Hi, everyone. I recently read the Hunger Games novels and then I watched the film. I loved them both immensely and was eager to start writing fanfiction about it as soon as possible. I hope you like it, anyway.

Disclaimer: The Hunger Games and all its characters are the property of Suzanne Collins.

Unfinished or unspoken sentences are in Italics.

Beetee looked out over the vast Capitol skyline, the bright glow contrasting greatly with the blackness of the night, dotted with the faint light of the stars that shone over Panem. He seated himself on the ground, alone in his thoughts. Tomorrow, twenty four people would be heading for what was almost certain death.

He hoped that Plutarch's plan would work before anything happened. He couldn't afford to think about 'what if?' scenarios, but it didn't stop them buzzing around in his brain like a whole hive of trackerjackers. Perhaps something could be worked out?

No, he told himself, the rebellion had to happen. Snow had to be stopped and the others involved knew the risks. They would willingly go to their graves to save Katniss. The Mockingjay had to live, even if it meant the death of others. Even if it meant...

"Beetee," muttered a voice from the doorway. He turned, knowing who it was without even having to look. Wiress stood there, arms folded around her shoulders, as though she was cold.

"I couldn't sleep." - Wiress had wanted to finish her sentence, but had been distracted by the skyline, her eyes tracing every slightest detail in rooftops and buildings. She sat down next to him without another word.

"I couldn't sleep, either," he smiled slightly at her comfortingly.

"Do you think," Wiress began, but began absentmindedly tracing patterns on the floor beneath them, "that everything will go according to plan?"

"I try not to think about it. It will only make it worse if it doesn't," Beetee's gaze fell to her hand, sketching spirals.

"You'll make it," she said simply, "they couldn't win without you."

Beetee frowned. Wiress was implying that she was disposable and of no importance. But she was important to him – the best friend he could ever rely on and the only person in the world he could trust. One look from her was all he needed to know that she felt the same, if not more.

They'd never mentioned it, though. Perhaps they'd been fools not to. But the threat of the Capitol loomed over everyone, with no real possibility of a normal life, especially after winning the Games. The Games, the Capitol and Snow – they all broke people apart. It wasn't fair.

"Don't say – or even suggest – things like that," Beetee lay back, looking up at the sky far above them, spotting the chink in the force field – too high up for anyone to damage and break through.

He imagined what it would be like if he could break through and they could escape together. But then reality kicked in, knowing that was as good as handing President Snow two execution orders and begging him to sign them.

Instead, he decided he would spend as much time as he could with Wiress. He could at least try to make up for the years of unspoken words, in whatever time they had left together, even if he knew that there was a chance it could never truly be. He reached for her hand, knowing how difficult it would be to let go when the time came, but relishing the moment while it lasted.

"Beetee," Wiress sighed, but didn't finish. Her eyes followed the silvery tail of a meteorite. She didn't need to complete her sentence anyway. He already knew.

"I know," he replied, clasping her hand and dreading the morning.

"I love you, too, Wiress."