Chapter Seven

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Seven steps up next, brushing her hair out of her eyes and clearing her throat, before beginning. "I lived in Spain for most of my life here, in a small village called Santa Theresa. The orphanage and convent there took Adelina, my Cêpan, and I in about six months after we arrived on Earth. All of our gems were gone, sometimes given away for less than a loaf of bread." She takes a deep breath.

"Life in the orphanage could have been worse, I suppose, but it wasn't easy. About two years later, I wanted to move on, but Adelina seemed to have lost the urgency. I showed her my scars each time they arrived, but she didn't really care after the first. She'd lost nearly all faith in the resurgence of Lorien- it had been replaced with a faith in God." I frown, Cêpans weren't supposed to do that- they were always supposed to be there for us. I glance over at Cam, just as she looks at me. We smile at each other.

"I took to scanning the internet for answers, clues anything to tell me where the others were. I saw John's story online, and immediately I knew. He wasn't a terrorist- he was one of us. I went to Adelina, but she waved me off. I had nothing else to do but wait until I was eighteen- so that I could leave the orphanage- with or without her."

She sighs and flattens her hair before continuing, "I had just five months to go whenever they appeared. At first, I would just occasionally see a man watching me through the Convent windows. I had this cave about 5 miles away where I went every Sunday after the service. It was my safe haven- a place where I could be myself. It was where I trained, honed my Legacies. I could breath under water, see in the dark and of course had my telekinesis. I kept emergency supplies there, food and blankets. One day, in the depths of the winter, I headed out to the cave. But when I got there, huge footprints had been left, leading into the cave, but not coming out again. It had taken me twenty minutes to hike there, but the journey back took less than five. When I told Adelina about it, she just laughed. And I knew, I just knew that I had to find my chest."

"She'd hidden it well, though not well enough. Ella found it for me. In the deepest corner of the Nave. Once I'd found it, I took it out and hid it somewhere more accessible. Now I had to figure out how to get it opened. I couldn't without Adelina, and I knew she wouldn't help me."

"In town, I had just one friend. His name was Hector, and he was an alcoholic. He called me "Marina of the Sea." He lived with his mother, who was very sick with Alzheimer's. When I'd discovered that I could heal people, I went to their house. He was out, and I went and found his mother. I healed her, and on the way out the door, I saw a bottle of pills, and I had an idea. I grabbed them and left."

Her eyes wander and her voice takes on a faraway quality as she continues with her story "It was Adelina's shift that night. She had wanted to talk to me, but I didn't know why. So I mashed one of the pills up and put it in her tea. Once I knew the other girls were all asleep, I crept over to her and levitated her to the nave. When we arrived, I pressed her hand to the lock and it swung open. It was the first time I'd ever seen the contents of it, and I was amazed. But I didn't have much time to marvel, because a door was opening at the bottom of the nave. I panicked, packing up the chest and hiding it again. I used my telekinesis to float Adelina outside along with the chest and I. When she came to, I told her everything. She was suddenly very aware of our situation and she decided to leave the next day."

"When I woke up the next day, I packed my bag and had a shower. Another one of the girls came into to tell me school was cancelled- one of my classmates, a girl called Melinda had been strangled to death. That shocked me- people had always said she and I were very alike, same hair, same eyes. I decided then that I couldn't leave with saying goodbye to Hector. When I came back, Adelina came rushing into the room, a leaflet in her hand. It showed an image of a nearby mountain, into which exact copies of my scars had been burned. We decided to leave there and then. But we never got the chance."

Her eyes focus again, and she looks like she's trying not to cry."An explosion blew the side of the orphanage to pieces. Adelina pulled my pendant out from under her shirt and gave it to me- they knew who I was by now anyway. "This belongs to you. It's loralite, found only at Lorien's core. I'll never forgive myself for not training you. Never." She told me, motioning for me to go and get my chest as she pulled a dagger out from her dress. "Be brave Marina" were the last words she ever said to me."


I tune the others out. I've already heard all these stories. Instead, I turn and stare into the distance, thinking about the events of the past few days...


We're in Ireland, following a lead. We were led to a school in the city of Derry. School systems are different here from back in America. A secondary school they call it.

We've no idea why they're here. We've been driving for three hours now, and we're nearly there. I haven't said a word to the others since we boarded the plane in San Francisco. Crayton's driving. Six and four are deep in discussion. So are Seven and Ten. I sigh, and put my earphones in, tuning out the world around me. Big mistake. Whenever I try to stop thinking, my mind always wanders to think about Sandor. Images come to me at the worst times. Practicing with the others, when I sleep and whenever I have free time. I try not to let this happen by avoiding sleep and training- a lot. But there is only so long that works for; I have to keep myself strong. I stay up later than all the others training. I've broken like a hundred punch bags in six months because I get so worked up. Every so often I get worried looks from the others. I try to concentrate on the world going past. It's really beautiful here, peaceful and serene. It's late April, and the weather's lovely. I heard it rains a lot here, so I guess we're lucky.

I get on ok with the others I guess, four and six especially but they're too different from me-too good. Sure, I consider them my friends, but I still avoid them. They don't deserve to be bothered by me; after what I did. They all know, but I'd rather they didn't.

"Nine," Four says, pointing out the opposite window. "Look," I look at where he is pointing "We're here." Unfortunately, judging by the humvees on the bridge we're speeding onto, they are too.

"But so are they."

He frowns "Hurry up Crayton."Nodding, he speeds up. We pass all the other vehicles, the drivers giving us dirty looks as we weave in and out.

"Take a left here papa," Ella tells him. God that's cute. Seeing Ella with Crayton is one of the few things left that make me smile. He smiles at her as he goes round the roundabout heading east.

"You ready B.K?" Four asks, turning to the boot of the car where B.K is. He barks in response. Four turns around but I stay focused on the dog.

"You seem tense, Nine." He communicates to me. I frown and turn to face the front again. It's just as well, because we're here.

The school gates loom in front of us. We parked in a residential area just down the road. They're grand, opening up to reveal a long drive. "The city of Derry college for girls," I read. Crayton nods, "This is the place." Four has his arms full with the chests, so I lead the way, taking in my surroundings. As we near the door, I hear Six and Marina talking behind me.

"Guys," Ella calls.

"Yeah?" Six says, turning away from Marina.

"Look." She's pointing to the entrance. A Humvee is parked there, but it's empty. "They're already here. Let's just hope whatever they're here for was prepared."

We enter the school. Everything seems normal, except the creepy silence and pile of ash in the centre of the foyer.

"They seem prepared." I mutter to four, who nods in agreement. "Let's go this way," I say pointing down a corridor to my left. We pass a sign that reads "Assembly hall, sport hall, music and drama" with arrows. We pass a lecture theatre that is, of course, deserted. I keep going, passing a little inlet with some lockers. I pick a set of stairs at random, just as a bang rocks the school. We head for a corridor labelled, "Languages," and Ella and Crayton run to the end of it, turning a corner at the end. I walk slowly along the corridor, passing a Psychology and English room before seeing movement in a room labelled "Language room 1." Four shrugs and tries the door. It's locked, but that's not a problem. He unlocks and opens it, then gasps at what we see.

Arguably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen stands in front of us, dressed in a uniform, supported by two girls about the same age. She looks weak and just as shocked to see us, but that's not why we gasp. We gasp because she has a pendant nearly identical to mine- and the same scars.

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