What's In a Name?

Bingo #: I27

Prompt: if Tolkien wrote [insert famous literary work: Great Expectations]

The only sound in the garden- that hideously overgrown, weedy, untended courtyard outside the House- were the soft footsteps of Pip and Estella, barely audible on the hard ground. Pip was meticulously contemplating the dreadful tidings just imparted to him: that the beautiful, the sacrosanct, the exquisite Estella possessed no heart to give or receive love.

That, in his mind, seemed to add up to the fact that the love he had bestowed upon the veritable queen before him would never be returned. No words fitting for her cruel ears could his broken heart conjure up in response, but there was fortunately no need of them, for at that moment, Estella continued her merciless oration.

"I am serious," said Estella, "if we are to be thrown much togeth-"*

She would never finish, though, for she was suddenly interrupted by a shout from behind. The walking pair pivoted about, only to be greeted by the grimacing faces of the last two people they had expected to see.

"Pippin!" scolded Diamond, and Merry beside her frowned. "Would you care to explain yourself?"

/"And I'm a Took, Peregrin Took, but I'm generally called Pippin/ or even Pip." /-The Two Towers, Book III, chapter IV/

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*Crackers no own Dickens or his wording! Or Shakespeare, whence cometh the title!