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Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

No one knew what it was that broke the team up.

Their best guess was that Young Justice wasn't doing well, but the truth couldn't be further away.

Most of their missions were successful, they had remained covert and the league had started slowly giving over control of the team. They'd even been authorized to the Watchtower and most of its utilities.

And then… everything just changed.

Maybe it was the secrets they had that ripped them apart.

"Robin, don't you trust us enough with your secret identity?"

"… I'm Sorry. I just can't."

Or the knowledge that their mentors would always overshadow them.

"I'll always be Kid flash to them. No one will ever take me seriously, and its worse when flash is around. They only ever care about him, not me."

Maybe it was the burdens each of them carried.

"White Martians never amount to anything. Go home, M'gann."

Or maybe it was the relationships they had that only pushed them away from each other.

"You know who would make a cute couple?"


"You and Wally!"

Maybe even the desire to go solo.

"That's it? You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified backstage tour!... I thought I was his partner… but not anymore."

Or just not being good enough for the people they respected.

"Clark. You need to teach the boy. I can't go any further and you're the only-"

"No. I don't need another distraction. Luthor's bad enough."

The team unravelled, fast. And just shortly after their second anniversary, Young Justice was disbanded when all of its members walked out… and disappeared off the face of the earth.

It's not that the league didn't care enough to look. But it was because Young Justice hid their tracks too well.

Wolf, Sphere and the bioship were gone by the next day.

Richard Grayson and Wally West were reported missing.

Megan Morse and Conner Kent were never seen again.

Artemis Crock and Kaldur'ahm went into hiding.

Barry Allen, speedster extraordinaire, was never the same, bubbly self after his nephew disappeared, leaving behind a note with a single sentence- "I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough. Wally." He'd combed the globe so fast he passed the light barrier and broke the Speed Force. Maybe it was his imagination in seeing the vibrant green eyes of his nephew above him after he'd fainted from the sheer power of the Speed Force, or maybe it was just a hallucination.

Oliver Queen refused anything that had anything to do with kids, vowing to himself not to corrupt another one. Not after Roy and Artemis. At one time, he'd squandered away most of his money looking for the team and taking down most illegal weapon suppliers. At one time, he'd thought he'd seen an arrow of a familiar design, but the building had burnt down too fast.

Dinah Lance never returned to the cave again. It was too painful, seeing the places where the team was meant to be, how their laughter was supposed to bounce off the walls and bring the place to life. Her Canary Cry had brought down most buildings dealing with drugs – one of the first missions Young justice had ever been on together. There was a time a whole legion of people on crack venom were about to be shipped out before she could get to them. But when she reached the ship, it was sinking and they were all unconscious. When the ship was inspected, it was revealed that there was a hole that could only be Kryptonian-made at the bottom of the ship. Superman had been japan then assisting in a crisis, and she only knew one other Kryptonian. But maybe, it had been Captain Marvel who'd done it instead.

Arthur Curry searched through the seven seas for them, not resting for at least a week before he'd collapsed. Garth had been made the new Aqualad in place of Kaldur for reasons of national security, but not after a long hesitation from the King. Dryly, it could be thought that Kaldur had lost everything to Garth. During Garth's Aqualad ceremony, Arthur spotted a dark figure from the stage around the corner. But when he rushed over, there was nothing there to find.

J'onn Jonzz used his telepathy to scan the globe of their thoughts, but came up with nothing. He'd even sent a message back to Mars asking if M'gann was there. There was one time when he'd been scanning the globe when he'd heard the familiar voice of his niece. But it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, making it impossible to track.

Bruce Wayne employed multiple police forces to search for the team. They were thought to just be normal teenagers who had all fallen under the same Kidnapping plan. And even when the whole world was searching restlessly, The famed Batman never rested and chose to research in the Batcave, leaving his city in the capable though ruthless hands of Huntress, along with Batgirl and The Question. There was one time he had gotten close to finding perhaps, one or more of the team. But he never found anybody because the place had been cleared out when he arrived and the only thing that signalled their departure was that cackle that used to be so familiar in his hallways, echoing in the street. When he'd gotten back, he'd thought to himself: We thought they weren't trained enough. But since we haven't found them, this proves that they were, perhaps, trained too well.

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