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'About time, ladies! I'm starving!' Morgan complains (again) when he sees Elle, JJ and Emily walk into the hotel's restaurant.

'Sorry. I was getting assaulted by JJ.' Elle says, unconsciously rubbing the back of her head as she sits besides Morgan.

He looks strangely at the blonde, who shrugs innocently at him, not being able of hiding the grin on her face and sits on his other side.

'Uhm, Emily?' Elle asks with puppy dog eyes before the other brunette can sit down next to JJ.


'Switch with JJ? I don't want her to hit me again.'

JJ rolls her eyes.

'I'm not going to hit you unless you make another comment like that.'

'Amuse me then.' Elle whines.

JJ turns to Emily with a raise of eyebrows. The brunette shrugs. They then look back at Elle and her puppy dog eyes. Rolling her eyes again, JJ scoops to the other chair, Emily sitting between Morgan and JJ, Elle now having two bodies to distance herself from the blonde.

'Happy?' Emily asks.

'If I wasn't dating, I'd kiss you right now.'

A pang of jealousy hits JJ like a ton of bricks.

Stop it. It's Elle, for Christ sake! And you're not even dating Emily! You don't even have the right of being jealous! What's wrong with you, Jareau? Just because Emily Prentiss is the most beautiful, funny woman to ever cross this planet and just because you have a major crush on her you don't have a fucking right to be jealous! When the case is over, you'll just ask her out and we'll see how it goes… No, no, no. What the hell am I saying?! I can't ask her out, she'll say no, I know it! Ugh. Get a gri-

JJ's internal speech is stopped by a hand on top of hers.

'Jennifer? You okay?' Emily asks concerned.

'Uh? Yeah, I'm great. Why?'

'I've asked you twice what you want to eat and you didn't answer.' Emily explains.

'Oh. Sorry.' She then notices the waitress waiting for her answer. 'Uhm… What did you asked?' She asks the brunette.

'Salmon with salad and rice.'

'I'll have the same, please.' She says to the waitress with a smile, the woman returning the smile, scribbling in her notepad and turning to the blonde once again.

'And to drink, ma'am?' She asks.

Elle fills her phone buzzing in her pocket.

1 new text from 'Morgan'

Frowning, she opens it.

U think they know they're holding hands? – M

Glancing at the two women, she sees they are in fact holding hands. Looking at Morgan, who looks back at her, she shakes her head no. He nods, agreeing.



'Santana, I cannot believe you-'

'Lied? It's standard procedure, Munchkin.' The older sister interrupts.

'Don't call me Munchkin! And that was low, even for you.'

'All I did was put your thoughts into words.'

'How could you even possibly know what my thoughts were?'

'1: I know my sister. 2: I know my sister.'

'Aren't you going to do anything?' Sam asks Kurt, shock clear in his voice.

The girls are about to ripe each other apart right in front of them and Kurt's playing Pacman on his phone. You'll have to forgive Sam for being shocked.

'I told you earlier, this type of things happen twice a week. I stopped caring a while ago. I don't get why you're so shocked, you live with sisters, hasn't this happened with you?'

'I might live with sisters but they're not drama queens.' Sam says back in a mumble.

'Hey!' Santana and Rachel stop arguing to shoot glares at Sam.

'What? You're acting like ones.' The blond reasons.

'Blondie Senior, I am not a drama queen!' Santana says, pointing at the boy.

'Although I disagree with that sentence, I am not a drama queen, Sam, I am a diva.'

'A short one.' Santana snorts.

Rachel gasps.

'How dare you?'

'Mom thought me not to lie.' Shrug.

'Says the girl that has just lied to her mother.'

'Seriously, shouldn't you do something?' Quinn asks this time.

'As long as there's no blood, get popcorns and enjoy.'

'What about broken bones?'

'They wouldn't break each other bones, Quinn.' Scoff.

'I'm talking about Sam's bones.'

Kurt looks up and sees his sisters with crossed arms, glaring at the blond teenager in such a way most people would cry for them to stop. He looks back at Brittany and Quinn.

'Perhaps we should do something.'

Getting up, he slips between his sisters and the older Jareau.

'Ladies, calm down. If anything for the sake of the three year old watching TV.'

Slipping silently behind the sisters, Brittany puts her arms around Rachel's waist and presses her front to the shorter girl's back, Quinn doing the same to Santana.

'Thanks.' Sam mumbles to Kurt.

'Can we play guns now?' Henry asks, his eyes still on the Ninja Turtles.

'First things first, H.' Sam says. 'We gotta eat.'

'Speaking of food, what are we eating?' Kurt asks his sister.


'Then what are we doing sitting here?' Brittany asks, skipping to the kitchen, with Rachel by her hand.

Everyone else went after the blonde.

Dinner went by okay (besides the fact Henry got ketchup all over his face and clothes so Quinn had to clean him up and change him into his pajamas).

'Can we play guns now?' The little boy asks again.

'Yup.' Sam says. 'But how about we leave the rifle out this time, uh?'

Shrugging, Henry grabs one of the Berettas and waits patiently on the couch while everyone else chooses their guns. Sam chose an AK47. Quinn chose a Glock and Rachel chose a SIG Pro. Kurt chose a Sigma and Brittany chose a Heckler & Koch MP5. Santana chose a M16.

'Everyone got a gun?' Sam asks.

Receiving nods and mumbled 'yes' he continues.

'Okay. And the teams?'

'Girls against boys?' Kurt suggests.

Once again, everyone agreed.

'Girls, you start on Quinn's room, we'll start on mine.' Sam says, heading to his room. 'I'll put the kitchen timer on for in 3 minutes.'

The girls head to Quinn's room upstairs.

'We're gonna beat the hell out of them. Britt can't shoot.' Sam says to Kurt, putting the timer on.



Jordan locks her car and is about to walk inside when she fills her phone buzz again.

I'm getting fired because of Blainers.

She thinks, not even reading the text and unlocking the door.

'Hey, Blainers. I get it you have a major crush on this Kurt boy but, seriously, I work on Homicide! You can't text me all day to gush over him.' She says, sitting on one of the table chairs in the kitchen, Blaine doing dinner.

She learned a long time ago not to try and take the pots and fries and whatnots from the boy, it's completely useless.

'I'm really sorry but he's just so, so, I can't even find a word to describe him! He's just-'

'Delicious.' Jordan says.

'Uh?' The boy asks, his face one of confusion, shock and agreement.

'Smells delicious.' She repeats, nodding at the pot on the stove.

'Jordan! Were you listening?' He whines.

'I zoned out! You spent the whole day texting me about him, Blaine.' She whines too.

'I know, I know but I've spent just a couple of hours with him and now I can't get him out of my head! Do you remember when you met mom? Do you remember that twist in your stomach and that glow all around her that only you could see?'

Jordan nods dreamily.

'I felt that. I felt that twist in my stomach. I saw that glow all around him that only I could see. I heard a voice in my head saying 'hey, there he is. The one. Don't let him go.' and it was weird because I never felt like that before but at the same time it wasn't. It was like… perfect.'

Jordan looks at him silently as Blaine looks back at her.

'God, you're so cheesy!'

Blaine burst out laughing.

'Go get a plate and leave me alone.'



'Okay, I'm stink free and my stomach's empty. Let us eat.' Puck says, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Chuckling, Ashley puts the food on the table, the boy attacking immediately.

'You look like you haven't eaten in a month.'

'Don't put the blame on me if you can cook.' Puck says between a mouth full of lasagna.

Shaking her head, Ashley starts eating as well.



When the timer sounded, Brittany was the first to go down, Sam shooting her not two minutes after the game started. After her, followed Rachel (Kurt and Sam are sure she let herself be seen on purpose). Kurt went down next, Quinn shooting him in the left thigh. Just as Quinn was going to high-five the brunette, Henry shot her in the arm, Santana killing him with a shot to the chest. Good thing these bullets were like pillow when they hit. Now it was just Santana and Sam.

'Go, San! Kill him!' Rachel, Quinn and Brittany's chants can be heard all over the house, making the brunette roll her eyes at how dork-like they sounded.

Henry was practically asleep on Kurt's lap, trying to stay awake long enough so he could see who won.

'You're going down, S.' Sam calls out, walking in the living room, his gun on him.

'No, I'm not.'

He hears and as he turns around he's shot right between the eyes, the Latina having a smirk on her face and her gun still pointed at him.

'Sammy! You never lose!' Henry says, not even having the energy on him to get out of Kurt's lap to chastise his brother properly.

'It's not my fault, H. She's good.' He defends himself with a half-shrug while rubbing his forehead. 'C'mon, time to go to bed.'




'He's here!'

'Mom, I'm the one who's dating him, why are you squealing?' Mercedes asks her mom.

'Because I want to see his face!' Garcia argues back, stepping aside so her daughter can open the door.

Shane's smile slowly fades, his mouth hanging open.

'You look… I… Uhm…' The football player can't find any words and he's about to let more incoherent… let's call them noises, leave his mouth when he sees a flash and blinks his eyes, turning his head to look at Mrs. Morgan, who has a grin on her face and a camera on her hands.

'Hi, Shane.' She says, her daughter shooting glares in her direction.

'Uhm…' The boy clears his throat. 'Hi.' He then turns to his girlfriend. 'You look… beautiful.'

Mercedes smiles shyly at him.


Beautiful is more like an understatement. He thinks. Her dark blue, sleeveless dress that stops by the knees is making the boy drawl.

'You two have fun. And the curfew is no later than midnight!' Garcia calls out while Shane opens the door for her daughter and waves at her with a smile to let her know he heard her before getting inside the car as well.




'Hey, beautiful.'

'Hey, baby. How's the case?' Jordan asks, a smile on her lips instantly from hearing her girlfriend's voice.

'Nothing yet.' Elle says with a sigh.

'Maybe I can help?'

'It won't hurt to try.'



'Guys, let's get one thing straight.' Santana says seriously. 'I'm not.'

They all burst out laughing.

'Nice.' Sam says, still slightly breathless, lying down on the floor.

Santana is sitting on one of the couches, Kurt on the other and Sam on the floor. Brittany and Rachel took the same spot they took earlier. Quinn comes back from the kitchen with two bolls of popcorns in her hands, giving one to the boys and putting the other one between herself and Santana, so that Brittany and Rachel can reach them.

'I got another one! When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming like the passengers on his car.'

Once again, everyone laughed.

'Oh God, where do you find this shit?' Quinn asks.

'A magician never reveals her secrets.' Santana responds with a wink.

'Another one!' Sam pips up before Quinn and Santana can have the opportunity to eye-sex each other.

'Okay.' She thinks for a little and then she starts. 'A bunch of guys are in the locker room of a golf club and-'

'This better not be a gay joke.' Rachel interrupts.

'First of all, I'm lesbian, so I can say as many gay jokes as I can think of. Second, it's not so shut up and let me tell.' The Latina says, receiving the roll of eyes from her sister as a go ahead. 'So, they're in the golf club and a phone on one of the benches starts ringing. A guy puts the phone on speaker and everyone else stops to listen. The man says 'Hello.' And a woman answers. 'Hi, honey, it's me. Are you at the club?' She asks. The man answers 'Yes.' And the lady continues. 'I'm at the mall and I found this leather coat. It's just 1.000 dollars. Is if okay if a buy it?' She asks. 'Sure, if you like it so much.' The man says. 'I stopped by the Mercedes dealership and there's one I really liked.' She says. 'How much?' '65.000 dollars.' 'Okay, but for that price I want it with all the options.'' Santana is telling the joke, making a high pitch voice for the lady and a rougher voice for the guy. 'He says back. 'Great!' The chick says. 'Oh, and the house we wanted last year is back on the market. They're asking for 950.000 dollars.' 'Well, call them but just offer 900.00.' He says. 'Alright. I love you.' She tells him. 'I love you too.' He says and hangs up. Everyone is looking at him shocked. He smirks and asks. 'Anyone knows whose phone this is?''

Again, everyone burst into laugh.

Brittany takes the boll from her sister and puts it on Rachel's lap, her hand going to the girls waist again, the other one taking popcorns. Taking the opportunity, Quinn lies down, Santana chuckling when the blonde realizes she's sitting in the couch as well.

'Put your head in my lap, Q.' She says, finding it amusing the girl can't decide.

The hazel eyed girl doesn't need to be said twice. She lays her head on the Latina's lap, Santana running her fingers through the girl's blonde locks.

'Yo, next joke, c'mon.' Sam says.

It's really not cool if both your cousins are about to start making out when you can't do it yourself.

'Yeah, yeah, dude, fuck off.' She says. 'An old guy's having an annual check shit or whatever crap that's called and the doctor asks him how he's feeling. 'I've never been better!' The old man exclaims. 'I have a 23 year old bride who's pregnant and having my kid! What do ya think about that, doc?'-'

'Pretty sure an old guy wouldn't say doc.' Kurt interrupts.

'Dude, is this the Interrupt-Your-Sister Day or what? Get off me, K.' She says, her fingers still running through Quinn's hair, the girl starting to feel sleepy.

Kurt rolls his eyes and urges her to go on with a gest of his hand.

'Thank you. The doc says 'Lemme tell you a story. I know a bro who's a good as shit hunter.'' Kurt rolls his eyes again but says nothing. ''He never missed a season but one day, the bro was in a hurry and grabbed an umbrella instead of his shotgun. He was in the woods and a big as fuck bear shows up. The bro raises his umbrella and squeezes the handle. And do you know what happened?' The doc asked. The old guy shakes his head. 'The bear dropped dead!' The doc exclaims. 'That's impossible!' Says the old guy. 'Someone else must have shot the bear!' To which the doctor says 'That's kinda what I'm getting at…'' She finishes with a smirk when everyone else starts laughing again.

'Seriously, Santana, where do you find that?' Brittany asks, turning her head so she can look at the girl.

'Britt, my mind is like God. It works in mysterious ways, no one really understands shit of it and people debate over its existence.'

'What the fuck, S?' Sam asks confused.

She shrugs.

'If you can't amaze people with your intelligence, just confuse them with your bullshit, bro.'

'You have a point.' He says after the words sink in.

'I don't want to break it to you, but Quinn is sound asleep.' Rachel says.

'I'll get her to her room. It's getting pretty late so we should get some sleep too.' Sam suggests, getting up, Brittany, Kurt and Rachel doing the same, Kurt grabbing the bolls and putting them in the sink.

'I got her, S.' Santana says.

'You sure?' The blond boy asks, getting a nod from the brunette and mumbling 'good night' before going to bed.

'Night, baby.' Brittany says, wrapping her arms around Rachel's waist and kissing her.

'Good night.' The brunette mumbles against her lips, wrapping her arms around the taller girl's neck.

Thanking God the door is open, Santana enters Quinn's room with the blonde on her arms. She lays her down on the bed, Quinn wrapping her arms around the Latina's neck and mumbling 'stay', not letting go. Giving up on pulling the covers when the blonde keeps tightening her grip, Santana lays down as well, wrapping her arms around the girl's waist and sighing contently when Quinn lays her head on her chest. The brunette fell asleep not five minutes later.



'Do you think they knew they were holding hands during the whole dinner?' Rossi wonders, opening his and Hotch's hotel room.

'Most likely not.' The man mumbles, grabbing his phone and dialing his wife's number.

'Hi, daddy!'

Smiling, he answers.

'Hi, buddy.'



Entering the guest room, Rachel freezes when she doesn't see her sister. She goes to the bathroom next to Brittany's room and knocks, seeing the light on.

'Santana?' She calls out quietly.

The door opens to show her girlfriend, both girls not being able of helping the smiles growing on their faces.

'Hey.' Rachel breaths out when she sees that the blonde's pajamas consist of a blue tank top and a pair of shorts that should rather be called boxers.

'Hey.' Brittany answers, giving the girl a kiss on the cheek that seemed to snap her out of it.

'Did you see Santana?'

'I saw her and Quinn on Quinn's room when I went to my room.'

'Doing what?' She asks with a furrow of browns.

'Sleeping.' The blonde says with a smirk. 'They met today, Rach, what did you expect?'

The brunette rolls her eyes with a smile.

'Ha, ha. I'm going to go check on them.'

Rachel kisses Brittany and goes her way.

When she reaches Quinn's room she finds the door open and the two girls cuddled up, Quinn's head and hands on Santana's shoulders, her sister's arms wrapped around the blonde's waist rather protectively. Grinning evilly, Rachel takes her phone from her pocket and quickly snaps a picture before grabbing a blanket from her room and covering them.



'Talk dirty to me.' Garcia answers when her phone rings.

'Not tonight, babygirl. Reid's here.'

'Hey, sugar.'

'How are my two favorite girls doing without their man?'

The younger one is doing super right about now. The blonde thinks.

'Super! Pumpkin already went to bed tough, she was exhausted.' Buy it, buy it, buy it.

'Penelope.' Morgan says.

Bummer. She thinks.

'She's out with Shane. Don't you dare call her, Derek Matthew Morgan.' Garcia threatens.

'Didn't thought of it.' The man says, giving Reid his phone back.



Emily and JJ stayed downstairs, Emily saying she had an urge of trying all the desserts the hotel had and then some and JJ simply wanted the brunette's company.

'Emily, I swear, if you try to shove anything else inside me I'm going to burst.'

'We wouldn't want that.' Emily says, laughing.

'You might not but I'm pretty sure Elle wouldn't mind.' The younger woman says, laughing too.

'I can make her eat her full weight in desserts so she'll burst too.' She says with an evil smile.

'Aww, that's sweet.' JJ says, putting a mocking hand above her heart.

'What can I say? I'm a panty dropper.' Emily says playfully.

I don't doubt it. JJ thinks.

Looking at her watch, Emily freezes.

'Please tell me there's no curfew on cases.'

Looking at her watch as well, JJ's eyes go wide almost comically.


'Maybe we should head upstairs.' The blonde suggests, still looking at her watch. When she looks back up she sees Emily handing the waitress at the bar her credit card. 'What are you going? We're splitting.' She says, reaching for her own credit card on the mess that is her purse.

'I almost made you burst - your words - so I'm paying.' The brunette argues, grabbing JJ's wrist to stop her from handing her credit card.

The blonde is ready to object but she looks up into the chocolate brown eyes of the older woman and her mouth closes again.

Fuck it.

Is her last thought before reaching forward and kissing Emily square on the lips.

Emily can't move, she literally froze. She's been dreaming all day about this and now she can't even move, for Fuck's sake! JJ's doesn't stop kissing tough.

If this is going to be our first and last kiss I'm putting everything into it. The blonde thinks.

Finally, Emily gets some control over her own damn body again and just as JJ is about to pull back and apologize, she grabs the blonde's neck and pulls her closer. JJ's hand goes to the brunette's waist, her other hand still on Emily's loose grip.

Feeling the situation will get too heated up, the waitress clears her throat awkwardly. Both women break away slightly breathless.

'Your card, ma'am.' The waitress says, handing Emily her card back.

'Thanks.' Emily says, her voice letting know how aroused she is.

They leave the bar and head for the elevator, JJ pressing the call button.

When the doors upon, there's only a man inside and JJ presses the fourth floor, leaning against the elevator, Emily next to her.

The doors open again and an old woman with her two grandchildren and another woman get inside, Emily getting closer to JJ to give them space, their shoulders touching, their hands almost doing the same. Without looking down, Emily reaches for the blonde's hand, JJ intertwining them.

The old lady gives them a knowing smile, Emily smiling back and JJ turning red.




The team woke up with a phone call to let them know that there's no new body, something that shocked them all and dragged them out of bed at 4:30 am.

After 2 hours, they realized that the unsub had a lot of knowledge of the human body, based on the way the women all died quickly and painlessly. They knew he was white, 30 to 35 years old like the victims and that he was trying to replace the women he lost, regretting it when the one he chose had to go through the pain of the medication he gave them and he found out that she wasn't the one. The unsub either worked at a hospital or he was connected to one in some way. Now, they were waiting for Garcia to do her magic and found out who the unsub could be.

'More coffee?' JJ asks, walking in the room with enough coffee in her hands to putt someone on a caffeine induced coma.

'I love you.' Morgan says, looking straight at the coffee on the blonde's hands.

'I'm telling your wife you're cheating on her with coffee.' Elle says, grabbing a cup and moaning when the hot liquid makes contact with her lips.

'I'm telling your girlfriend you're cheating on her with coffee.' Morgan says back.

'Am I the only one not cheating on anyone with coffee?' Rossi asks.

JJ and Emily shift awkwardly on their seats, glancing at each other and looking away when they caught each other's eyes. Deciding not to comment on it, Rossi and Hotch drink their coffee silently, Morgan mouthing 'pay' to Elle and Reid looks confused at the two women.



Groaning, Sam hits his alarm, almost knocking it off his night table. He gets up, stretches, gets dressed and looks at the clock.


Groaning again, he goes to the living room. Rubbing his eyes, he jumps surprised when he finds Rachel and Kurt giggling at the phone on the couch.

'Good morning, Sam.' Rachel and Kurt greet him at the same time.

'Morning.' He mumbles, sitting next to Rachel. 'What you guys laughing at?'

'Quinn and Santana. They are so cute together!' Kurt exclaims.

Ignoring the high pitch that practically got him deft, he looks at the pink phone to find himself smiling triumphantly.

I knew they liked each other!



'My loves, do not worry, your favorite tech analyst has find the unsub.' Garcia says

'Who is him?' Reid asks.

'Christian McJohnson, nurse, 32. He volunteers with leukemia patients at their homes. Stopped appearing last month, the day after one of his patients, Lydia Griffin died from multi-organ failure three years after finding out she was sick. This guy has been an exemplar civilian through all his life, the only thing I could find on him was a parking ticket! He owns a house on a sort of isolated part of the city. The address and all of the information has been sent to your phones. Be safe and Garcia out.'

'Let's go.' Hotch says, everyone heading to the cars.



'Hey, Blainers. Why are you up so early?' Jordan asks, blessing whoever invented coffee and sending to hell whoever invented the damn annoying alarms.

'Maybe because I'm going to the Jeffersonian!' He exclaims.

'Or maybe because it's your first date with Kurt.' Jordan says back, sitting besides the boy.

'I wish.' He says with a sigh.

'Ask him out, Blainers.'

Looking at the woman he looks up to as a mother, the boy hugs her.

'I love you, Jordan.' He says, not letting go.

'I love you too, Blaine.'



Santana can't help but put a lock of Quinn's hair behind her ear, making the blonde stir. Along the night, Quinn had gotten herself on top of the brunette, her head resting on Santana's shoulder, Santana still holding her by the waist.

'Hey.' Santana whispers when Quinn opens her eyes.

'Hey.' Quinn whispers back with a smile, her voice thick with sleep.

'Before you freak out, you asked me to stay last night.'

'All I remember is falling asleep on everyone to be honest.' Quinn says with a blush creeping through her cheeks.

'What does that mean?'

'It means I'll have to take your word for granted and hope I didn't make embarrassing figures out of myself.' She says with a smile.

Santana smiles back.

Suddenly realizing her position, Quinn sits up so fast Santana had to do a double take to make sure Quinn didn't broke anything.

'Sorry.' The blond apologizes.

'Don't.' Santana says back and sits up as well, one of Quinn's leg in each side of her.

They lock eyes, mesmerized by each other and they're not sure who started leaning in but their lips are mere inches away when they hear footsteps and Quinn rolls over to sit next to Santana rather than on top of her.

'The sleeping beauties are up!' Kurt exclaims.

'You do it on purpose, don't you?'



'The house has three doors, so Prentiss, JJ and Reid will be at the back door on the left side. Morgan, Elle, back door on the right side. Rossi and I will go through the front door. And don't do anything I wouldn't do.' Hotch says as he ends the call.

'What's that supposed to mean?' Emily asks from her seat as shotgun, JJ driving and Reid on the back seat.

'It means 'shoot to kill if he messes with one of us'.' The blonde answers.

'Ah. Good to know.'

Honestly, he only noticed it because he saw as it happened. Really. If it had happened two seconds after he would never, not in a million years, and he swears to Einstein, he had never noticed because it seemed so natural and practiced that it truly amazed the young genius. The way theirs hand simply found each other and morphed perfectly to fit would make it seem the FBI agents had been married for years and had held each other's hands in an unspoken assurance they would both leave that house the way they will be getting in many times before. He certainly didn't believe in love at first sight but this was the closer he had ever been to see such a thing.

Simply put, Doctor Spencer Reid was in such a way engrossed on the locked hands of his co-workers that when said hands left each other to leave the car, Emily had to knock at the window to call him out of his trance.



'Good morning.' Puck says when he walks into the living room to find Ashley throwing parts of the couch everyone. 'Are you having a psychopathic crisis or something?'

'I can't find the keys!'

'What keys?'

'The house keys! I can't find them!'

Looking around, Puck rolls his eyes.

'Have you tried, oh, I don't know, the lock?'

'The… oh, you gotta be kidding me!' She says, grabbing the keys from the door and shouting goodbye on her way out.

'Yes, Ashley, of course I'll put the couch back together.' He says to himself.



'FBI! Christian McJohnson, open up!'

Emily can hear Rossi's voice through on her hear.

A few seconds pass by without any sound being made from inside the house.


Three doors can be heard being forced open practically at the same time as seven agents make their way inside from three different places.

Emily goes on the front, JJ right behind her and Reid behind her. They reach a hallway with a door to the left and another to the right. JJ opens the door on the left and nods to let them know she's going to check what's down the stairs, Reid and Emily nod in agreement, Emily with her hand on the handle of the other door while Reid goes ahead to check the end of the hall.

As Emily opens the door, gun first, she doesn't have time to react as she's hit with something to the head, not knowing what since it's pitch black on that room, knocking her of her balance enough for whoever hit her to grab her by the wrists and prevent her from pointing her arm at them. Only knowing her assaulter his on her right side, Emily uses her head, the pain on her head telling she hit her target, well, that and the 'fuck' she hears.

Having enough time to switch the light on with her elbow, she can finally see her assaulter, Christian McJohnson, the unsub. McJohnson doesn't lose his grip on her wrists, leaving her with a headbutt as her only option. The second hit made more damage, both for him as for her, leaving her dizzy.

Suddenly she hears a bang and sees the blur that is McJohnson going to the ground with blood dripping from between his eyes.

'Emily, are you okay?' She hears Jennifer, feeling hands on her shoulders.

'What the fuck did he hit me with?' She asks back, lifting her hand to her forehead and seeing a little of blood coming back down with her.

'A lamp.' Reid says, from behind JJ.

'Prentiss, are you okay?' Hotch asks, Rossi, Morgan and Elle behind him.

'I feel as if I was hit by a lamp in the head but other than that, I'm good, sir.'

'Good job.' He says with a nod, more police officers appearing on the hallway. 'And I told you not to calm me sir.'

'Agent, we need to check your head.' A young man with brown hair says and Emily assumes he's the paramedic, not because he said she had to check her head but because his shirt says paramedic.



'Puckerman.' He says as he answers his phone after parking outside Sam's house.

'Hey, Puck. It's Blaine. Listen, I need a favor.'



I leave it at that.

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