Chapter One

"Ring, Ring Ring!" my alarm clock chimes, signalling 5am. I groan, reaching out to hit the snooze button before rolling out of bed. I pull on my dressing gown and head downstairs to the kitchen. Cam's already there, dressed in training clothes, her gorgeous golden waves in a tight bun. "Good morning!" I say, grabbing an apple and sitting down at the breakfast bar. "Hey Kait, I didn't see you came in." I grin and take a bite out of my apple, "I can teleport you know." I say in a deep voice, winking mischievously. She laughs, shaking her head. "Here," she says, handing me my training clothes, "Go get dressed or we'll be late." I finish my apple and throw it into the bin on the way out the door.

I've been in this routine for four years now, since we left Cork when I got my second scar near my thirteenth birthday. I got my first scar just outside Dublin aged 9. I got my third three months ago. I guess you could call it "Normal" and it's normal for us, sure. But nothing about my life is now or ever will be called normal by the humans. My name now is Kaitlin, it's what my best friends call me, it's what my teachers call me, it's even what Cam calls me (But that's just for show,) but it isn't my true name. Once, I was known simply as "Eight," and I guess in a way, I still am- but no one calls me that. I am a member of the Lorien Garde, from the planet Lorien. It was destroyed by the Morgadorians- and the fate of it rests on our shoulders- mine and those of the others who came here with us. I don't know anything about them. I know that three of us are dead; the scars on my leg tell me that much, but I don't know where they are and they don't know where I am. It's part of the charm that protects us, cast by an elder in the last crucial moments before leaving Lorien. I was five when we left, six when we arrived and I'm sixteen now. I've lived all across Ireland, but we've been in Derry the longest; I like to think of it as "home". I snort at the thought- Home is somewhere peaceful and safe- something I doubt my life will ever be. I shake off the thought, pull on my trainers and grab my MP3 player off the desk before heading downstairs.

When I get to the training room, I plug my MP3 player into its docking station. Cam isn't here so I head to the punching bag and let loose; pummelling it harder and harder as I sort through my thoughts until I reach the most troubling of them all; The Mogs didn't just ruin my life when they decimated our Planet- that I can handle. They ruined Cam's too. She probably had a great life before and I ruined it. I tune out the music and my fists speed up, punching the bag harder, moving so fast they blur. I keep this going for five, maybe ten minutes, until a small cough comes from the corner of the room. I stop and turn immediately. "Oh hey Cam," I say, grinning. She's standing in the corner, a smile plastered on her beautiful face. God it is unfair how pretty she is. Most people think she is my mother, but she's not. She's my CĂȘpan- my protector from Lorien. I smile and ask "What's up?" Her brow furrows and she studies my face. The smile leaves my face and is replaced with a worried one. It takes her a minute or so to reply, "What's on your mind?" I'm annoyed that I don't know what she's talking about, but I swore that I'd never use my Telepathy on her so I am, for once, out of the loop. She shakes her head before replying; "You seem... different today. More tense."

I sigh "She knows me so well," I think. "I was thinking about what a mess I've made of your life Cam. Those assholes took so much away from us." Her eyes are soft, but her voice is stern as she says; "There is no room for fault now, you cannot dwell on the past! At best, it's upsetting. At worst, it's a good way to get you killed. Every second now is crucial, Eight!" her voice has risen to a shout and I flinch when she calls me that. Tears sting the back of my eyes- I've upset her. I don't need to read her mind to see that. "I-I'm s-sorry Cam. I didn't mean-"she cuts me off "I know Kait, I just worry about you. You are my whole life now. I can't lose you." She's about to cry now too. I sprint to her, crossing the room in a blur. I barrel into her, pulling her into a bear hug so tight it's probably hard for her to breathe. When I let go, I cross the room again and take my Loric chest out of the Safe in the wall. "Let's train".

We spar and practice my telekensis until 7.30am as usual, when Cam presses a healing stone to my arms and legs, healing any cuts and bruises I may have before school. After, I go upstairs and shower, letting the hot water wash away my worries. As I dry my hair, I touch my scars, trying to imagine who each person was, where they lived and how they died. I head downstairs, Cam's words echoing in my mind "...it's a good way to get you killed..." I put some toast on, and grab a glass of water. I guess you could say I was literally "Chewing" it over. I smile and put my glass in the sink as Cam comes in, hair damp from her shower, dressed in a pretty top and jeans. She grabs the car keys off the counter "Ready to go? " I nod, grab my bag off the counter and head for the door. Ready to life my life- the lie.