A/N:A Birthday tribute to the Weasley twins. Very emotional, I myself was nearly crying by the time I finished it...Happy Birthday Gred and Forge!

RIP Fred, love you

R & R

George stared at the headstone...the grave of his brother Fred, his twin...they had shared most of their lives, every birthday, every Christmas together...and now he stood alone, for the first time, on his birthday, a day he had always shared with his twin, staring at Fred's grave, tears running down his face, his body wracking with sobs. It had only been a few months since the battle, the world was rebuilding itself, trying to recover from the war, but everyone knew that they could never fully recover from the devastation. The Burrow had been strangely silent during the past few months. All the traces of laughter had been taken away with Fred...Each time they sat for dinner, Fred's empty chair would remind them of his absence...

George now knew what Harry had been through...the loss of one person caused him this much pain...he couldn't imagine how Harry felt, having lost so many people...

He laid the flowers on his twin's grave, and, as he frequently did, talked to him.

"First Birthday Fred, when we aren't together..." he began, a lump rising in his throat.

"You're a git, you know...couldn't wait for a few decades to meet the marauders...you wanted to meet them first, didn't you?"

"Angelina showed up a few days ago..." he swallowed as he remembered her pain filled face

"She misses you a lot, mate..." he said, trying to hold back his tears

"Shop's going to open in a few months...and guess what? Ickle Ronniekins is going to help me...He's much more than we gave him credit for, huh?"

He sat there for hours, until darkness started to set in, and he realised that he had to go home soon.

He kneeled at Fred's grave, and took out a small box from his pocket, enlarging it using his wand

"Mum baked a cake for you too, today..." he laid the box on the grave, and traced the words on the headstone-

Fred Gideon Weasley


Mischief Managed

Tears pouring down his face, he stood up.

"Happy Birthday Gred" he whispered through his tears, then he turned around and nearly ran out of the graveyard, not being able to subdue his sobs any longer.

Unseen and unknown to him, a translucent figure watched him run out, his own transparent tears falling at a rapid pace

"Happy Birthday Forge" he choked out through his own tears, watching his brother's grief, his own heart aching, as he looked at the cake, his translucent hands unable to touch it, signifying that even though he watched his family, even though he was with them in spirit, he was, still, very far away from them...his own body shaking with sobs, the spirit faded away to heaven...