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Love always conquers

Chapter 16.

The moment the sparks left Voldemort's wand, the Hogwarts 'army' roared as one echoing voice 'STUPEFY!', sending red streaks of light trough the sky, towards the enemy.

Taken by surprise, almost half of the Death Eaters fell to the ground. Working their way amongst them as quickly as possible, the other Death Eaters were casting 'Enervare' right and left, reviving their comrades.

Voldemort's eyes went wide, the moment he commanded the Dementors to attack, seeing as Hermione's shield was keeping them at the forest's outline.

The battle started without delay. Curses started flying all around them. Harry and Luna detached themselves from the circle that was protecting Hermione and started making their way towards Voldemort and Naggini. Without Naggini's death they had no chance in defeating the feared Dark Lord.

Draco was in charge with a powerful protecting shield around the group while Hermione was forced to hold on to the protection field designed for the Dementors. Snape and Hermione being the only ones with second wands, and Hermione being able to do wandless magic, she gave her Hawthorn wand to Dumbledore. Both headmaster and potions professor were standing in front of her, casting curses and spells, keeping the Death Eaters as far from Hermione as possible.

Soon enough, the shouts and screams filled the battle field, Death Eaters were falling while the Hogwarts protectors were barely injured.

Seeing Hermione as the biggest threat, Voldemort started firing killing curses towards her. Unable to protect themselves against a killing curse, Snape, Dumbledore and Draco had to clear the way, Draco taking Hermione down with him, causing her to loose concentration and loose the shield.

Voldemort's laughter echoed trough the screams colder and more disturbing than ever.

Hermione's rage was filling her body faster than ever. Collecting herself from the blood stained grass, she started seeking Harry trough the crowd. Hermione would have loved to take Voldemort for herself, but it was Harry's destiny. Seeing as she hadn't yet accomplished her goal-take down as many as I can-Hermione took Draco's hand and started running towards Harry and Luna who were trying to kill Naggini.

Slashing and severing curses, blasting and disarming spells were shooting out of her wand like bullets from a machinegun, cursing every Death Eater in her path, meaning about twenty five, Hermione reached her target, just in time to see the snake open it's mouth to bite Luna.

Knowing that Naggini was a magical snake, also a soul keeper, and also knowing that it wouldn't be affected by the usual severing curses, Hermione did the only thing her Gryffindor side would have done for a friend. She stepped in front of Luna and took the bite in her leg. She knew her action was foolish, but she also knew that if Luna were to be injured or killed, Harry's soul would fill with hate and anger, making the love spell useless. Wanting to strike again, the snake retreated for a moment, opened it's mouth and shot trough the air towards the fallen Hermione. Appearing out of nowhere, severing the snake in half in mid-strike, Neville stood protectively in front of her, holding the Sword of Gryffindor with both hands.

Hermione smiled weakly at her protector and struggled to her feet. Her leg was burning but she didn't care. She didn't know exactly how much time she had before the venom spread trough her entire body, but Hermione knew she had to stay and fight. Ignoring Draco and Harry's pleads for her to go inside the castle, Hermione turned to Harry, in her teacher mode, and yelled at him.

''The bloody snake is dead Potter…do what you have to do. I'm not important at the moment. I told you to keep a clear head, didn't I? GO!''

Seeing the point in her words, Harry started running towards the Dark leader.

Hermione pulled her coin and started muttering, taping her wand to it. The words 'GATHER THEM ALL. CIRCLE AROUND THEM' appeared on it. Hermione knew it would be difficult to fight and read the message at the same time, but it seemed that every fighter had their coins in their hands, awaiting orders. With the aid of Patronuses and different charms and spells, both Dementors and remaining Death Eaters were gathered together in a circle, clearing the grounds, leaving only Harry and Voldemort to face each other.

Seeing no other option of holding them together, Hermione concentrated and lifted her Elder wand. A magnificent fiery unicorn sprung from the tip and started forming a flaming circle around the prisoners. It was incredibly tiring, but it was worth the power drain. Now Harry had a clear way to finish the bastard.

The Dementors, seeing no way out if their prison, and so many souls to feed from, they started attacking the Death Eaters. Although happy to rid themselves of the burden, Hermione couldn't allow them to be killed…at least not all of them. Concentrating on her unicorn, she commanded him to form a line between the two parties.

Still holding her wand up, Hermione's attention was drawn towards the duel between Harry and Voldemort. Hermione smiled at how Harry was expertly avoiding Voldemotr's curses, she had trained him herself, and it seemed she had done a damn good job of it. Harry had to disarm the bastard first and then cast the spell. Her attention was drawn back to the circle though, when a very familiar voice started shouting.

''GRANGER, what the hell are you doing, let us out of here. We're on your side.''

Sure as hell, in the middle of the Death Eaters, wearing the traditional black robes were Ronald and Ginerva Weasley.

Both Molly and Arthur, standing besides Hermione, gasped in horror. They knew their children had made mistakes, but becoming Death Eaters was too much. Hermione threw a glance towards Molly, and although her eyes were pouring tears on her cheeks, the woman shook her head. ''No my dear…they are not my children anymore.''

''Mum, I'm your only daughter…how can you say that?'' Ginny said trough gritted teeth. If she wanted to sound pleading, she wasn't even near the necessary tone of voice.

Molly threw a sorrow look at her youngest children then turned around, burying her head in her husband's shoulder. Fred and George had looks on their faces that Hermione had never seen before. They truly seemed to consider if not killing their siblings was a good choice.

Ignoring the two redheads, and lifting the fiery wall higher, to hide their faces from the distraught Molly, Hermione looked at the duelers once again.

The duel continued for about ten minutes, when Harry was thrown backwards. Hermione had fought the urge to intervene, but seeing Harry on the ground and with his wand a few feet away made her blood boil. Yes, Harry was the one who had to hit the bastard with the love spell, but nobody told her she couldn't…damage the Dark Lord…a bit.

Fighting the dizziness and the pain from her leg, Hermione wandlessly started throwing stinging and stunning spells as fast as she could, allowing Harry to regain his breath and balance. Hermione wanted to laugh, she was throwing the spells so quick that Voldemort didn't have time to even lift his wand. Avoiding spell after spell, gracefully in his opinion, Voldemort seemed to be dancing. Some people amongst the watchers were chuckling, while others were down right laughing loudly. Enraged, the Dark Lord took a stinging hex in his leg but was able to send a slashing curse at Hermione. Unable to avoid it, the curse hit Hermione right above Naggini's bite, causing her to howl in pain.

By the time Voldemort started laughing, Harry was already on his feet, wand pointed at the enemy's chest.

With one swift move of Harry's wand, Voldemort was disarmed. His snake eyes widened in horror at Harry's smirk.

''You hurt my family for the last time Tom. If you had left me alone, I wouldn't have bothered you. You choose my destiny once…now I make my own.'' Lifting his wand, Harry shouted, 'Demori Usque Victoris', sending a golden jet of light, hitting Voldemort in the chest.

The last thing Hermione acknowledged before blacking out was Voldemort's scream and his disintegrating body.

Hermione felt stiff and unable to move more than an inch without groaning in pain. She opened her eyes and met the dimly lit room. 'The Hospital Wing' she thought. Her throat felt dry and she started looking for water. As if on cue, a blond mop of hair shot from the bed beside her going directly for her nightstand. Draco held her head while she drank the offered water. Sighing Hermione lowered herself on the pillows again.

''How do you feel love?'' Draco asked.

''Like I've been stepped on by a hippogrif.'' Hermione smiled. ''How's Harry?''

''He left about an hour ago. He's ok, the spell drained a lot of his energy, but Madam Pomfrey had him up and at'em two days ago.''

''How long have I been in here?'' Hermione frowned.

''Well…''Draco started, ''…you're starting on your sixth day. Pomfrey managed to take the venom out, but the wounds wouldn't heal. So she had to let them heal on their own, the muggle way. Snape tried as well, but he couldn't recognize the curse. We know it was a slashing curse, but it seems different from any other we know. Don't worry though, you'll be healed in a week or so.'' he smiled and kissed her.

Hermione smiled. ''Where's my wand?''

''Which one?''

''The elder wand, I want to try something.''

''Ok, but don't use too much power. Madam Pomfrey would skin me alive if she sees you with a wand right now. When you were brought in here, you probably would only be capable to cast a 'Lumos', but nothing else. You drained yourself pretty much.''

Hermione nodded and took the offered wand. Lifting herself in a sitting position and pulling the sheets away, she pointed the wand at her injured thigh and closed her eyes.

She could feel her power starting to grow. Muttering under her breath and waving the wand in different patterns, she could feel the wound starting to close and heal. When she was finished, with a tired smile on her lips she fell back on the pillow.

''You're amazing, did I ever tell you that?'' Draco said, kissing her.

''You mentioned it a few times.'' Hermione answered giggling.



''Would you marry me?''


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