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Previously on In Blackest Night:






And Survived

But not without Scars.

"Who was it that captured you?"

"The Light."

Chapter 9: First Meeting


It had been a full twenty-four hours since those heroes had been seen by the team.

The entire of the new Young Justice sat in the living room, watching a movie about a bloodthirsty game and twelve districts. So far, it proved interesting, though not as interesting as those teenagers they'd seen. So far, no body's mind could stay focused, instead drifting off to them.

They could have passed them off as a free-lance group that had about the same aims as the Justice League, or maybe a few solo vigilantes joining together in a time of crisis, for the sake of the world. They didn't have any problems killing the aliens from what they'd seen, anyway.

But of course, it wasn't true. The only thing that had been confirmed with them so far was one fact.

They were the previous team.

The "Young Justice" before them.

The first covert-ops team the League had made.

That was a lot to replace. The thought of it just seemed to scare them so much. It seemed too unfeasible, too large-scale for them.

How were they supposed to be their replacements when none of them were as remotely skilled or powerful as them?

Scratch that.

They just weren't powerful. At all.

And truthfully, they sucked.

Jason's mind kept wondering to that boy. The one in the colourful outfit, who Batman, his father, had hugged. Hugged! In the middle of a busy street! It just was preposterous and entirely uncalled for.

He was the goddamn Batman, for Pete's sake.

Batman didn't just hug anyone in the middle of a populated, mostly destroyed street surrounded by rubble and dead bodies.

Of course, that boy wasn't just anybody, was he? Right then, his best bet was Richard Grayson, the first son and ward of Bruce Wayne.

The First Robin.

Who'd disappeared along with the rest of the team.

They wanted to know more about them, not have them come back! That was pretty selfish of him, he knew, to say that. Who knows what happened to them… Ten years was a very long time to be held captive – their captors could have done anything to them.

Their ages didn't add up, either. All of them were supposed to be more than twenty by then, but most didn't even look to be nineteen.

It was curious, prodding at him. It really couldn't stay out of his mind for more than a few minutes at a time. Of course, the file on one of his fastest computers was slowly being decoded and unlocked.

Soon, they would know everything about the superheroes that made up the previous team, and he could finally get… traught.

He'd heard Bruce say that word before, a few years before. That was after the bat had disappeared for the entire day, and while they were having a supper that Alfred had cooked up for them.

Jason hadn't gotten full marks on his test paper because of a single, careless mistake, and he'd taken it badly because his brain had immediately worked out how it could have happened on a mission – how he could have endangered both their lives and identities carelessly.

Bruce had looked at him with this quietly amused gaze and told him to get traught again. His eyes seemed to have something behind them, and he only realized later that night that it had been sadness.

Robin's trail of thought was stopped by the smooth sound of the zeta-beam starting up.

B05 Miss Martian

"Wow, it's been so long since we've last been here! I miss this place." A slightly gritty voice giggled. "I remember I left a batch of cookies in the oven. Hopefully they're not there anymore."

B02 Aqualad

"…Indeed." A harsher, lower pitched voice commented. "I believe it would be potentially life threatening to us and anybody else living here."

B08 Zatanna

A clear, joking tone added in. "Maybe it's sprouted legs by now, and once we open the oven, it'll jump out and chew on your hand with sharp chocolate chip teeth."

B07 Artemis

"Now that," A darker, hoarse sounding voice chuckled, "Would be interesting to see. Especially if it's Baywatch we're talking about."

B01 Robin

There was a soft smack, before an obviously faked tone of a den mother said. "Now, now, don't be so mean to the Wall-man."

You could hear the smirk in the voice of the hoarse-voice girl. "Since when'd you cared about him in that way?"

A chilling cackle echoed along to them, and most of the new team shuddered. The speaker's real voice was revealed. "True, true."

B03 Kid Flash

"I hear my name," A confident, cocky sounding voice smirked out. "Couldn't stand being away from me for such a long time, I see."

The first voice giggled while the second groaned slightly.

The boy who cackled laughed his chilling laugh again, before mocking a teenaged fan girl. "Oh Kid Flash! Kid Flash! Please, let me fall into your arms before you run me into a sun set!"

Cassie could imagine him batting his eyes dramatically.

B04 Superboy

A short grunt.

There was an awkward silence before the same cocky voice shouted with joy. "Supey!"

A loud thud sounded.

More silence.

The same cocky voice yelled again. "Food! To the kitchen!"

A burst of wind tousled about their hair as a yellow and red blur sped into the room, rummaging through the cabinets in the tiled kitchen so fast that no one could follow him with their bare eyes.

When the speedster finally slowed down, it was only to look at his handiwork – with most of the food that they had stored in Mount Justice spread out onto the counter top.

A boyish voice smirked. "Who wants to check the oven?"

The girl's hoarse voice added in quickly. "Not me."

The entire team entered the kitchen, and into full sight of their predecessors.

With the movie they had been watching totally forgotten, all of the members of the new team stood defensively against the new teenagers that had entered the room, all surprise gone and instead replaced by suspicion.

Having spotted him, the boy with the domino mask stepped forward, his eyes narrowing.

Jason stepped forward too, and they were standing right in front of each other.

The atmosphere grew tenser than it already was, changing so drastically from the light-hearted mood the old team possessed before they'd stepped into the kitchen.

"I'm Robin." Jason said, extending his hand out to the boy. He was going to make sure his suspicions were correct. "Who're you?"

The other boy hesitated for a second, before a grin broke through, and he took his hand. "Hey, Robin. I'm Robin."

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