Author's note: Sorry I missed St. Patrick's Day. Here's April Fool's! I apologize for my style being nothing like Michael Buckley's. I enjoy writing more this way. As to where Brett got nerditis, there's a line in the second book that implies he does it to them daily. Wrong on three levels, but...enjoy.

Brett Bealer was not normally one to get sick. Bullies have a natural immunity to most illnesses simply because staying out of school would stop them for tormenting their victims. So when Brett threw up and declared he was too sick for school, Mrs. Bealer immediately scheduled a doctor's appointment.

"It was Matilda! She gave me nerditis!" Brett explained after telling Dr. Wetherall the symptoms.


"I was holding her head in the toilet, and when I lifted her out again she sneezed on me. Ruby said I would get nerditis, and I did!"

Dr. Wetherall made a worried expression.