I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Lussuria's Point Of View.

What Will Happen

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Hopefully, Squalo will not overdo it for he is a wreck too. Xanxus is sleeping and I'm tired, but I can't sleep. It is easy for the Boss to sleep and stay that way until he wants to wake up.

"Lussuria go to sleep." Squalo commented and I glanced at him.

"Captain Squ why are you not sleeping?" I asked him. "You should be resting up for the fight."

"I'm not going to get caught off guard." Squalo informed me. He swallowed some pills, gulped down some liquid from a bottle, and pressed a wash cloth against his face.

"Don't overdo it, Captain." I said calmly to him.

"When this is all over…There will be some major fucking training." Squalo stated firmly, he looks pissed off, and his fist is clenched. I fell asleep listening to him. Perhaps we had been a bit lazy and that is what caused us to be defeated so easily…The only ones left in somewhat decent fighting shape are Xanxus, Squalo, and Mammon. I woke up when the watch went off 'One minute until the battle starts.'

I wonder if our side will win or will we lose. I'm starting to feel doubt and maybe we are going to lose. I glance at Squalo and he looks determined. I looked at our Boss who is still asleep and then at Mammon who looks very determined. What will happen? Will the Boss lose or break his watch and decide screw it 'I wanna fight'? Will Squalo's watch get broken or will he get killed?

"Boss please Wake up." Mammon sounded desperate. I looked at our Captain and he looked annoyed about Xanxus being asleep at a time like this...

"Hey, Squalo. Why not kiss our dear sleeping Boss like he was sleeping beauty?" I asked cheerfully and I was trying to lighten up the mood. "He might wake up or you could say the taboo words that must never be said around him."

"Hey, Wake up." Squalo said loudly, but Xanxus's eyes remained closed.

One of the Vindice showed up. Squalo kissed Xanxus on the lips and my eyes are wide in shock for I can't believe he actually did that..The Boss woke up, Squalo was quite a distance away, and Mammon was speechless.

"Who fucking kissed me?" Xanxus asked loudly and he glanced around.

"This vindice bastard kissed you." Squalo lied and he yelled. "How dare you do that to our Boss!"

I watched as Xanxus fought. He did not allow Squalo or Mammon to help him. Time slipped away and it was over. Xanxus grabbed Squalo's face, his thumb on the Captain's lips, and he pinched Squalo's lips.

"Don't lie to me. Go cook me some meat." Xanxus commented and he walked away. I guess the Boss figured out Squalo kissed him not that vindice bastard. The Captain's eyes twitched, he bit down on his lip, and I giggled. However Squalo ignored me and I followed him. I watched as he placed meat onto a cutting board, grabbed a blow torch, and aimed it at that piece of meat.

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