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Epilogue: Falling to the Sky

Eventually, Peter Fleming had to see reason and offered up another sacrificial goat to clear Vince Faraday's name. It had been one of the many parts of his attempt to reconcile with his estranged daughter, Jamie Fleming. Surprisingly, letting the court of public opinion eviscerate Marty Voyt and Mick Reese as the masterminds behind Chess (allegedly, Reese had been in charge of hiring actors to portray the psychopath if the man was needed to appear in public for any reason, while Voyt had been the actual brains of the operation) had been the opening the billionaire had needed to reconcile with his daughter. Fleming still hadn't figured out just why his daughter was so enamored with Faraday, but wasn't going to question it.

Hell, the only problem Fleming had with his daughter no longer avoiding him was her boyfriend, a dwarf named Rollo. The first meeting had not gone well, and the billionaire had walked with a limp for several months afterwards—and had steadfastly refused to talk about the meeting to anyone.

Jamie Fleming and Rollo eventually married, even with Peter Fleming's well publicized threat to the performer hanging over their heads. Fleming eventually gave up trying to separate them and continued running his company for the next fifteen years, before retiring to spoil his grandchildren rotten. Jamie didn't speak to him for six months afterwards, although that was mostly because she was busy learning how to run ARK. Despite rumors to the contrary, her father was not running the company from behind the scenes.

ARK Corporation flourished under Jamie Fleming. In a rare interview, her father admitted that he was rather proud of her accomplishments, even if she had made several contracts with Raoul and Raoul Shipping, Ltd. to send shipments around the world.

The Faraday family also got over their own hurdles. Understandably, Jack Kirchner was rather upset when he learned that Vince was still alive, and had neglected to inform Dana of the fact for several months. Eventually, the conflict between Jack and Vince defused when Vince introduced the lawyer to his friends in the Carnival of Crime. (Jack did eventually marry Raia, two years later; he was the only one allowed to call her by her birth name, Ellen.)

Vince and Dana went into couples counseling to work through the hurdles in their relationship. It took six months, but they finally got through the bulk of their problems. The counselor they'd been seeing retired immediately after and refused to give any interviews.

Trip Faraday eventually became the star of the family—and Palm City's latest media darling—when he started dating Elizabeth Raoul. The press attention stopped after the heir to the Raoul family pulled a gun on one of the reporters. (She was acquitted, given that the reporter had been trespassing and trying to stick a GPS beacon on her much beloved '67 Marcos.)

Thirteen years after he and Liz had been given the chance to rewrite history, Trip took up the mantle of the Cape once again. (His gymnastics skills had improved considerably, as had his driving skills. His driving tutor was one of Scales' getaway drivers, who gave him the lessons so that Liz didn't turn over her folder of blackmail to her father.) Trip couldn't help but think it was a bad idea.

The twenty-three-year-old's phone rang, making him jump. Trip put the costume back behind the secret panel in his closet, shutting it tightly and pulling the rack of clothes back into place. "Yeah?" he asked, tucking the phone between his shoulder and his ear.

-If you're late for this wedding, Trip, I'll rip your spleen out and shove it down your throat.-

Trip smiled at the dire threat. Liz hadn't given them up, even after her therapist had suggested she and her father try to find a less violent method of bonding. (Trip knew for a fact, however, that Scales had postponed teaching his daughter how to handle a gun, after that meeting, and had instead started a garden with her. He had a ton of blackmail from that—the young man knew that pictures of Scales with dirt smeared across his face were worth a fortune to the right papers.)

"I'll be on time, sweetie," he promised, hanging up on her as the smuggler began ranting. Liz was a good person, honestly. She'd even gone legitimate, after taking over the docks when her father had retired. (The elder Raoul had not done so willingly, but breaking his hip after falling out of a sixth story window hadn't given him any leeway to argue his case.)

The vigilante arrived at the chapel on time, and took his seat in the front pew. A few years ago, everyone would have expected him to be the one waiting for Liz at the altar. He didn't begrudge his best friend his happiness, though—although Trip really couldn't see how Gerry and Liz would get along in married life without trying to kill or maim each other every five minutes.

Oh well. Stranger things had happened.

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