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~~Bella's Point of View~~

Of course when Carlisle came back, he agreed for the Denali's to stay for as long as they wanted, and set up rooms for each of them to stay in.

Nessie at the moment was outside with Kate, Garrett, and Emmett in the yard. They appeared to be going an arm-wrestling competition again.

Edward and I stayed inside, watching them from the window, Rose sitting on the couch behind us watching pointedly at us.

"When is the mutt going to show up?"

Edward tensed at that, and turned a bit, wrapping a gentle arm around me, as if a little to much pressure would break me in half.

"Hopefully never," Edward muttered, leaning down to rest his head on my shoulder.

I knew it was wrong to think this way, but I agreed with Edward completely. He was a danger to Nessie, and as much as I'd love to have my best friend back I knew if I ever let him be that he would push for more.

And that wasn't going to happen.

"Bella, I got you another drink," Tanya's voice sounded from behind me.

I turned, holding a nice smile on my face as I looked at her dazzling beauty.

Slowly I took the cup, inspecting it a bit, and taking a brief smell before taking a sip.

As much as I tried to be ok with Tanya being here, I couldn't let go of my discomfort. I didn't trust her, and I knew that was silly, I already got Edward, he was mine, she was no longer a threat, but I just couldn't seem to let go of the past.

"Thank you," I spoke quietly, and looked away from her, and up to Edward.

His golden eyes shined with amusement, watching me with a knowing smile.

Of course he noticed everything.

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" Tanya smiled watching us.

"I think I can handle it from here," Rose chimed in, now right beside Tanya.

For a second I noticed just the slightly flicker of annoyance lighting in their eyes as they both looked at each other.

"Of course," Tanya said, slowly backing away a bit.

Rose watched, moving to stand protectively in front of me.

A thought came to me, and I frowned suspiciously.

Was the only reason Tanya was here, and trying to help me so much, and do things for me, was because she wanted the baby?

Why other reason would she try so hard to get close, and just all of a sudden care enough to come here all the way from Denali just to be there for the delivery?

Because she wants something?

Or because she just cares that much?

It was a good question, one I didn't have the answer for, but I'm sure Edward did. He could read her mind after all.

I was about to let my shield down for just the slightly second, but when I heard the door quickly opening, and slamming shut, I looked over to see Jacob stomping in.

"So I finally made it, sorry I was late," He said marching over towards us.

Edward tensed, holding me a bit closer to him, a rumble in his chest beginning.

"Oh, I didn't know the wolves would be here," Tanya spoke, wrinkling her nose, backing up more from us.

Jacob snapped his eyes to Tanya, looking as though he was about to snap off a witty comment, but he froze in his tracks.

Tanya stared at Jacob in confusion, backing up again as he stared back, his brown eyes swimming with warmth and emotion.

I watched as a shiver run through his body, and in seconds he was in front of Tanya, smiling like he had been a blind man, seeing the sun for the first time.

Edward's enchanting laugh startling me, bring my attention back to him.

His eyes shined with relief and joy as he watched between Tanya and Jacob.

"What is it?" I wondered, glancing at Rose to see she was just as confused.

"Jacob, he imprinted," Edward said, his voice not hiding his relief.

Confusion hit me first at his words, but then I slowly understood, and smiled to, watching him and Tanya.

"On Tanya," Rose said laughing loudly, looking extremely smug.

This had to be the best news in the world.

Not only did I finally lose my admirer, so did Edward, now I had nothing at all to worry about any more.

"What's imprinting," Tanya said, giving Jacob a dirty look, looking unsure, and slightly scared.

This had to be the best thing that has ever happened.

"I think Jacob can explain that," Edward smiled, kissing the top of my head.

Jacob continued staring at Tanya, his face turning pink at her curious look at him.

The only thing that could make this moment better would for my baby to be here.

Lightly I stroked my stomach, watching down at it.


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Question: Can an imprint really stop you from loving more then one person?