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Chapter One

The pain was excruciating, the flames of pure agony seemed to stroke and lick at his skin as he couldn't prevent the screams of raw hurt which fell from his dryly cracked lips. His back arched off the bed as he felt as if he was getting skinned and boiled alive, nothing had felt as horrific as this was all he could think as he begged and sobbed for whoever it was to kill him to put an end to the intense pain he was suffering.

He didn't know how long it lasted, the fire licking at his limbs and seemingly burning him from the inside out, the pain constant as it felt like days, weeks, months' had passed without any relief from the agony which he was going through. That was until it increased, the fire turning cold drastically which while may have sounded like a relief it only fuelled the pain and concentrated it until his voice was hoarse and dry from his cries.

"Draco honey, come back to me…"

He was vaguely aware of someone calling his name, pleading with him to do something though he had no idea what. His breathing was sharp and uneven, each move he made pain raked through his body as it only increased to a level he couldn't believe he could actually survive through.

His pain seemed to suddenly start to focus towards the centre of his chest, his heart most specifically as he tried desperately to claw at where his heart lay to try and put an end to it. He could hear muffled voices around the room, none of them making any senses as he felt arms grab him, touch him! He didn't know why but he despised it, what right did they have to touch him?

He didn't know what he had done but whatever it was he heard the repercussions of his actions, startled screams filling the room as he heard the impact of someone or something hitting into a wall, it crumbling bit by bit as it hit the floor with repeated thuds. How was this possible he thought, finally the pain seemingly drawing out of his aching body leaving him numb.

He sat up gasping, his eyes wide as his nails clawed into the sheets as he gripped them as if they were the only thing that had kept him grounded. His body twitching as he breathed in only to realise that he could identify the scents of three people in his room, finding his body go tense at the possible threat. What the hell had happened to him?

He continued to take in his surroundings, he was in his room but his memory was faded and blurry as he tried to re-call how he had gotten here. It was confusing, he didn't like not knowing and he found his upper lip twitching into a silent scowl of displeasure. The action worried him, how his body seemed to be running as if it was purely instinctual and that it was right for him to act his way.

Wiping his brow with the back of his hand he cringed when he felt the amount of sweat on his skin, suddenly feeling incredibly dirty as he wiped it on his soaked sheets with a cringe of disgust.

"Draco?" a soft voice interrupted his mental ramblings, his head instantly snapping towards the noise, finding it strangely familiar as he took in the worried and drawn looking woman in front of him with a slight tilt of his head.

"Mother?" he asked, confused beyond belief when he saw two house-elves following through with his mothers' orders as they scurried around the room with whatever they had been told to do. He rolled his eyes, ignoring them like he usually did.

"Oh my boy, you scared me half to death" Narcissa gushed, quickly but cautiously rushing to her sons side and hugging his damp body, it not crossing her mind that it was ruining her dress in the process. How could it, after watching her son go through that pure agony for days on end and not being able to do a thing to help him through it.

Draco carefully hugged his mother back, frowning as he realised how strongly he could detect her scent along with the house-elves who seemed to be getting a fire going in his room, his large fireplace quickly providing the room with heating which he didn't know whether to be grateful for or not. He wasn't sure how he felt right now, he wasn't sure if he should feel as strong as he did when he had just gone through complete and utter hell for what had seemed like eternity.

"What happened?" Draco asked as he pulled away, feeling extremely tense for some reason though for strange reason he couldn't seem to get himself to relax whatever he did.

"I am so sorry my dragon, what's the last thing you remember?" Narcissa asked her son, accepting a glass of water from a house-elf as she passed it to her Draco who took it quickly. As she looked at him she found herself shaking her head, while he still looked like her son he had changed so much and that thought scared her.

"I was urm…" Draco started before frowning deeply, his memory fuzzy. "I was coming to see you, I didn't feel right before I collapsed" he finished, remembering the achingly pounding headache which he had been developing before he felt nauseous and collapsed as he tried to find her with no luck.

"Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry I had hoped it had skipped your generation" Narcissa said softly, her eyes watering as she tried to stay strong for her son. This caught Draco's attention, she knew?

"What?" he demanded, pulling away slightly causing hurt to flash through her eyes but Draco ignored it. He didn't feel comfortable in her arms, hell he didn't feel comfortable at all as he twitched and rolled his neck in an attempt to get rid of the aching in his muscles. It was as if he was missing something or someone, the thought was ludicrous but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was correct in his assumption.

"Don't hate me Draco, but…" Narcissa stated, not knowing where to start. She hadn't told anyone else, not even his godfather Snape since she knew exactly what was happening to him and that if anyone had tried to interfere then they would have most likely ended up dead. She didn't want that, hell he had thrown her into his far wall when she was foolish enough to try and restrain him. What the hell had she been thinking when she had tried to do so she didn't know. "…you're a Veela" she stated bluntly, not knowing how else to word it as she broke the news in an almost harsh manner which caused her to wince at his reaction.

"WHAT?" Draco roared, not realising that he had gotten off the bed and was pacing in front of his mother before she could blink. She winced, glad that Lucius was in Azkaban and awaiting the kiss of death. She may have loved her husband but he was not a nice man, Draco though was her son and she would protect him with her life.

Draco couldn't believe what he was hearing, he knew some things about Veela from his study into mythical creatures when they were briefly mentioned in class but how was it possible? He knew they were powerful beasts, seen to be incredibly vicious and volatile but that didn't bother him, hell the more power and fear the better…it was the fact that they couldn't live without a mate to keep them grounded.

"How long do I have?" he muttered, shoving the house-elf slightly as he tried to get his masters attention to give him some food. While Draco normally treated them well he was not in the mood, his furious attitude seemingly draining away when he realised that unless he found his mate who could been anyone he didn't have long left until the Veela in him died of heartbreak.

"Until your 18th birthday" Narcissa said softly, already coming to terms with the fact that it could be an increasingly high possibility. She knew she would try whatever it took to make sure her son was safe, but she couldn't help but brace herself for the worst possible scenario.

"Fuck, fuck!" Draco shouted, his hands gripping his hair only to find it seemed softer than usual. He passed it off, his frame still exhausted from the pain he had injured but he couldn't help but realise that he had under a year to find and get his mate, whoever she was, to accept him before his Veela finally couldn't take the loneliness anymore and accepted death willingly, effectively taking him with it.

"Language Draco, look everything will work out. You have to return to Hogwarts in a few days so you need to rest, I will have the house-elves pack your things and hopefully you will find your mate in one of the students there" Narcissa stated, well demanded before she kissed her son on the cheek and left for him to have some rest.

Draco sat their stunned, quickly making his way over to his bed before laying down on it. While he felt disgusting he was just too exhausted to do anything about it at the minute, and as his eyes closed he couldn't help but frown when he realised just how much he hoped that his mate went to Hogwarts.


"Harry please" Hermione pleaded in their compartment, it was just the two of them and he had been avoiding her for a while now. She knew why and she couldn't believe that he was taking Ron's side over hers.

Ron and her had been dating since the end of last year, Hermione enjoying his company until he broke and crushed her heart into tiny pieces when she caught him cheating on her with Lavender. She had confronted him about it, hexing him to tell the truth only to find the reason why he did it was because she was a dull bitch who wouldn't put out. It had made her furious and hurt, but she had concentrated on the anger when she spelled him in pain and cursed him out.

Harry though was being a twit, apparently Ron had be boasting to his apparent best friend about everything they got up to as well the fact Ron was making her seem like the guilty party. He cheated on her! He broke her heart and now no-one in Gryffindor would speak to her as they were believing Ron's lies over the truth which fell from her lips.

She knew what they said about her, calling her a whore and a slut since Ron had made a spiral of lies they all believed in an instant, including both Ginny and Harry much to her shock and pain. Apparently she was over clingy, obsessive and a complete mongrel under her robes. It hurt, the whispers and looks she had gotten when she had got on the train by the Gryffindor's who seemed to be spreading the news quickly. She didn't need this, she had enough on her plate then to loose everyone she cared for as well.

"Leave it Hermione, I can't believe you would do that to Ron" Harry snapped shaking his head, a scowl on his face as he continued to listen to his friend, or ex-friend when he heard about what had happened. He would never have believed that Hermione would cast a pain curse, let alone on Ron when he had tried to tell her that he wasn't in love with her anymore but liked Lavender, even if it was a very mild one. He was disgusted with her, enough so that he could barely look her in the face anymore.

"Harry please" she repeated, going to grab hold of his robes.

"Just go Hermione, I don't want you here when Ron and Lavender gets here, not to mention Ginny" Harry shouted at her making Hermione relieved she had put a silencing spell on the room before entering. She felt her face crumple, losing her composure rapidly as she swallowed at the harshness in his tone. He had been dating Ginny when she had started dating Ron and he was completely in love with her, and so since Ginny hated her for hurting her brother they weren't on speaking terms at all.

"That's it, you are just going to believe his word over mine" she growled angrily, replacing her hurt with anger. She could deal with anger; hurt though was a sore subject for her like it was for most.

"YES! Yes ok, how could you do that Hermione…it was dark fucking magic! How do you even know that? I can't even look at you and I am ashamed to say I was ever you friend, all of us are! You're just as bad as Malfoy!" Harry screamed at her causing her to flinch back when he raised his hand as if to hit her. Her eyes widened with slight fear, breathing a sharp breath of relief when he seemed to catch himself in time. Never, never had she seen him this angry.

"Fine" Hermione stated, her voice breaking as she picked up her small carry on and made her way to the door, pausing as she looked over her shoulder to see her past friend glaring at her.

"What are you waiting for Granger, going to cause more pain?" Harry sneered, Hermione's face falling in pain she realised he couldn't even say her name anymore.

Sniffing she blinked back her tears furiously, quickly opening the door and making her way to the prefects compartment with her belongings. She had been made head-girl of course, being the smartest witch of this age after all, but with everything going on she found it increasing hard to actually care of her achievement. So making her way to the compartment she didn't even take in the student who was already seated, blatantly staring at her as she took the opposite seat and let her head fall into her hands. Then she finally let the tears fall, silent sobs raking through her body as she realised that she was in fact…all alone.

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