When Scar rallied the hyenas in a coup against the king, there were nine who did not join in, for Scar spoke about how he would become king instead. Yes, he had descended from his place among the lions to mingle with the hyenas. Yes, he spoke of how he would end the hyenas' starvation and oppression. But power lit the flame in his eyes, not justice or freedom, and so these nine kept to the skull of their elephant as the others participated in the scheme to murder Mufasa and his son.

During Scar's reign, the leader of these nine, an albino hyena named Enjolras, rallied and planned with his friends about how to lead the other animals of the Pridelands in revolution. Scar was no better than Mufasa. But the antelope and the zebras fled whenever he and Combeferre treaded beyond the Shadowlands to speak to them. The birds flew away. The cheetahs chased them back to where they came from. Not even Courfeyrac, the one hyena who, even in the time of Mufasa, managed to find a friend or two among the elephants, could get through to anybody.

Scar was a tyrant, and the hyenas were his lackeys. Enjolras and his pack were seen no differently.

Soon, however, the other animals were driven out of the Pridelands. But where one door closed, another opened, for the hyenas who had been passionate in their support for Scar were starting to mutter disgruntled complaints against the king they had helped put into power. When Feuilly reported this, Enjolras knew that the time of revolution was upon them once more.

On the outskirts of the Pridelands, Enjolras spoke to all those who would hear him. Every day, more and more hyenas joined the crowd. Enjolras at one point thought he saw a lioness, but she had long disappeared before he could focus his gaze upon her. He thought that perhaps the new coup would be found out, but Courfeyrac, the wily hyena that he was, had befriended a lioness. They wanted to see Scar gone, too.

The fact that they were still loyal to Mufasa's regime bothered Enjolras little. An enemy of an enemy was a friend, and they were no spies. Unfortunately, when the lionesses heard the government Enjolras and his pack wanted to instill instead—one where each species of animal sent a representative to decide matters of the wild—they wanted nothing to do with the coup. They still wanted their power.

The time finally came when the long-lost son of Mufasa returned to reclaim his throne. The few hyenas still loyal to Scar finally turned against him. But only Simba's revolution ended in a success, for when Enjolras approached him about the rights of the hyenas and all the animals, they were chased right back into the Shadowlands.

Enjolras had none of that. And so, with the help of Feuilly and the rallying of all the hyenas, they erected a barricade out of the bones of the animals who never escaped Scar's regime. They had hoped that as the other animals returned, they would join their side, but alas, their loyalty to Mufasa's son was strong, and so the barricades fell and the hyenas were never seen in the Pridelands again.