I decided to push it to the back of my mind, we had more important things to do today and I reasoned that they would show up, and all of my panicking would have been for nothing.

Or so I hoped.