another Lelouch drabble.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

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After everything I've been through...after everything I've done, one thing remains that tethers me to this world. One thing that makes this life worth living- it's my sister Nunnally's smile.

Her smile saves me when I'm hurting. Quells the fire when I'm burning. Without it, I don't know what I'd do. I would be lost, alone, forsaken. Her smile is my life. My only reason to live. the thing that makes me feel human.

In this world I live in, it's so easy to forget. So easy to walk around like a living corpse, without any feelings. But with Nunnally, it's impossible not to feel.

Nunnally's beautiful smile is something honest. Something pure. I must protect it, no matter what the cost.

Her smile soothes my pounding heart, calms my troubled mind. When it becomes too much, when this burden I carry seems too much, her smile saves me. I would do anything, anything in the world, just to see her smile- anything to pay back my savior.

And I am. I'm giving her the best gift I can give-

I am giving her the world.

Not just the world. A better world. A kind, loving world for a kind, loving girl. A world that must atone for the wrongs done against her- she has done nothing to wrong the world.

Bloodshed is red

Clear skies are blue

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