"I think the aquarium is a distraction for the police to throw them off his trail." Barb explained as the two headed out of the building, as stealthily as possible.

"Is it ridged or something?" Catwoman questioned the woman on the other side of the communication line. She had many other questions, but for now rescuing Maggie was more than enough problems on her mind.

"I don't know." Giving the answer truthfully, Barb began a complete scan on the building, trying to trace any chemical imbalances in the building that would give off some sort of hint that a bomb or anything of that nature was hidden somewhere in the aquarium. "I can't really get a read on it, but the police should be there soon and there's enough league members crawling around to keep the police busy. Plus the tank that they smashed isn't going to be fun to get around."

"The Joker goes for theatricality," Batman was alongside Catwoman, not only watching for any signs of life following them, but wondering if he had crossed too much of a line with both of the women he was working it. "He would pull that type of stunt during the day when people are around, not at night."

"But he's not working for himself." Barb reminded everyone.

"Joker's gone rouge." There weren't any of the members blocking their way, putting an unsettling feel around them. "The league could have planted bombs here."

"Well," Barb sighed. "The police can take care of the guys at the aquarium."

"They won't be able to handle them." Batman argued.

"Ye of little faith." Barb chided. "I can get you online with dad, maybe you can give him hints on how to handle the situation."

"Tell him to watch the shadows." He replied.

"God, you're so cryptic sometimes." Exasperated, she turned to another subject. "I can't get a good view in the church, so they have to be deep inside. Probably in one of the chapels, where Maggie was actually baptized."

"You sure know how to make a girl feel better." Catwoman mumbled into her communication link.

"I try." Barb shrugged; knowing that the woman that had thought her secret was kept safe was not in the best of moods. "Alright, I'll let you guys wander around the great big fish tank in peace and update you when you get out."

The line went dead and the two masked people were completely alone. Neither spoke to another as they made their way around the near silent aquarium. Nothing to distract them except each other's thoughts. As they moved they knew that they could easily run into any of the members of the League and they would have to subdue them. However, they did not run into anyone to further distract them.

As they exited the building, police cars were heard coming towards them. Batman grabbed her again to get her into the tumbler, but she resisted and shoved him off.

"Don't." She grumbled, throwing him a look. "What do you know about me?"

"We have to..."

"You're going to explain everything on the way." Catwoman sauntered over to the tumbler and jumped into the open vehicle. He immediately followed, hearing the police cars getting closer.

They settled into the vehicle and Batman could feel the tension exuding from her body. The man inside the mask was squirming, but outwardly he showed nothing. This could not be the moment that he told her. He refused for this to be that moment.

"Did Babs tell you?" Catwoman asked quietly, deadly, but quietly.

"No." He growled as her moved quickly into the street lanes, ready to go full throttle towards the church.

"You told me she would be safe." She wasn't yelling nor was she striking at him, yet. Right now, he would rather her fist beating him, than this. "You said you would be watching."

"I was." Despite the sincerity, she wasn't buying it or really, she wasn't paying attention. She was too wrapped up in her own thoughts.

"It's…" A breath. "It's not you."

"We'll find her." Batman glanced over at her and resisted the urge to touch her, before parking the vehicle close to the church, in the dark recesses of the night.

Both got out of the tumbler and moved towards the church.

"Good, your there." Barb came back into their ears, as they walked side by side for a moment. "Now, you both need to cover all their tracks. Cat, if you go towards the front, you'll be able to hit anything head on. Plus there's an easier way up through the rafters to get a better view. Bats, you get to be on bottom this time, thought you guys might want to switch it up."

"How thoughtful." Catwoman grumbled. A fleeting memory of the last time they teamed up and the conversation that had come between she and Barb briefly went through her mind, then went away, quickly. It seemed more than a lifetime ago, when she had hope.

"I try." Barb got back to business. "Bats, I need you to go behind, just so we make sure there's no escape."

Without even a glance, the two split and went off into their directions. Although he wanted to follow her, this was not the time or the place; he had to go on his path right now. He had to make this right. What she had said on the way over, she was right. He had promised to keep her safe, and he had promised to watch her. It failed. He failed.

"Alright, B-man." Barb came into his ear. "Line is secure."

"They're in the back." He wanted to confirm this before continuing on at the back of the church. The narrow alleyway where the garbage was kept smelled and there was a tall brick wall, but luckily a door off its hinges was there, so he didn't have to actually climb it.

"Yes." It was not a reassuring voice that he had hoped for. "Selina's going to be dealing with some of the two bit men in the main part of the church. They appear to be Joker's actual men rather than the League. You need to deal with this part." A breath. "I can't actually see into the chapel, but I have a feeling that…"

"Give me an access point." Refusing to accept anything other than a happy ending right now, he switched the subject as he looked around the small garden. Truthfully, he knew how to get in the chapel, but she didn't need to know that, nor did Barb need to tell him what he was dreading. Glancing down at the ground he did not notice any struggle on the gravel nor any signs of more than one person coming in the back of the chapel. What was the Joker playing at?

"There's a secure entrance on the right side of the chapel." Barb mapped out the coordinates on the screen. "It won't lead you directly into the chapel but you'll get in there quicker than she will. Plus it could count as a surprise attack."

"Explain." Although not he entrance he was planning on, she had made her point by going for the element of surprise rather than heading straight in. At least one of them was thinking clearly tonight.

"The circuits are easier to get to on that side." She told him. "Cut the power. Both of you have night vision. Selina has them in her goggles, I made sure."

He didn't bother with a reply, instead he silently moved to the entry way that Barb had mentioned and slipped in between the stone entrance. Grand by scale, the cathedral was a Gotham landmark since the seventeen hundreds, but had not originally been this size. With one main aisle, loaded with pews and the alter, which was the center of ten naves and a smaller chapel on the west side, which was his mission to infiltrate.

The corridor of which he was moving in right now was very narrow with only electrical wiring at the top and light bulbs lighting the way. Spotting the circuit box and quickly cutting the power, he turned the night vision on. Making his way around the corridor, he listened for any movement that would alert him to any lackeys headed his way, or even the Joker himself. He knew that the Joker's men were few in number these days due to the League's higher prices and appeal to the criminally insane to overtake Gotham, tearing it to pieces. The League wanted to secure people to their side. They would be the last people to tolerate this kind of man. The League wanted control and the Joker was anything but.

As he continued, he noticed light up ahead, it was moonlight shining into the tiny hall. The light went eerily through the corridor and then illuminated the stained glass on the other side of the other wall. Looking up, he saw that the old rafters that used to be heavy wooden beams were now reinforced by steal ones that lead outwardly. Shooting a line upwards he ignored the wishes of Barb and decidedly moved on his own. If anything went wrong, he would be able to contact either woman to inform them, for now, he would attack from above. The new plan was simple, get Maggie and Selina out of there before the Joker knew what had hit him. Once the two were safe, the Joker was his.

Securing himself on the beam he stilled when he heard voices.

"Look what the cat dragged in." Joker's snide comment was no doubt made towards a certain woman that had decided the same thing Batman had done. Silently he damned himself and her for their independence at this point in time. Any other time, it worked, right now, it didn't.

"Um, Gotham, we have a problem." Barb's voice sounded in his ear. "Selina's not responding."

"I'm going in." Taking more steps forward to ensure a better view of what was exactly happening in the chapel, Batman was stopped. This was not part of the plan, the old or the new one he just concocted.

"Wait!" Barb said suddenly. "What happened to the plan?"

"There's a new one." Edging towards the opening between the roof and the wall, he wedged himself through to get a look down below.

"Which is?"

"I'm working on it." The light was too bright, even though the Joker seemed prepared with the hundreds of candles lit around the chapel. He had to turn off the night vision

"That's not reassuring." Barb felt the panic rise. Luckily she held back the urge to slam her fist down on the console, which would have sent the tea that Alfred had just put down moments earlier, flying all over the electronics. On a side note, Barb planned on having a talk with the two of them, together, about following instructions or at least keeping the earpieces in. "You people need to actually listen to me once in a while, especially when the plan actually works! Teamwork! It's a thing that people do!"

"What' going on at the aquarium?" He definitely did not feel like receiving a lecture at the moment that could wait. Looking down he saw that Selina was deep in the shadows and Joker was looking for her, straining his eyes. Joker appeared unarmed, but that didn't mean anything. Knives were a common up the sleeve trick for him. These candles were probably the most dangerous thing at the moment besides the tricks the Joker could pull. Peering down further, he saw the small figure of Maggie.

The child was drenched, in an all white long dress as if this was indeed her baptism. She was limp as her body surfaced in the shallow pool of the baptismal fountain. Cloth drifted around her unmoving body from the small fall of water, which was not near her but was having an affect and her pale skin practically matched her clothes. The clown had even put flowers surrounding her comparing Maggie was the Ophelia from the print. Expecting the worse, he saw that Catwoman was still in the recesses of the niches, waiting, assessing. Thank God.

"The police found a bomb," Barb cut his thoughts short. "But were able to disarm."

"The League?" He questioned.

"One in custody, three dead." She informed. "There was a silent trigger leading into the place that didn't lead to you or the police but so far no one has showed up yet."

"Good. Standby." Before she could further inquire into what he was doing, he turned her off. He needed silence for this. Taking out a cartridge from his belt then unhooking the grapple from the other side of his belt, Batman prepared the grapple for a semi-attack. The static shock wouldn't be ready for another five minutes, but he aimed for the Joker, he couldn't help but to listen in on what he was saying.

"Oh come on Miss Kitty!" The freak giggled, as he circled around the fountain. "I know you're just dying to touch her. To make sure everything is alright. See if she has a pulse, still breathing, still alive?" Pausing, Batman noticed that he was moving his fingers quite a bit. Joker only did that in lieu of a nervous twitch that the average population had. But the Joker didn't get nervous, he had toys for when he got nervous, to quell the nerves and stop whatever had made him scared in the first place.

"The shadows can't hide you forever!" Joker scoffed at the unseen woman and he again paused, letting a slow grin, baring his teeth show through. "Did you know that your sister didn't even beg for her life? Oh no, she was too busy begging for her sweet little daughter's life. That's right, Selina, Maggie was sleeping peacefully the entire time as her mother tried to muffle each one of her screams.

"I counted her screams," His eyes were visibly scanning the room, then he stopped where Maggie lay, "there were seventeen in total before her voice finally gave out and I slit her throat. But you gotta hand it to the girl, she put up a reasonable fight, not as much as her daughter did I'm afraid."

Batman watched as Catwoman's form completely stilled in the shadows and he had a hard time even seeing her. That was what she wanted, to face her demons alone. Tonight, she couldn't, he wouldn't let her. More importantly, she didn't have to face them alone.

"Dear, sweet Maggie here." An unsheathing of a knife came into the echo of the chapel. "She has struggled for so long. But you see, Kitty Cat, her mother did something you didn't." A pause, as he lowered himself towards Maggie's form. "Miss Holly, saved her child."

Before Batman was able to comprehend what just happened, Catwoman leapt out of her hiding spot and tackled the man. Obviously unconcerned for her safety she struggled with his arm that held the knife and pinned him down to the ground. Batman quickly made it to the floor, forgetting about the charging electrical stun gun that was supposed to sedate the Joker. He had to settle for knocking Joker out with his fist. Quite frankly, that idea was more appealing to him than taking the man out from a distance.

"And look who decided to join in on the fun!" Joker crackled. "The Batman himself!"

"Get her and get out of here!" Catwoman called to Batman, as she struggled, but she lost sight of Joker's other arm that decided to wrap around her neck, with the knife pointed at her face. Batman paused, a pounding of blood coursed through his eardrums as he watched the scene carefully, making note when he should move in to take the man out. He would refuse to let her end come to this, enough blood had been spilt by the Joker and none of it would be hers. He would make sure of that.

"Do you want to know how I got these scars?" Joker said quietly in her ear.

"No." She rammed her elbow into his stomach, and he was able to graze her upper neck with the knife, but she fully got away. Before Joker could go to grab her, Batman came in with a swift punch to the face. Then grabbing Joker's head by his scraggly hair.

"Talia's hiding place, where is it?" Batman growled down at the man on his knees.

"What did I tell you about starting with the head?" Joker struggled to speak at the angle his neck was at.

"Tell me." Instead of yelling, Batman decided a lower, more threatening tone was more useful to him at this point. One needed to keep this clown guessing, to keep him unaware.

"Not your usual loud self today, are we? Wouldn't want to wake the poor dear." They made use of a momentary staring contest, before Batman drew the painted man upwards and slammed his fist into Joker's stomach, then promptly dropping him on the stone floor. Then brought him back up again. "That was uncalled for."

Again, Batman threw him down on the cold stone, then stepped on Joker's back before bringing his arm to an unnatural angle, resulting in only a minor crack. He had already asked the question, this time, he refused to talk until he received it.

"You're learning well." Joker audibly winced as the arm bent further. "And to answer your question, I don't know."

Rewarded with a loose arm, the Joker moved to a more upward position before getting his arms kicked out from under him, planting his face right into the floor.

"Where is the League's hideout?" Batman asked. He reasoned with himself that he would not let up anything until the Joker told him all the information he knew. The unfortunate side effect of having known this terror for a couple years now, was he knew when the freak was lying.

"Why would I know that?" Joker scoffed from his place below. Then pushed himself to a sitting position, leaning against the wall. The answer earned him a swift kick to the face. "Silent type tonight, aren't we?" Another kick. Joker chuckled. "Is there anything you don't know? Really?"

With that Batman took Joker's head and slammed it into his knee.

"With that kick and those punches," Joker managed to look up through a mouthful of blood. His nose broken and bleeding, red mixing with red. "You belong in the Narrows." A draw back of the fist, caused Joker to actually hold up his hands and give out a loud laugh of painful delight. "Alright! You win!" Joker put the hands down. "Only cause they're as bad for my business as yours… You know Dr. Quinn, then you also know that she didn't live in such a nice place as she does now. Oh no, Dr. Quinn isn't even a Gotham native and first moved here in the Narrows. Poor decision on her part. Find her first apartment, which is small sack of potatoes for a guy like you."

With that, Batman was sick of hearing the disgusting man speak and knocked his head against the wall and rendered him unconscious. In case the man decided to grace the chapel with his presence, Batman tied the clown up with shackles that not even Houdini could escape from.

Turning, he saw a sight that he wasn't prepared for. Instead of Catwoman's mask, she had opted to take it off and had dragged a limp Maggie into her arms. He could not help notice that Selina's hair was completely different. Instead of the long blond wavy strands he had seen in the past, she sported a cropped haircut. It was its original color as well, dark brown, practically black with a lighter tones. The color he had seen in China and in the pictures. Duly noting that he liked it, even in its mussed state, and thought it suited her. Selina held the girl to her chest, brushing the hair out of her face. Quietly, he made his way over to her, kneeling down beside her.

"She still has a pulse." Selina whispered as she held Maggie's drenched form.

"We need to get her out of those clothes." Batman told her in a voice that was a mixture between the two men inside him.

All she did was nod, as he stood.

"Let's get her to the hospital." He tried again.

"I…I need to…" Her eyes didn't stray from the little girl. It was as if she was going to open her eyes at any moment and Selina was not willing to let that opportunity pass her by.

"I have spare clothes." He tugged her on her arm gently, then saw that she was having trouble standing up, and went for the child.

"No." She whispered and hugged Maggie closer to her.

"Selina," This would not be the night to be gruff with her, so he changed his entire tone. She needed to be swayed to move from her spot. Understanding that she was in shock, he tried to take control by removing Maggie from her grasp but Selina gave him a sharp look before complying. Even with the amount of amour covering him, Batman could tell that Maggie was freezing, the coolness of the water had chilled her skin significantly. Therefore, out of his utility belt he brought a heating pad to her back and activated the heating tool that was usually used to keep him warm on long winter patrol nights. As Selina moved to stand, he stopped her. "Your mask."

"What's the point?" Her eyes rolled. "You already…"

"But no one else does." He told her. "All the cameras were deactivated as well, your safe."

Without saying anything, she picked up the discarded object and placed it on her head. In the distance police cars were sounding.

"Come on." Batman began to move quickly out of the chapel.

"They're coming to get the Joker." Barb sounded in his earpiece.

"Ambulance?" He questioned.

"They're too busy at the aquarium." She sighed. "Apparently the League's men had back up. We still have the one in custody, but things didn't turn out so well at the aquarium. But dad's men listened, unlike some people. They stayed in the shadows, found them easier that way too." A pause. "You got her?"

"Yes." They hurried out the back and to the tumbler. Opening the vehicle he let Selina get in first before handing her Maggie. Then put himself beside her, opened a compartment, which Batman produced the said clothes he had mentioned. Nothing truly appealing just a pair of oversized sweats.

"You wouldn't happen to have a thermal blanket in here, would you?" The tone was supposed to be sarcastic as she took off her mask, but he easily retrieved one from another compartment. "Dare I ask where the changing room is?"

Without answering a screen between them began to scroll down and the engine roared with life and he shifted into the streets of Gotham.

"You've got to be joking." Selina lifted a brow, quickly taking off the drenched clothing and tucking her niece in the warm blanket to try and get some color back into the pale skin. At the very least, to make herself feel better if worse came to worse. "Why do I have the feeling that this screen doesn't hide much of anything?"

Wisely, he remained silent.

"It's not necessary."

The screen went back up.

"If you have a heated car-seat, I'll be impressed." She began to discard her suit while still keeping a hold of Maggie. This wasn't the first time she had multitasked.

"Heated seats." He trained his eyes on the road, happy that the blanket that was essentially around Maggie was actually covering Selina up fairly well. "No car seat, though."

"You know it's against the law to have a child under sixty pounds not in a car seat?"

"So is stealing."

"And assaulting cops." The pants made their way on to her body. "I need to get her stuff from the apartment."

"You can't go there." Finally the top was on, and he could look at her now. "The Joker ruined it, it needs to be investigated."

"You mean, you need to investigate it." She sighed and finally pulled Maggie closer to her.

"What do you need from there?" It was a surprising question but she wasn't going to fault the man for helping her now.

"She would want her bear." Selina said quietly looking down at her. "And coloring books."

"And a change of clothes."

"Are you assaulting people for fashion crimes now?" She let a smirk show, realizing that she was actually joking around with the Batman. "That would be nice."

The rest of the ride to hospital was silent. When they finally arrived at the Urgent unit, people were already there, waiting, one in particular was a face amongst the nurses and doctors that Batman was more than pleasantly surprised to see. Barb had called them in right after they left. Selina turned to him.

"Thank you."

He didn't reply, mostly because she didn't give him a chance as she leapt out of the tumbler and rushed over to the doctors who were also coming over to help her. They had everything all prepared. Taking Maggie from Selina, then he observed as Selina went forward as if to follow the girl strapped to the gurney, but was stopped by the woman that Batman was extremely happy to see. The woman spoke quietly to her, no doubt something encouraging, and placed a hand on her shoulder before leaving Selina alone to follow the gurney into the hospital's building.

Staring powerlessly at her, he watched as Selina stood there, alone in the entryway of the hospital. He couldn't go out to her right now, but he would make sure that she made it into the hospital. At least he would know that she was a little bit safer than just standing outside. At the moment though, she wasn't moving to actually go inside. Instead, she looked helpless, something that he had never seen with her before. Her arms limp at her side, breath coming out rapidly, and eyes trained on the sliding doors that Maggie's body had just gone through.

Then he realized that she didn't look helpless as she crossed her arms, as a chilly breeze went by. In the oversized sweats it made it even more apparent that she looked alone. Completely and utterly alone. He couldn't help her now. Not as this.

Then her solace was interrupted by a rush of a couple of ambulances. Members of what looked to be the police force and SWAT came rushing by her and more doctors, nurses, residents made their way to help with what ever they could. Selina seem to snap out of her own misery quickly. With a breath that he didn't know he was holding, she finally went in.

"Barbara." He knew that she had been always there and he finally pulled out of the driveway.

"Yes, B-man?" She answered.

"Bring up footage from the aquarium."

Jim waited on top of the MCU building, taking in the cooler air of October. He had lost track of the nights that he had spent up here waiting for his masked friend to come falling from the surrounding roof tops and stand beside him. Both had been through hell and back together. Now, it wasn't any different.

Before Batman, Jim Gordon had almost given up hope on this city. The city he had lived in the majority of his life and had raised three kids in, he was ready to give up and move to Chicago. However, when Batman had come along, he was weary of course, but after he proved himself time and time again, he couldn't leave now. The Commissioner position, surely put that idea to rest.

Due to the late nights and conferences, his family life suffered. Jim wasn't sure who the Batman was, but he was positive that whoever, or if there was someone, waited at home for him either loved the night bat hours he kept or nagged him every morning just like his wife did. Yet when it came right down to it, Jim Gordon loved his family, his wife, children, and the extended members of the family. He would never change the love he had for his city nor the hours that he kept to protect the city, its citizens, and his family. But he wasn't getting any younger, fifty was creeping its way into his bones and there wasn't anything he could do to stop it.

"Jim." A gravely voice shook him from his thoughts.

"Jesus!" Jim jumped and turned to the source of the noise.

"Guess again." Although it took a while for Jim to appreciate the cape crusader's humor, or realize that he had one, it really did fit in with his lifestyle.

"You really are going to give me a heart attack one of these days." Jim sighed. "I trust that Babs told you what happened at the aquarium?"

"I saw the footage." Always straight to the point, again another quality Jim enjoyed.

"You mean the carnage?" His head shook. "Those men are trained well, very well. They have that disappearing act down like you do." When Batman didn't reply, he kept going, "The guy that we had in custody is refusing to talk. Found that he had a poison chip in his mouth, figured it was for if he was captured. Luckily we got it out of him before he swallowed it or even activated it."

"She said that you have evidence?" Batman questioned.

"More like an invitation." Jim produced a piece of paper in a plastic bag and Batman took it. "It's to the Library's annual benefit. To Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. It was found of each of the dead League's bodies."

"She's the next target."

"He might be too." Jim nodded. "Plus the library makes perfect sense. I did some digging and found out that the Annual Benefit used to be a place where the mob would convene down in the archives. Rumors of them having their stash of information down there, it also comes together."

"And the prints." Batman remembered a certain time when Selina had mentioned this little tidbit of information when they had visited the particular museum. Before Maggie had been taken away, before he knew her other half, before he knew what exactly she was or meant to him.

"The prints?" Jim questioned. "Wouldn't they be in the art museum?"

"They were," He told him, "until 1990, when the Gotham Art Museum was renovated and they never moved back."

"They've been leaving clues the entire time." A distant look came over his face and the two men paused on top of the building. Both were lost in thought for that particular moment and neither knew what to really say to the other. Really, it was Jim that wanted to say something but wasn't exactly sure on how to start. So he opted for the more direct approach.

"So you're working with Babs." It wasn't a question, so Batman didn't feel a need to reply. "I know that she's old enough to do what she wants and that she can handled herself if anything were to happen, hell look at her now, refusing to quit. But she is my daughter. I don't know where you operate out of and I don't think I even want to, but if something were to ever happen to her, I like to think…"

"Nothing more will." That was a promise he was willing to keep. "Her skill set requires her to act only in an area away from immediate danger."

"That's reassuring." Jim smirked. "You know she and Dick used to joke about becoming your sidekicks when they got married. Except they would fall into this joke that suddenly only became about them. The 'Dynamic Duo' they would call themselves." An overwhelming sadness came over his features, "I can't loose any more of my family."

"Your losses are not only yours, Jim." Batman told him quietly.

"I know." He nodded. Then decided to suddenly switch topics. It had been a long time since it was just the two men standing here on a rooftop. Although the extra help was great both couldn't help but think that it was nice to have a bit of just their time together. Not mention, the man inside the suit was grateful to have this friendship even though out of the mask their relationship was a bit strained to say the least. He still had yet to figure out how to recertify that aspect. "There's going to be a new transfer in a year or so, from Chicago."

"Trustworthy?" He questioned, although he basically knew the answer.

"Extremely." Gordon confirmed. "He's good too. Took down the branch of the Maroni family over there, and then worked his way to bringing down the Vitti family, but needs to get rid of them over here first. Works undercover, heard he's a bit on the quiet side, but I have a partner in mind for him to fix that problem."

"Blake is a rookie." Knowing Jim's fondness for the young cop.

"But persistent." He shrugged. "He'll remind you a lot of Dick, less immature funny and more snarky funny though. Both are detectives to their cores and I'm told don't mind doing a little digging. Better be careful, they might find out your well-kept secret. Something that I never accomplished."

"You could." Batman told him, but Jim wasn't looking his way. He was about to turn around and reply. But not surprisingly Batman had left him alone on the rooftop. Jim just smirked.

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