Bella's Pov

I looked over to Edward, smiling as his hand went out to my face, running his fingers along my sparkling skin.

Meeting his golden eyes, I let myself snuggle closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder.

His arm came around me, drawling me in closer to him, and just like the day we had first touched, the sparks danced like wild fire between us.

Here is where I felt my happiness; laying here in our meadow, away from the rest of the world, in our own little piece of forever.

"Momma, daddy, look what I found!" The beautiful voice of our precious daughter sounded from behind us.

I sat up with a sigh, and smiled as Nessie came running towards us.

Edward chuckled; sitting up as well.

"We'll have our time to ourselves soon enough," He whispered in my ear, and I shivered at what he probably had in mind.

I shared a knowing smile with him before laughing as Nessie jumped in-between us.

"Look at this," She said and opened her hands.

In her little palm was a bright, shiny purple gem.

My eyes widened at it, and I looked up at Edward, to see his similar look.

"Nessie, where did you get this sweetie?" I asked taking the gem from her hands, to look more carefully at it.

"It was under this big rock that I smashed up," She smiled watching the gem from my hands in eagerness.

I gazed at it for a while, trying to determine if it was safe for Nessie to have. The only thing that it seemed to do was sparkle a bit brighter as I watched it, but other then that it did nothing.

I handed it over to Edward for him to look at.

"You're a very lucky girl, you found treasure," I smiled, kissing the top of her head.

Nessie clapped her tiny hands smiling eagerly.

"So does this mean I can keep it?"

"Well…" Edward said analyzing the gem.

Nessie now turned to Edward with a pout at his hesitance.

"Please daddy?" She said giving him the 'puppy' look.

He sighed, smiling amused at his daughter, and gently handed her the gem.

"I suppose you can." He chuckled.

"Thank you daddy, I'm gonna go look for more." Nessie smiled in joy holding the jewel tightly in her hands.

"Alright, just don't go too far," I said watching her go racing off.

"I won't mommy," She called back before disappearing from sight.

I sighed looking back at Edward.

"Are you sure we should have let her keep that?" I asked slightly worried for a second.

Edward softly took my hand, playing with my fingers.

"I see nothing wrong with it, although it is a bit odd to find a jewel around here in Forks of all places."

I nodded in agreement, getting a bit distracted as I watched back into his eyes.

"I'm sure we are just being 'paranoid parents'." I said amused, remembering what Jacob had told me a few days ago.

Edward laughed, again pulling me closer.

"Bella, Edward, there you guys are!" A voice called from behind us, and again we both sighed.

Would it be so bad as to have a bit of alone time with my husband, what that to much to ask?

"What can we do for you Alice?" Edward asked turning to look back at the pixie that came bouncing over to us. But when I noticed her usual bright, bubbly smile was replaced with a worried look I began to get anxious.

"What is it Alice?" I asked tensely.

"It's nothing really… it's just I had this vision…" She started.

Edward now was tense, watching Alice with suspicion.

"Alice, why are you blocking your thoughts?"

"Is it the Volturi, is it about Nessie?" I asked now panicked.

Edward quickly was comforting me, pulling me up to my feet now tangled in his arms.

"No, no… it's Bella…" Alice said looking down.

Edward's arms tightened around me, a growl falling off his lips as he stared at Alice.

"Me?" I muttered a bit shocked.

Alice nodded warily.

"It's nothing to serious… it's just… Just a few minutes ago I haven't been able to see you?" Alice spoke looking up at us, then around. "Is Jacob here, or any of the wolves?"

Edward shook his head, now looking worried.

"No, none of them are around; Jacob won't be coming till dinner." Edward said.

Alice frowned, looking at me.

"Maybe it's nothing to worry about, my shield just might be getting stronger," I offered, hoping to calm them both.

"Not likely Bella," Another voice said from behind Alice.

Jasper came into view, coming to Alice's side, watching me curiously.

"We have to tell Carlisle about this," Edward said sounding anxious.

"Already done, he's calling for a meeting in the living room in five minutes." Alice said her eyes clouding over.

"Nessie will be back in a minute…see you guys there," Alice said looking at me one more time before walking away with Jasper.

I looked up at Edward, hoping that I could reassure him in any way, but the sight of his tense features told me nothing was going to get to him now.

"It could be nothing," I tried anyway.

"Alice not being able to see you isn't nothing Bella." He said ending the discussion at that.

I sighed, and smiled weakly as Nessie came back with wild flowers in her hair.

"I didn't find any more treasure," She pouted walking to me.

I picked her up, stroking his hair.

"It's alright, I'm sure you'll find more latter, we have to go and talk with Carlisle ok," I said.

Nessie looked up at me, then Edward.

"Can I come to?" She said hopeful.

I glanced at Edward before nodding, noticing he didn't say anything, just watched us with an almost pained expression.

"Sure you can," I said, and turned to Edward, nodding for him to lead the way into the house.

He swiftly took my free hand, and went marching forward, pulling us quickly along with him.

I wasn't sure what was about to be said, but I did know that no matter what Nessie and Edward would stay safe, that's all that mattered.

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