I just got addicted to Code Geass lately. I love Lelouch in particular, so I wrote a fic in regards to his character.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I don't own Code Geass

So please do not sue ^^

Lelouch vi Britannia. The dark Messiah, the broken savior. The only person who could have the eyes of the world upon him, and yet still die alone.

The one who lied. The one who killed- the one able to supplicate God with his heart's desire, and have it granted quickly. One with the mind too old for him, and the heart far too young. Good and evil, corruption and innocence, struggling to live in the same spirit.

It's hard to say which one won in the end. He died, forsaken...alone. The world cheered his death-only his sister weeps.

Nunnally, the innocent. So much purer than her brother- so much more naive. Blind to his intentions, blind to the world. Even when she was by his side, the only place he 'd let her be, he still felt lonely.

Even cradled in her arms, in his heart, he died alone.

But that's the way he wanted it.

The perfect world he dreamed of...the world he prayed for...

There was no place for him there.

No place for demons in Heaven, he always told himself. He always knew he'd have to die, for her sake. For the sake of that beautiful smile. For the sister he had always the sake of her innocence. For the sake of her love.

He died with a smile.

Because he loved her.

Nunnally...this world I created...I made it for you...I'm sorry, but...there's no place for me here. Take care of it for me...

Don't let it be for nothing.

Only one person cried for him.

The eyes of the world were upon him, and yet he died alone.