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Kurt breathed in deeply as he readjusted his satchel. The stairs and surrounding hall were packed full of loud, blazer-clad boys, all of whom were not paying any attention to him at all. He supposed this was a good thing, there was no way he wanted to be banned from sectionals for spying and he was not entirely sure that the boys of Dalton Academy wouldn't rough him up a bit before turning him in. Kurt swallowed nervously at the thought, already considering running back to his car and driving back to Lima before he'd even met a member of the warblers. But he had spent so much time assembling his Dalton-esque uniform and if he left now, the guys would pissed off he didn't find anything out.

"Courage," he whispered to himself, hoping that he wasn't making a horrible mistake and tapped on the shoulder of the nearest Dalton student and said, his voice slightly squeaky. "Um, Excuse me,"

The boy turned around and Kurt was pleased to see that he was very good looking, with brown, coiffed hair and handsome features that made Kurt feel a little fluttery inside. That was until the other boy opened his mouth.

Can I help you?" His tone was arrogant and apparently bored as he gave Kurt a once over.

Well. Kurt countered the other boy's expression with a bitchy glare of his own. "Yes, you can actually."

The student raised his eyebrow at Kurt but held out his hand. "Sebastian Smythe,"

Feeling slightly apprehensive, Kurt shook it. "Kurt Hummel"

"What can I help you with Kurt Hummel?" Sebastian still sounded bored.

"Well. I'm new here and I don't-"Kurt began, gazing around him at the towering staircase.


Kurt whipped his head to look at Sebastian directly. "What?"

"You're not new, you can stop the charade,"

Kurt felt the blood drain from his face as the Dalton boy continued.

"I know this because, firstly I'm new myself and you weren't at orientation-" Kurt silently cursed his bad luck. "-and secondly because although your attempt at imitating the uniform is mildly impressive, you're not wearing a blazer and no one forgets their blazer." Sebastian finished with an amused smirk while he leaned on the handrail of the stairs.

"Erm..." Kurt tried to keep his breathing in check, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jacket, searching desperately for an answer that wouldn't get him in trouble.

The other boy was obviously watching the facial evidence of Kurt's internal struggle because he continued to talk. "Huh, I knew I was right, so you're a… spy?"

Kurt looked down at his feet, still trying to think of a suitable explanation to give him.

"How interesting," Kurt's silence was apparently being taken as a yes.

Kurt snapped his head up to look at Sebastian, who was still in the same place, staring at Kurt with mingled interest and cockiness.

"What? Are you going to beat me up?" Kurt hated how afraid he sounded.

"What? No!" Kurt was relieved at the transparent sincerity in the taller boy's voice. "I'm guessing you're here to listen to the warblers, correct?"

Kurt nodded curtly, looked away.

"Well then, do you want me to take you the choir room where the warblers are currently preparing for a school time performance?" Sebastian was sounding bored again, tapping his fingers against the handrail.

Kurt gave him a questioning look. "I'm pretty sure that's against the rules,"

"Well you're here aren't you?" Kurt shrugged as the other boy continued with an arrogant grin. "And I'm not a member of the warblers until I do my audition next week,"

"What makes you so sure you'll get in?" This guy's cockiness was starting to get on Kurt's nerves.

"Oh trust me, I'll get in," Sebastian drawled and he began to walk through the corridor, gesturing for Kurt to follow.

Kurt hurried down the stairs to catch up. "You must be good then," He said, trying half-heartedly to be nice to this Sebastian Smythe who was apparently nice enough to let him sneak into his own school.

"Oh I am, I'm glad you've realised this so early on," The other boy appeared to be completely serious to Kurt's amazement.

"Wow, talented and charming," Kurt laid the sarcasm on thick, not really caring what some arrogant preppie thought of him.

"Yep, that's me,"

The urge to face-palm was becoming very hard to resist Kurt found as he was led through several hallways all filled with Dalton boys, who were either putting books in their lockers or moving in the same direction as Sebastian and Kurt were going.

"Is everyone going to watch the warblers sing or something?" Kurt was confused as it appeared that everyone was going to the same destination.

"Yeah," Sebastian took in Kurt's slightly shocked face and added mockingly; "The warblers are like rock stars!"

Kurt raised his eyebrows, wondering how on earth this school's glee club could be so popular when at McKinley they were at the bottom of the heap.

He was shaken out of his reverie when Sebastian turned left into a room filled with Dalton boys and furnished with oak tables and leather couches.

"This is the choir room?" Kurt couldn't help but go a little wide eyed at the setup, in his head comparing it to McKinley's smaller and definitely less fancy choir room.

"Yes," Kurt was surprised to hear Sebastian give a little snort of amusement. "Such a waste of money, huh?"

Kurt nodded in agreement gazing around at buzzing group of boys, most of whom were all lining the walls with the rest standing in the middle, all looking as if they were waiting for someone.

"When do they start? What are they waiting for?" Kurt couldn't stop the questions from spilling out, the atmosphere here was so different from McKinley.

"They'll start when they're all here, they're still waiting for the lead soloist," Sebastian smirked, his eyes sparkling for a reason Kurt couldn't fathom.

Kurt grimaced slightly, picturing a male, blazer wearing version of Rachel Berry. He opened up his mouth to ask another question but before he could the doors behind them opened with a dramatic bang and out stepped a short boy around Kurt's age with hair that was obviously curly despite the fact that it had been smothered by gel in order for it stay down. He was grinning in a slightly self-conscience way as he made his way to the centre of the room.

"Who is that?" Kurt whispered to Sebastian, who was also looking at Blaine, a slightly predatory expression gracing his expression.

"That is Blaine Anderson, lead soloist for the warblers," Sebastian was grinning, his tone slightly softer.

"Ah," Well he was different to what Kurt was expecting that was for sure.

"Sex on a stick," Sebastian paused, giving Kurt a sideways smirk. "Sings like a dream, best guy in this whole school if you ask me. But don't go crushing on him Kurt Hummel, he's mine,"

Kurt felt his eyes widen. Sebastian was gay and knew Kurt was gay. Wow, that's a lot to take in.

"Oh so you're um, together?" Kurt tried to continue the conversation as normally as he could, trying to hide how overwhelming and confusing this all was.

"I don't do together." Sebastian muttered darkly, causing Kurt to look at him questioningly.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't do relationships, I'm all for consistently hooking up but I'm no one's boyfriend." Sebastian winked; smiling wickedly at Kurt's scrunched up expression.

"That's kind of sad," Kurt told him, shaking his head.

"Not for me it isn't or at least when Anderson finally gives me the time of day."

Kurt scoffed, trying to hold back a grin.

"I'm still in the process of seducing him, he's completely oblivious." Sebastian defended himself, crossing his arms.

"Good luck with that," Kurt said drily, marvelling at how strange the day had gotten.

Sebastian looked like he wanted to say something but just as he opened his mouth, the opening music to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream began and both Kurt and Sebastian turned to watch as Blaine Anderson started to sing in smooth, melodic tones. His voice was amazing, Kurt had to admit and watching the Warblers all perform in complete synch was starting to make him very worried about the impending competition and the fact that New Directions hadn't even started preparing. These guys were talented, they gelled well together and their leader was a brilliant as he was charismatic, whereas New Directions at that moment were divided, crazy and had Mr Schuester as their main choreographer. At least he had something he could tell everyone when he got back, that they were going to be completely screwed if they didn't start taking this competition seriously.

As the performance ended Kurt applauded along with the students of Dalton and when they all began to move around the room to congratulate various warblers he looked next to him, preparing to thank Sebastian for not beating him up and for showing him the performance but Sebastian was gone. He looked around and saw that Sebastian was standing by the lead soloist, charming smile in place, congratulating the shorter boy who looked vaguely uncomfortable. Kurt laughed quietly and made his way through the crowd, and remaining invisible to the many boys that were crowding the entrance slipped unnoticed through the door.