Hey everyone. This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it. This story is based on Naruto and Avatar the last airbender. Naruto story begins in the battle with Pain. Please give me a lot of feedback, report errors, grammar mistakes and give me some ideas. Thank you. Also English is my second language, so they can be various errors, hoever I used spellcheck.

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Chapter 1 : Battle with Pain

Naruto was walking by the pond near the little Forrest in Konoha. One of the few places, which weren't wiped out in his battle with Pain. It was, 2 weeks ago and he still felt bad about Hinata. She was badly injured, when she tried to protect him. She faced superior opponent without fear in her eyes.

"I love you" was her last words, before her body was pierced with the iron rod. Naruto shiver, he didn't like to think about it.

"But thankfully she's okay now" naruto thought to himself. And he laughed when he remembered Hinata would be released from hospital tonight. He was with her almost every day since the day she regain consciousness. In morning he helped repair Konoha and then he spends all afternoon with Hinata in hospital.

When she woke up from coma , Naruto was there. Hinata was happy, but weak. But even though she cannot lift a head, they talked. Hinata didn't seem to remember her confession, or she was too embarassed to talk about it. It was hard to tell because she turns red almost every time he or she speaked. It gave a lot more sense now, before he thought she was little bit weird. But now he knew she loved him all this time.

"And I love you" Naruto whisper to himself. He truly was. After he lost her in battle, he felt bad. Really bad, and unbearable rage accumulated in him. Rage so strong that he cannot control 9 tailed beast anymore. It was bigger then ever before. Bigger than time when he fought Orochimaru.

And when he found that she was alive, he swore to himself that he would protect her. He don't let her go this time.

"Naaruutoo" He heard a friendly voice. It was Sakura. Her hair shinned in the sunlight as always.

"Sakura, what are you doing here? "

"I came to talk "She smiled.

" Sorry, but I must go. Hinata should be released from hospital and we were supposed to go get some ramen together

"Well, that was why I came to talk with you "She smiled again

" You want to go? "Naruto asked awkwardly"It was supposed to be only me and Hinata "Naruto blushed when he said her name.

"No, no nothing like that "

"I was just going to say "Sakura hugged Naruto "Take care of her "

"Yes, thank you Sakura, thanks for everything "He said to her, still blushing

"I must go now, I still have work to do in hospital "she said in causal tone "You know, plenty of injured people "Narutofelt sad in that instant. "They were hurt beause of me" he thought to himself and wondering if Sakura blame him for that, buthis train of thoughts was disrupted when she spoke again

"Don´t be so hard on yourself, you saved them, all of them. What I deal with is broken ankles and splinters "Sakura smiled. And suddenly she was gone.

"Well about time I go on date with Hinata "Naruto blushed again.

They sit on the bench in the park. Happy after Hinata's real meal after the days in hospital.

"Are you all-right" Naruto asked when he saw Hinata blushing.

"I am all-right" Hinata replied "Thanks for asking"

"You know, you can tell me anything"

"i-I know, its just"

"Its what Hinata"

"It's just, I-I wanted to ask you, for the long time now. If we can maybe" Hinata said awkwardly. Her head was spinning. Was she really going to said it? She thought about it lot in hospital. She never forgets how she said she loved him. Aww, What am I doing. What if he doesn't love me. He never mentioned it when he visited her in hospital. He asked me out to eat, but that don't prove anything. Maybe he was just hungry and I was just an excuse for him.

He asked her out to eat, but that don't prove anything. Maybe he was just hungry and I was just an excuse for him. But now it is too late to stop. She was too far in her sentence to stop now. She never thought twice when Naruto was in danger, but now she regret ed the time she opened her mouth.

"I love you" that's it I said it. But what if he didn´t love me back, I could just destroyed our friendship.

"I love you too Hinata" Naruto said back, blushing strongly.

There was a moment of silence. Hinata didn't look at him. She was too embarassed, but then she said almost crying.

"You truly love me?"

"Only if you love me, ehm-I mean I love you even if you didn´t but" He was stumbling with his words, he didn´t know what he was saying.

Naruto never finish his sentence. Hinata kissed him. After all these years she is finally with the person she love.

One week passed. They were together now, but they were too shy to show it. They weren't holding hands, or even speak much in public. But they were happy.

"Hinata I must tell you something" Naruto said with dark voice.

"What is it Naruto?" Hinata reply. No longer with shy voice, but with happy, calm one.

"Do you know how I defeated Pain" Naruto asked

"Not really, everyone told me that you find his real body, face him and you talk him to surrender , but after he resurrected everyone he was too weak to live"

"Yes, but I didn't said you something" Naruto said darkly.

"After I found him, we talked. He wanted to end the endless wars between nations by destroying almost everybody, and after everybody would live in fear and destruction. He hoped they realise how peace is important. That everybody wouldn't wage war against other country es because they were richer, or because they want new territories. He was right, well in a sense. But I persuade him to trust him that I will end this cycle of hatred."

"What are you saying Naruto?" Hinata asked. She didn't understand why does Naruto tell her all this?

"I am telling you because Nagato gave something to me,"

"What did he give you?" Hinata still didn't understand.

"He gave me a scroll, and he told me that he would believe in me. But believe isn't enough. He told me I must get some experience. And I don't find them here in this world. He said I must look at things from the other perspective."

"What perspective, what do you mean Naruto" Hinata asked

"I don't know" He smiled "He just gave me this scroll and said to me that I must learn."

"Learn what, what is in the scroll?"

"I don't know" said Naruto

"I haven't opened it yet"

"Why not?" Hinata asked curiously

"At first, I didn't have the strength. I was too distracted by repairing Konoha and Visiting you in hospital." Naruto tell her sadly.

"But you arent now?" Hinata smiled "Let's open it together"

Naruto kissed her, he was too happy right now. He had girlfriend, he was hero of the Konoha, and it is to learn the what Pain meant.

The scroll looked beautiful. It was richly decorated with ornaments of all kinds. He could recognise only one of them, it was dragons. The scroll was sealed in the sheath. He removed the top and took out the scroll. It was sealed. The stamp was made from pure gold and divided into four parts.

"Wow, it's Incredible Naruto" Hinata said when she saw the gold seal.

"I don't know what that means" Naruto said when he didn't recognise the seal.

"It seems like it is divided into four parts. Yes, you can see water, fire, earth and wind"

"But what does that mean, it's not like it is going to stop anyone from opening it. I don't see any kind of jutsu seals"

"It is probably not intended stop us" Hinata guessed.

"Let's open it" Naruot said eagerly. He broke the seal and unroll the scroll. It was long paper, he unrolled it more and more, but he didn't see any kind of text, or pictures.

But as he unrolled the paper even more he saw the symbols. It was symbol of water, fire, wind, earth and then some kind ofjutsu seal.

"What is it" Naruto tried to ask, but then he saw the bright light and then...

"watch out" Naruto yelled and cover Hinata with his body

pooofffff smoke everywhere. It was deafening sound and big explosion, or so it seemed. He only heard it. But it didn't hurt, didn't do any harm to him. It took him while when he realised where he is. He sat on the pile off cabbages.

So this is end of the first chapter, let me know if you like it.