Hi! So, like the title says, I have no idea why I wrote this but here it goes.

Okay, there are some things you should probably know before you start reading.

For starters, most things are AU.

Emily Prentiss has two daughters, Santana Lopes and Rachel Barbra Prentiss. She has a son, Kurt Hummel Prentiss. Santana's 17. Rachel and Kurt are 16. Kurt is openly gay and so is Santana but she respects her privacy and she isn't telling everyone she passes by that she's gay, unlike her brother, that practically says to everyone that he knows with his non-stop flirting with every boy that he sees that he is in fact gay. Rachel is bisexual, as her mother. The three of them are adopted. Emily just transferred to the BAU from France.

Jennifer Jareau has two sons (both biological), Sam Evans and Henry Nathan Jareau. Sam's 17 and Henry's 3. She has two nieces that live with her, Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce Jareau. Quinn's 17 and Brittany's 16. They're sisters and their parents died in a car crash when they were little. Quinn never went through the Lucy Caboosey thing. JJ doesn't like to put labels. If she feels a connection, she goes with it. Sam's gay. Brittany is bi and Quinn follows her aunt JJ in her opinion about labels.

Aaron Hotchnner's sons are Jack Thomas and Artie Jacob Hotchnner. Jack's 8 and Artie's 16. Hotch's married with Hayley and they're happy, they're not going through the whole divorce thing as they went in the show. Artie's straight.

Spencer Reid has a younger brother, Noah Puckerman Reid, mostly known as Puck. He's 17 and lives with Reid. Reid's straight and Puck's bi. There's an established relationship between Sam and Puck. Sam and Reid are the only ones that call him Noah. Reid's dating Ashley Seaver.

Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia Morgan are married for 19 years and their daughter is Mercedes Jones Morgan. She's 17 and dating a boy named Shane, from the football team of her school.

Gideon is out. Rossi is in. That you must know.

Elle never left the team and she has a son, Blaine Anderson Greenway. Blaine's 16 and gay. Elle's bi and dating Jordan Todd.

Tina and Mike are dating and they're Mercedes' best friends.

Everyone is in Glee except for the Prentiss gang, who just joined the school.

Finn, Rory, Matt, Sugar, Will (because he's an ass in my opinion) and Strauss are not in this fiction.

The couples that will end up happening are: