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A note on the format: This story takes the form of a hundred 100 word drabbles, covering the full spread of Mass Effect 1-3. Not my own idea, and has probably been done better by others, but never mind. I'll be putting the drabbles up in batches of five. These are moments, slices of life, and aren't in chronological order.

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by Wonko


Although she's always carried a pistol on dig sites, Liara hasn't had much call to use one before joining The Normandy. With her biotics she can shield herself, lift objects high in the air, warp matter at the molecular level - she's rarely encountered a situation in which these skills weren't enough.

After their first mission together, Shepard takes Liara's weapons training in hand personally. "Like this," she says, adjusting Liara's stance with gentle but firm hands on her hips.

Liara's skin has never burned like this before. As she squeezes the trigger, she wonders what it means.

She misses.


Liara drops her pistol and sprints across the battlefield. In her ears is the seafoam sound of blood rushing back and forth. When she reaches Shepard and the husk she is breathing hard and her sides ache. Clumsily, she grabs the foul creature by the shoulders and pulls it away from Shepard. Its mouth is spread in a parody of a grin, all grey flesh and blue metal. She brings up her fist and punches wildly, then again, again, again, again until the thing is long past dead and her own blood is dripping from her knuckles down her arm.


Liara crouches behind what used to be a display of Thessian wildflowers, listening to Shepard and Saren trying to talk each other round. She wonders if she could get a shot off while he's distracted, and glances over at Garrus to see him trying to get a clear line of sight, obviously thinking the same thing.

Saren is rambling insanely now, talking about the synthesis of organic and synthetic life personified in his mutilated body. Her stomach rolls over. If that truly is the evolutionary destiny of organic life, as he says, she thinks she'd rather just go down fighting.


When the attack comes, there is no warning. One moment she's flirting playfully in the doorway to Shepard's quarters, the next she's running for her life, trying to reach the lockers to gear up. She needs to get into a suit of pressurised body armour in case of hull breaches, and just grabs the first set she comes across. Later she'll realise it's Ashley's, untouched since her death, and feel a little strange, a little guilty.

The last time she sees Shepard she's ordering the evacuation. Later, she'll wish she'd said, "I love you." She'll wish a lot of things.


When her time capsule is finally ready, she starts to feel a little nervous. The factual information is fine, no-one can argue with that. She doesn't know how Shepard will react to her own entry though. Will she think it frivolous? Silly? Arrogant?

In the end, there's no need to worry. Shepard gently asks her to complete the entry however she sees fit. Their eyes meet and Liara speaks, listing her lover's qualities and achievements with a fierce pride in her chest. She says it was a privilege to know her. Later, she goes back and replaces 'know' with 'love'.