Ketty: Heyy guys. Going to run the marathon this weekend! Can't wait! Wish me luck!

Nico: Good luck! We should all meet up some time. Now we don't have any special abilities nobody should trouble us! Hopefully...

Ed: Yh, you right there. I'm so glad that we don't have them anymore. I never liked them really. They meant nothing but trouble. And good luck Ketty!

Dylan: That's what you think, Ed! Not everybody wanted to lose them.

Ed: We all agreed to it at the time and anyway, there is no going back now.

Cal: You're wrong there Ed. Something strange happened today. I was just thinking how I missed being able to fly and I thought that I would try it, to you know, just see if it was really true. And I flew! Somethings gone wrong. Anything strange happened to you lot?

Ed: Oh god! Nothings happened to me but I'll ask Amy... brb.

Ketty: Oh, please say you're joking Cal.

Cal: Why would I joke about something like this?

Nico: He has a point. I'll call Fergus. He has to know.

Ed: Amy's alright, nothings happened. Dylan?

Dylan: Ok, Cal's right. I just tried jumping out my bedroom window. Ok, I know that was like totally stupid but I'm fine! I'm so glad I've got my special powers back.

Ketty: Ed, Amy and me are fine, how about you Nico?

Ed: I can't believe this is happening. Nico, you there?

Cal: Neither can I. Wish I hadn't even tried. Nico!

Nico: Yh...

Ketty: What's the matter Nico...?

Nico: I called Fergus and we were talking and then he just disappered, the line went dead...

Dylan: He probably just cut you off by mistake

Ed: Stop being so optimistic! He would have rang back, right Nico?

Nico: Right, everyone can meet at my house this weekend, Cal, get a flight over, tell Avery and make sure he travels with you, and be careful bro.

Ketty: I guess thats bye bye marathon :(

Ed: I'm so sorry Ketty. Dylan, make sure your there.

Dylan: I sure will xx

Cal: Count me in, i'll see you guys soon.