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After Elena's initial shock she relaxes into the pleasure, eager to allow Katherine to continue pumping her fingers in and out of her tight clenching core. Elena lets out a stream of moans her hands lift to gently glide down over Katherine's slender back. The curve at its centre allow some purchase for her fingertips, Elena surprises them both by continuing lower until her fingers grip Katherine's ass.

In response Katherine ups her pace, her fingers soon becoming coated by Elena's velvet walls. Her thumb continues to flick, circle and rub Elena's clit causing her body to jolt and writhe. Katherine chuckles as she hears Elena's moans increase in volume and then finally feels the result of her work as Elena suddenly throbs and finds her release.

Elena gasps, her fingers squeezing Katherine's ass roughly, finding herself enjoying this far more than she should. Katherine moans excessively as she buries her fingers deeper inside Elena's heated core. Katherine lowers her head to plant kisses along Elena's neck, her skin warm beneath Katherine's lips.

Elena starts grinding her hips upward, arching back up into Katherine's touch, begging for more. 'Oh, Elena you've been deprived for far to long'.

Elena nods and cries out, 'Yes… I needed this… you…' she shocks herself with her words. One of Elena's hands leave Katherine's ass and reaches down for the sheets, her fingertips gripping a handful as she fights to control herself as Katherine threatens to draw her over the edge, yet again. Her stomach clenches, her walls contract and again she coats Katherine's fingers with her release.

'I want a taste…' Katherine whispers, her lips leaving Elena's neck to glance down at her doppelganger.

Elena doesn't reply, instead just nods frantically. At that precise moment the only sensation she wanted was that of Katherine's tongue delving deep within her smooth folds.

Katherine obliges, she suddenly shifts her position and scoots down Elena's body occasionally trailing kisses down over her silken skin. Elena's hands knot in Katherine's hair just as their gaze's meet, each burn with desire, and each burn with lust.

Katherine's lips finally reach Elena's waiting folds, her slit gleams with moisture. Katherine eagerly trails her tip over Elena's sensitive folds, tasting her release as it soaks Katherine's tongue. Elena spreads her legs, lifting her knees though allowing Katherine all the space she needs.

Katherine's hands wrap around Elena's outer thighs, holding her to her lips whilst she drags her tongue over her folds, again and again. Elena removes one hand from Katherine's elegantly curled hair and places it on her exposed breast. Using two fingers Elena lightly tugs at one of her erect nipples to increase her own pleasure. Elena feels an increased urge however to repay the favour, to pleasure Katherine as she pleasures her. A confusing urge yet one she can't deny. 'Give up…' Katherine groans into Elena's sweet folds, 'Let yourself go…' Elena cries out giving Katherine exactly what she requests.

A third time, Elena gasps at the prospect, no one had ever had such an effect. Elena quickly finds herself becoming infatuated with the continuing pleasure Katherine delivers. Elena whispers in an attempt to be alluring 'I… I need to touch you…' she instantly feels anything but alluring, though another flick of Katherine's tongue removes all doubt. Katherine ignores her however and pushes the tip of her tongue between Elena's tightly clenches walls.

Katherine can't help but let a slight chuckle slip from her lips, but she presses her lips against Elena's folds, her teeth graze over the smooth skin and her tongue delves deep into Elena's heated core.

'YES!' Elena screams out, one hand grips her breast roughly, the other tugs a handful of Katherine's flowing hair. Katherine uses a very limited amount of her strength to keep Elena pinned down, as she is determined to let her release slip down her throat.

Once Elena has finally stopped moaning Katherine removes her lips from her folds. Katherine's dark gaze raises to meet Elena's. The pair look at each other in amusement, a similar smirk on their identical faces. 'If only the Salvatore's knew that you're clearly into girls', Katherine smirks slyly before leaning down quickly to place a kiss on Elena's still moist folds.

Elena shakes her head, a pout replacing the smirk, 'I didn't know I was… perhaps…' she pauses quickly, glancing away before blushing a deep scarlet, 'perhaps it's just you…'. Elena lifts a hand to brush a strand of her perfectly straight brunette hair off of her sweat-covered forehead.

Katherine lets out an amused chuckle, 'Oh, the irony of this situation is far too much'.

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