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Chapter Two: Explanation

So much ringing. RIIING. RIIING. Someone had to pick up the phone already. It was so loud and Spencer reached up to cover his ears. It was beginning to drive him insane. RIING. RIIING. He wanted to scream but he couldn't get it out of himself.

Upon the moment he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by many people. An unknown face neared closer. It was very peculiar.

"Sir, can you open your left eye as well?" The voice echoed, each echo softer and softer, waves of sound reaching his ears so frequently. The mans face was distorted. His eyes were bulgy and his mouth was tiny. The edges of his head were blending into the background like melted crayons on canvas. Rain started falling inside the small room. He swore he heard thunder. The ringing was back. It was louder than ever. He wanted to scream. Why couldn't he scream?

He was in space again. He reached out his hand, and grabbed a tiny luminous particle. It was shinning so brilliantly, it made him laugh with joy. The particle slowly melted, it turned into a beautiful glittery dense liquid, and seeped through his skin. For a moment he panicked, believing that he was poisoned, but then he relaxed, and gazed at his glowing skin.

These particles were beautiful. They were everywhere. He reached for another, and brought it to his arm. It seeped through his arm, making it glow. He sighed. Such beauty was not possible in the world he was accustomed to live in.

"Reid?" He heard, a marvelous voice, so angelic, so beautiful. The whooshing at his ear began, and he was grateful it was not the ringing.

It was like he teleported into another world.

The dove returned.

"Do you want to meet the creator?" It spoke, in its own language. Spencer understood the language of the doves. It was amazing. He nodded his head.

"Three.. Two.. " He heard faintly, as his body started shivering. He was at the top of Mt. Everest. It was cold. The mountains stood tall. The wind was fierce.

"Where is the creator?" Spencer questioned into the air. Then, he saw it. It was beautiful. The thing that created the universe. It was a diamond. It was bright, and had all the colors of the rainbow. It released such a bright light, that Spencer had to cover his eyes so quickly to prevent himself from becoming blind. The diamond was floating in mid air. It was spinning around slowly. The dove returned.

"This is the life source. It signifies the Earth and it's rotation. It is what gives the energy to this whole universe. Without this diamond, everything would die."

The sky was the color of champagne. Everything made so much sense. Spencer, in a brilliant way, had discovered the answer to everything. He reached out his hand, to touch the diamond. As he reached over, though, he felt a weird sensation at the pit of his stomach. Was it the poison? Did the particles hurt him? He began to panic, and breathe harshly, until he emptied his stomach onto the white snow covered ground. His throw up looked like melted chocolate ice cream that had muddled together with other various flavors. He crunched up his eyes at the ironic disgusting taste, and shook his head.

Everything shook for a moment, and he suddenly wished he was back at home or at the B.A.U. Why did he take this vacation, anyways? Where is the plane? The ship? He wants to go home. Please, let me go home.

"Now that you have seen the reason for our existence.. I am afraid we have to let you go." The dove whispered, as everything went black. Was he being sucked into a black hole? His body would be shredded to pieces! This couldn't happen. He clawed in front of him with his hands, trying to climb back out of the event horizon*. Nothing was faster than the speed of light. He was sucked in. As his body was shredded to pieces, he felt an insane wave of calm over him. It was almost so relaxing, he could fall asleep forever. He thought he did.

The moment Spencer Reid woke up, he had no idea where he was. Until his vision finally came into focus, he didn't know he was situated in a hospital bed. His first thoughts were: What happened? Why am I here?

As his heart started racing, the monitor behind him started beeping crazily, followed by a nurse charging in through the door. In back of the nurse, was a man. A person he knew. He was just having trouble remembering. It was all a bit hazy.

"Spencer" It was Hotch, he recognized.

Why was he in a hospital bed? What happened? Did he get hurt? Did he get shot? Wheres the rest of the team? He began to panic again, and tried to speak out loudly, but failed.

"Can you try to talk a bit slower and softer, Agent Reid?" The nurse asked, bringing up a needle with some clear liquid to his IV.

"No.. no.. narc.." he attempted, and Hotch relieved him with the fact that he was not getting any narcotics. He felt no pain at all, thankfully. What he did feel though, was tired. He felt horribly tired and slow.

Everything was quiet for a few seconds, as the nurse filled out some papers.

"How do you feel right now?" she asked.

"Very.. weak" he spoke slowly.

"Alright, do you feel any pain?"

"No" he replied, titling his head back on a pillow.

"Okay, well, the doctor will see you in a couple of minutes. If you need anything, do tell."

Reid nodded, and she dismissed herself.

Everything was silent, again. Hotch was sorting out his thoughts, and trying to make himself calm down.

"What.. what.. what happened?" he asked, once the nurse had shut the door, bringing his right hand up to his face, and covering both his eyes. Hotch brought up a chair and sat next to the hospital bed.

"Reid.. we need to have a serious conversation about this. I can't let this go. But I am so glad that you are alright. You scared me so much." Aaron confessed.

"Hotch.. what did I do? I can't remember."

"You thought you'd taken Dilaudid, but you actually took Ketamine. You were tricked, and you could've died." Hotch explained, and Spencer became very disappointed in himself. He looked away for a brief second, and then back at Hotch.

"I apologize" Spencer said, weakly. Hotch sighed.

"The important thing, is that you are okay. I was extremely worried. I haven't told anyone, if that concerns you. It's around three in the morning."

Reid took a long sigh.

"Do you feel that you need to take a couple of days off of work? You can't be alone though, Reid. I don't have that level of trust anymore with you, and I cannot afford for you to get hurt. I really care, and I am genuinely worried." Hotch spoke, with a sincere expression. An expression with emotion, something that you'd rarely see in him.

"I just.. I am truly sorry. I guess I just need to.. work on my problem harder. I do want to stay at work though. Please." He confessed, and rubbed his fingers on the edge of the blanket that was placed on top of him.

"You may, but if you ever feel like it's too much, please tell me."

"Can I.. Can I talk to you now?" Spencer asked, his whole self feeling very vulnerable.

"Of course, whenever you're ready" Hotch replied, and brought the chair a bit closer.

Okays there it is. Chapter 2! I think I am better at writing weird crazy things than actual real dialogue and actions.

event horizon* - The area around a black hole that once you reach it, you can't escape and you'll be sucked in. In order to escape you need to go faster than the speed of light. Apparently, nothing does.