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It was a week after the 'Pitbull Pitfall', as Kurt and Co had taken to calling it, and life for Kurt couldn't have been better. He was passing all of his classes with honours, had an amazing bunch of friends and a boyfriend he adored, who adored him back. He was walking down the halls of McKinley with a smile on his face, thinking back to last week, the night after the Pitfall.

Kurt was finishing an essay he had for his American History class, due for the next day. After proof reading, saving and printing it he went to rest on his bed. While he was dozing he did not hear the door to his room open.
When he suddenly felt arms around him he jumped up in the air and then relaxed when he recognised who it was.
"Hello W", he smiled looking behind him as his boyfriend settled into his position as the big spoon.
"Hey K", Wes replied, kissing Kurt's nose and lips softly.

They laid like that, Kurt in Wes' arms contently listening to the other breathing soft deep breaths.

Then Wes and Kurt's stomachs both let out simultaneous growls, that had the both of them laughing softly, before getting up and heading towards the kitchen. Kurt's family were out at a steakhouse for dinner which Kurt had politely declined to attend, citing the need of finishing his homework (and thinking of all the empty calories).
After eating a light dinner of pasta leftover from yesterday they both settled in the living room on the big squishy sofa that Kurt loved. The fire was lit (it was real) and it was the only source of light in the room.
Wes was lying on his back and Kurt was resting in between his legs with Kurt's head on his chest, eyes closed, ear on top of his heart.

Kurt couldn't think of any other time in his life when he felt this content, surrounded by the feeling of love and happiness that he never imagined himself feeling in the small town of Lima.
He turned his head to look at Wes and kissed him softly. Wes, startled, but pleased, quickly made the kiss deeper. He swiped his tongue across Kurt's lip, asking for entrance, which was quickly granted. His tongue entered Kurt's mouth and quickly the two were battling for dominance. When they both reluctantly surfaced for oxygen they looked at each other's disheveled look and attacked each other's mouths again. But this time was different, this time there was a burning desire between the two that kissing couldn't be quenched through kissing.
Kurt experimentally rolled his hips down onto Wes' , which resulted in a moan being released into his mouth.
After hearing the pleasing reaction he repeated the motion, hoping for more, Wes didn't disappoint and moaned again, rolling his hips up into Kurt's.

They quickly established a rhythm rolling their hips in sync with each other, kissing roughly,moaning each others names, their hips speeding up and slowing down in accordance with their kissing, until finally stilling upon reaching completion with a cry of each others names.

After calming down, kissing each other softly they went to the bathroom to clean themselves up. Wes went first, while Kurt hunted for a spare pair of boxers for each of them in his room. He found an unopened pack and hoped Wes wouldn't mind the fact that they were briefs instead of boxers. When Wes entered Kurt kissed him softly and pointed to the new underwear and quickly cleaned himself up and changing. He retreated back to his room and quickly spotted Wes lying on his back on the bed with a peaceful expression on his face, eyes closed.
Kurt padded softly over to Wes and layed down beside him. This time Kurt was the big spoon as they both fell asleep, dreaming of the other.

After they woke up and kissed eachother goodbye as they headed to their respective schools, Kurt was, to use a cliché epression, floating on Cloud 9. He finally, finally, thought that he found someone that loved him for who he was and who he will grow up to be and that he wil always love now and iun the future. His family and friends approved of Wes and Wes's family seemed o like him. Nothing could pop his happy balloon.

Though apparently they could deflate it a bit.
Blaine had been folowing him around McKinley like a puppy, and it was starting to grate on his nerves. Thoughts of Wes could usuallye keep a smile on his face but now, now he was ready to kick some ass.

During glee club, where he spent all his time texting Wes because Mr Schue had gone on another 80s music rant, he noticed Blaine, was still staring at him.
He sent Blaine a text telling him to come to his house tonight at 9, because Finn, Carole and his dad were going to afootball game in Columbus.
What Blaine didnt know was that he had also sent the same text to his boyfriend, Nick, Jeff and Sebastian, but they were told to come at 8:30 so he could explain the situation to them.


Sebastian, Wes and Niff had all been caught up and, it was now time for Blaine to arrive at his house. The Warblers were hiding in the next room, so that they could hear everything that went on and they all had a "surprise' for Blaine at the end of the talk.

Kurt heard the knock on thedoor, and after leaving Blaine to sweat outside for a couple of minutes, he went and openend the door giving Blaine the best friendly look he could muster.

"Come in, Blaine", said Kurt stepping aside. He deliberatley used Blaine instead of Anderson, and he could see the spark of hope light in Blaines eyes at the use of his first name.

"Thanks Kurt", Blaine repied, now that he thought he knew he wouldn't be facing a hostile enviornmet.
After the both of them were sat on the couch, and drinks had been offered, Kurt decided to toy with Blaine a bit.

"So, have you been out lately? Met anybody new?", asked Kurt in a sweet voice. He could see Blaines shoulders droop visibly, but he perked right back up before answering.

"No, you know the only one for me is you Kurt, your my soulmate, my teenage dream!",Blaine declared, with hearts in his eyes, which only 6 month ago, would have made Kurt fall even more in love with him, until he met Wes, and discovered what a true relationship was like. It meant having disagreements, arguing, compromising, and both sides putting effort into it to make it work. There had been none of this with Blaine. Whenever that fought, most of it , according to Blaine, was Kurt's fault, Kurt who had to make it up to Blaine and Kurt who had to put in in all the work. It never occured to Kurt that the relaiionship he had with Blaine wasnt normal, and it took Wes a lot of work to convince Kurt that not every fight they had was his fault, and that Wes was to blame sometimes too. It made Wes hate Blaine even more.

"Blaine, it's about time you figured that I'm never getting back together with you, I'm happily in love with Wes, ask any of the other Warblers, they'll confirm it", sighed Kurt, though he had been expecting something like this from Blaine.

"Kurt, I know I've fucked up big time but what we had together was great, special, surely you don't have that together with Wes?, asked Blaine coyly.

This was what Kurt and the others had been waiting for.

Slowly, he sauntered up to Blaine, looking as seductive as possible, screaming at himself inside all the while. Even though it had only been a few months, he felt like wrong doing this with someone other than Wes. He knew now, what having a boyfriend who truly loved you felt like. When he and Blaine had been together, it had been because of Kurt's worship of Blaine, rather than mutual attraction. Blaine always needed someone to pay attention to him. The relationship was more like rock star and wannabe rock star/groupie.
With Wes he knew what it was like to have that attention, that love retured, full force, to have some care shown to him and he was not going to let it go.
"Oh, Blaine what we had was great together", Kurt whispered into Blaines ear. Blaine shivered and beamed from ear to ear.
"For you maybe", he contined at a normal tone. Blaines smile instantly dropped.
"While you were getting all of my attention, what attention was I getting from you? None that's what."
Kurt paused there, feeling a presence behind him, and by Blaines outraged expression, he could guess who it was. He felt arms wrap around his stomach.

"Hey baby", Wes muttered in his ear, loud enogh so Blaine could hear.
Kurt turned around and kissed him on the mouth, opening his lips and inviting Wes tongue into his mouth.
Vaguely, he heard, what sounded like Sebastian say "You gave this up Blaine?" and a laugh.
He ended the kiss and returned to looking at Blaine.
"Blaine as you can see I have my boyfriend, my friends and you here, can you tell me why?"
"I don't know Kurt, you tell me, I feel like I've been set up here"Blaine retorted, crossing his arms, his eyes darting around.
"We are here to tell you one thing Blaine", replied Sebastian crossing the room to stand beside Kurt, Wes and Niff. Nick turned to Blaine and started to speak

"Blaine, when you were a Warbler, we looked up to you, you could do no wrong, not just in our eyes, but in everyone elses eyes. You were our leader, our role-model. But then, then you went and did this. And you killed our trust in you", here Nick took a deep breath and Jeff continued.
"Not just because, you acted like this to Kurt but because in our eyes, if you could do that to somone you supposedly 'loved', then what about us? It meant that every little thing you said to us, every compliment, every criticsm, was not done in friendship. It was meant for your own benefit, and that meant that you didnt even register the rest of us as worthy as you. That just killed any friendship we had. 'Cause in our eyes? It might not have been that from the beginning", he finished.

Blaine looked around, looking scared, like his secret had just been discovered, which in some ways it had. Then he jumped up out of the chair he was sat in and ran out of the house. the others didnt stop him, knowing that their message had gotten through.

Later that day, the two couples plus Sebastian could be seen lounging in the Hudmels living room. The tv was playing a random show, but that was not what caught Burt's attention when he came in that night leaving early because he wanted to chek on Kurt.
It was the sight of his son and boyfriend cuddled up together facing Sebastian in the middle, and Nick and Jeff in the same position on the other side of the couch, which extended into a double bed. It reminded him of a puppy pile. He snapped a picture and sent it to Carole, with the text "And they called it puppy love". He then grabbed the family blanket and drapped it over the five boys on his couch.
He knew his son would be alright.

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